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  • Elected the "Top Ten Entrepreneurs Among Overseas Returnees" in China October 2006
  • Named the top ten "Fame of IT New Era" of 2002 by China Youth Daily May 2002
  • Achievement Award, Xerox Corporate Research & Technology May 1997
  • Excellence in Science and Technology, Xerox Corporate Research & Technology January 1996
  • Achievement Award, Xerox Corporate Research & Technology November 1995
  • Excellence in Science and Technology, Xerox Corporate Research & Technology December 1994
  • Shirley Farr Full Fellowship, The University of Chicago October 1986 to September 1988


Innovative, Entrepreneurial, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Open-minded, Collaborative, Quick-to-action, Self-driven, Ethical, Persistent, Leadership, Hard-working, Willing-to-take-challenge, Adaptive


After my graduation with a Ph.D. in EE from Stanford in 1993, I worked at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center for 4 years as a project manager and research scientist, developing business plans and productization for PARC’s technologies. Like many Silicon Valley’s high-tech company founders, entrepreneurship is in my vein and nothing drives me more than building great technology and business to revolutionize the way people live and work. From ground up, I have built the largest mobile payment platform and service with over 10 banks with nationwide full carrier coverage in China. I have also built partnerships with large clients such as Tencent, Shanda, Sinopec,, Sohu, and major banks in China to provide integrated mobile payment, mobile loyalty program, mCommerce and mobile marketing platform and services.

I would very much like to bring my 17 years of overall high-tech business knowledge, leadership and cross-culture management experience in US and China, as well as my industries experience and client relationships in mobile, entertainment, banking and content spaces, to a large business platform. Moreover, I have over 13 years of hands-on start-up business experience in China with deep understanding of China’s unique market, business and personnel environment.

I enjoy workingon strategic partner-facing business projects that develop solutions for and build enduring relationships with company’s largest and most important partners.

One of my strengths is to think strategically and globally about entire industries and help company to define business and operational initiatives that contribute to the company's growth. I love to build and lead teams that thrive in deconstructing and re-creating businesses to meet changing strategic and operational needs, enable innovation, establish more efficient business practices, and help the company continue to achieve its vast potential. My interest would be on projects developing and implementing next-generation entertainment, advertising or commerce products, defining strategies to optimize technology and operations, and establishing business initiatives for emerging markets. My objectives are to create concrete impact on revenue, cost and operational efficiency, and to create distinctive partnership value.

I am able to provide strong leadership, decision-making frameworks, analytic guidance and business judgment at all stages of the product lifecycle, and to take ideas and transform them into new, world-shaping technologies that company can then take to market.

My deep understanding of the China market gives me competence in developing and executing market-entry plans, defining business model and pricing strategies for new products. I am fluent in public, media, and government relations. I am used to build and manage high-performing teams and multiple competing projects at the same time. I am capable to lead multiple cross-functional, global teams to get work done.

My education and working experience in the Silicon Valley and US public companies allows me to communicate findings, initiatives and plans well to senior international board and management,or to the broader corporate organization.

I am confident that I can contribute with great value.


  • Overall cross-culture business and technology leadership
  • Extensive industries insight, experience and connection in China
  • Well versed in a broad range of technologies, particularly in Internet and Mobile Internet
  • Strong analytical, communication and presentation skills
  • Quick grasp of new technology and industry trend
  • High-level strategic and global thinking, abstraction and guidance
  • Growth-oriented coaching, mentoring and local HR know-how for team building & management
  • Hard-drive, process-driven and result-oriented execution
  • Strong motivation and empowerment skills
  • Extensive sales and marketing experiences
  • Savvy business judgment and partnership setup, business negotiation and conflict mediation skills
  • Fluent in public, media, and government relations
  • Strong technology advocate


Seek a challenging executive position in a multinational-enterprise, high-tech venture, or investment firm in Asia or US, leveraging my 17 years of overall high-tech business knowledge, leadership and cross-culture management experience in US and China, to realize phenomenal return for businesses.


Industry 1: Internet - EcommerceIndustry 2: Internet Software and ServicesIndustry 3: WirelessIndustry 4: TelecommunicationsIndustry 5: Multimedia and Graphics SoftwareProfession 1: Executive Management Profession 2: Business Development Profession 3: Telecommunications Profession 4: Computer Engineering Profession 5: Entertainment

Work experience

May 2010Present


AVG (Beijing) Internet Security Technology

As part of the senior management team of the Europe-based AVG Technologies, a leading anti-virus and Internet security software company with 110 million users worldwide, from ground up, built, drove and executed its overall business in China.

Conducted extensive market research and competitive analysis, and developed a unique product positioning in the highly complex and competitive China market. Developed market-entry and business plans with measurable objectives for multiple scenarios to support different investment strategies. Leveraging his networks and government relationships, he completed the product regulatory certifications and approval, and developed an innovative business model with the viral power of free software and revenue model from value-added-services. In three months, he established strategic partnerships with key leaders in the marketplace, such as Tencent, the largest Internet company in China, for co-marketing to their 600+M user base, and Founders, HP, Acers, Asus, et al. for bundled pre-installation on 23M new PC/laptops for year one, to quickly develop account penetration and VAS revenue generation. Upon the launch of our service with Tencent, the traffic increased by 1700 times over the previous month.

