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I'm a Java Developer, mainly uses Grails framework for web applications. I also use AngularJS framework to create usable and affordable front-ends.

I believe that my programming skills can take your business to the next level. I am dedicated to my job and I always give my best to provide an excellent work. I am trainable and can learn fast, and I take criticisms constructively. I am looking for a long-term or permanent job where I can help the business grow.

Work experience

Dec 2010Feb 2014

Virtual Assistant

Life Launch Training

I served as a virtual assistant for the company. I created the company’s websites, set up their email marketing system, and organized their shopping cart system. I also participated in the creation of two video series used by the company for the promotion of their products.

Jun 2014Present

Software Developer

Apollo Technologies, Inc.

I started as a Junior Programmer who was responsible for developing systems using Java. Frameworks used for most of the projects are Grails and Angular JS. I was involved in programming multiple systems including an application written in C# and .NET Framework, where I became the lead developer for the front-end applications. I am well-versed in using Jira to track the development of the project and Bitbucket as the git code management system. We used Sentry for error tracking. All of the project updates and progress are being reported via chat using HipChat.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Ateneo de Davao University

I graduated as Cum Laude and have been a Consistent Dean’s Lister. I was also nominated as one of the Most Outstanding Students during my Third Year in college. I have been awarded One of the Best Software Engineering Projects for the School Year 2013-2014 for our Academic Information System. I have also been awarded One of the Best Thesis for the School Year 2013-2014.


Data Management System - June 2014 - October 2014

I was involved in creating a data management system for barcode standard used by retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers. It allows profiling of companies, their products, and members of their organization. It also allows management of the different product types, product categories and nature of businesses of an organization. It has a user management module to add the users and their roles that will limit their access to the system. It also has a forum where users of the system can add and discuss any topic.

Evaluation Module of a Deployment System for OFW - November 2014

A system that allows evaluation of OFW applications that meet specific criteria. These applications are filtered by the deployment system and then sent to the evaluation module where it is displayed and evaluated by select personnel of the agency.

Monitoring System for Application Servers - December 2014

A system that allows monitoring of the servers of a particular application. It monitors the status of the server, provides ability to request to start, stop, or restart the server and display the internal logs generated by the application.

Value Host System - January 2015 - March 2015

I was involved in implementing the Transaction Manager for a financial exchange/payment system. It allows processing of multiple transactions at the same time (debit and credit transactions, profile management, card activation, etc.) and handles reversal of process in faulty transactions.

Wagering System - April 2015 - January 2016

A suite of software products that enables centralized wagering through various endpoints on both pari-mutuel and fixed odds betting. Users can use a single account and access all available products from any of the endpoints. The system allows display of available events that were fetched from an external totalisator system responsible for totaling wagers and calculating payoffs according to specific rule set for the locale the event is taking place. Users can then post wagers using the wagering system and win funds which they can withdraw as desired. The system also allows display of the event results, view pool details, and watch the event via livestream.


Programming Languages

Java, C#, PHP, Javascript

Other Languages

HTML, CSS, English =)


MySQL, PostgreSQL, Derby, H2 Database


Eclipse, Visual Studio 2015

Operating Systems

Linux, Windows


Grails, AngularJS, .NET

Professional Reference


Technical Assistant to the AVP, Office of the Academic Vice President

Ateneo de Davao University

[email protected]


Team Leader, Davao Branch, Apollo Technologies, Inc.

[email protected]


Senior Software Developer, Apollo Technologies, Inc.

[email protected]