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Work experience

got worship? Media

Aug 2009Present


got worship? Media provides resources and leadership to worship teams around the globe via .  The site started as a simple website for small articles about worship - and soon involved into a sought-after tool for worship leaders in multiple countries.  Worship Leader Magazine named the site one of the "Top 10 Sites" in its Best of The Best edition.  Today, the site provides worship coaching to teams in multiple countries.

Grace Church


Redemptive Arts Pastor

Responsible for all Redemptive Arts programs (worship, creative, technical, etc) within Grace Church located in the Indianapolis-Metro area.

New Hope Church


Redemptive Arts Pastor

Responsible for all Redemptive and Creative Arts programs in a church of over 1,000 weekly attendance.  Staff Teaching Pastor and a Benevolence Pastor as well.

Responsible for bringing cultural artistry to the church and community via community music lessons and engaging community concerts.

Worship Pastor & Group Life Pastor

Pastor a congregation of around 500 through worship arts while leading and building teams.  In addition, I am responsible for creation of and maintaining new Small Group programs within the church.


I was called from part-time ministry into full-time ministry after aiding the church in their transition period.

LifePoint Church

Sep 2007Apr 2012

Worship Leader

Lead and arranged worship sets for various worship teams between five different services spanning two campuses. As one of four worship leaders at LifePoint, I rotated between the two campuses during my five years as a volunteer worship leader at LifePoint.


My family and I gladly served at LifePoint until a local church had an interim need that was not being met. LifePoint Church has lovingly been a "sending church" that equips leaders to be sent where there is a need...I followed that need.


West Coast Bible College & Seminary

Jan 2010Feb 2016

Worship Arts & Bible

Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors in Worship Arts

University of Mississippi

Aug 1994Sep 1997

Mass Communications & Music Education


Knowing How To Pick A Wife...

My wife is dynamite when it comes to ministry...and loves serving.  When it comes to her forte in ministry - give her anything that focuses on Assimilations & Volunteerism (both people and processes) and she can take the ball straight down the field.  

Website Design

I have been designing great websites since 1994 - and I love doing it.  If your church needs help in this area, perhaps I can be of assistance.


I have a knack for both videography and video editing.  From start-to-finish, I can write, produce, shoot, and edit custom video pieces for church bumpers, promos, etc.

Social Media

I've been on the cutting edge of social media from the beginning.  I FIRMLY believe that God was aware of this age of technology long before it was ever thought of - and we have the ability to implement it TODAY fo His glory.  I can show you how your church can better utilize social media to evangelize to the masses, connect with the community, unite the body, and provide timely messages.


Name:      Jason Whitehorn

Bio:            Jason Whitehorn is a worship leader/pastor, Christian songwriter, mentor, public speaker and Christian music promoter/publicist.  Jason's articles have been published in both online and National publications.  A former broadcaster, Jason has been familiar with both radio and television broadcast - reporting and anchoring for affiliates such as ABC, CNN, and CNN Headline News.  Currently, he is called upon to write for Worship Leader Magazine, the Nation's leading publication for worship leaders.

In 2010, Worship Leader Magazine voted Jason's online ministry "got worship? Media" ( one of the Top 10 sites for worship in the "Best Of The Best" issue.

Jason and his wife Crystal have two children Hunter & Amber.


I have a heart and a passion for worship - and a calling to serve in full time ministry as a worship pastor.  If you are seeking someone to lead songs on a given Sunday...I'll do a great job for you - but you'll find TONS of people that can do that.  If you are looking for someone who can pastor to the needs of your community all week through the arts, can build teams, help raise leaders, and then CELEBRATE all that God has done throughout the week on Sunday through worship - then I'd love to talk with you!

Awards & Achievements

  • Website was awarded by Worship Leader Magazine as the #2 "Best Worship Website" in 2010 between David Crowder and Chris Tomlin in the annual "Best of..." edition.
  • Regular guest author for Worship Leader Magazine following 2010 award.
  • National Worship Leader Conference official blogger.
  • Gospel Music Association IMMERSE Official Blog.


Todd Fields

Todd is the Director of Worship Leader Development at Northpoint Ministries.  Todd has been both mentor and friend to Jason.

Jamie Powell

Jamie was my senior pastor while serving at First Baptist West in Lawton, Oklahoma.

Ron Alley

Ron was my Worship Pastor while serving at LifePoint Church in Smyrna, TN.