Provided the visionary leadership for the company and quickly built a high performance team with top talents, and established a network infrastructure support for eCommerce and online payment in the first 3 months. Developed a high-integrity high-image co-branded national marketing campaign with a government agency to position the company and to market product effectively with a minimum cost. Customized negotiations and maintained communications and engagements with key stakeholders within and outside the global organization. Staged a multi-tier eMarketing plan with an internal team, outside agencies and leading download sites for brand building, word-of-mouth, user & fans communities, distribution, and corporate & product messaging. 

Jan 2008Apr 2010


A Mobile Game Commerce Company

Hired by a NASDAQ public leading online gaming company as an interim CEO to turn-around its mobile gaming subsidiary. With industries insight and leadership, working closely with the board, he repositioned the company and introduced a new business model in mCommerce, mPayment and loyalty program for the company to market digital entertainment, gaming and virtual items to mobile users. Built and strengthened business development, engineering and product teams to support its new growth. Leveraging his extensive industries networks, he formulated strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Google, China Telecom and major handset manufacturers and design houses for bundled distribution and marketing. Created a mPayment network with over-the-counter cash top-up at 80k Internet cafés across China, and transactions with cross-selling at 10M+ desktops in those cafés. Re-established team moral, revenue model and cash-flow. The company turned profitable within 2 months with independent revenue (RMB4M/m) in new business position with unique competence in mCommerce and mobile loyalty program, instead of relying on business related to its parent company.

Reason to leave: Seeking new and greater challenges on a large platform.

Feb 2003Dec 2007

President and CEO

NationM Technologies Ltd.

Founded and built a leading mobile loyalty program, mobile media and marketing, mCommerce and mPayment company in China with unique technologies, partnerships and business model ahead of competition. Under his leadership, NationM's mCommerce platform mStoreFront aggregated a wide collection of premium digital content with integrated mPayment service. NationM mPayment connected SP/CP/merchants, banks and mobile users through wireless network, and delivered trusted payments charging user's debit bank account (instant payment) or credit card directly in real-time.

He led the company to build the first mPayment service in China with a nationwide coverage for China Mobile, Unicom, and 10 (including the top 3) banks' users, and for users of all banks in Guangdong (which had 70M mobile users and 1/4 of total revenue of China Mobile), Hunan, and Hainan Provinces. Company had strategic partnerships with over 300 1st tier SPs, including Tom, Sohu, Baidu, Shanda and KongZhong.

NationM's mStoreFront offered premium products in airline and train ticket, hotel, lottery, insurance, MP3, mobile animation, screen saver, ringtone, VoIP, IP card, prepaid game card, prepaid phone card et al., with a cash-flow over RMB14M/m. NationM's mPayment solution won Certificate for Innovation of National Significance awarded jointly by Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, and two other ministries in 2004.

Expanding traditional loyalty programs to mobile with significant cross-selling revenue streams, he created NationM MediaFront and AdVantage services as a mobile-based Marketing Total Solution for mobile destination marketing campaign and real-time marketing ROI and results tracking with interactivity and personalization. MediaFront provided rich, engaging, and branded experience to mobile users to boost average revenue per user, reduce churn, and make the most of clients' existing investments and assets.

He constructed partnerships with Shanda, the world's largest online gaming company, and SmartClub, with NationM providing loyalty program, point redemption and cross-selling to their extensive user bases.

Jul 1997Dec 2002

President and CEO

NetFront Communications, Inc.

Founded an Internet security company with innovative solutions for secure banking transaction systems and secure e-mail. Built a management team and raised three rounds funding ($30M) for the company. The company had 350+ employees in Beijing and an engineering and business development team of 25 people in the Silicon Valley, and over RMB19M revenue in 2002. Cultivated strategic partnerships with 15 major banks in China at the headquarters level. Had extensive management experience for cross-culture high-tech startups in US and China. Established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Beijing as the leading company in China banking security. Had comprehensive understanding of China banking transaction security market and its trends.

Mar 1993Jun 1997


Xerox Palo Alto Research Center

Had responsibilities ranging from market research and development for new product concept, cross-division collaboration management, business plan development, fundraising, to high-level executive sales to Xerox's major customers. Conducted and managed proprietary research and prototyping for products to capture, process, secure, and transmit information over Internet. Had extensive system experience in user interface design, Internet security and communications.


Mar 1993Present


Stanford University

Ranked 9th among 147 candidates in Ph.D. qualifying exam. GPA: 3.9/4.0;

Mar 1993Present


Stanford University
Jul 1988Present


The University of Chicago
Jun 1982Present


University of Science and Technology of China