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Jason Nikouyeh is the chief operating officer of Duramedix Healthcare, a leading provider of specialty products designed to support patients with diabetes and arthritis.  Mr. Nikouyeh holds degrees in business management, electrical engineering, and computer engineering.  To learn more information on him and his company, visit 


Chief operating officer of Duramedix Healthcare Jason Nikouyeh graduated from North Carolina State University with a double degree in computer engineering and electrical engineering. At the same university, Mr. Nikouyeh also acquired his certification in business administration. With relatives in the healthcare industry, Mr. Nikouyeh being involved in the same field is no surprise. However, his success is another story. Almost fresh out of the university, Mr. Nikouyeh joined Duramedix Healthcare in 2006, leading the company toward success as he handled its contract negotiation, product development, and strategic marketing. Through his leadership, Duramedix Healthcare has become one of the leading medical equipment providers in the United States. It offers a complete lineup of quality home medical equipment and supplies that cater to the needs of patients who are suffering from diseases such as diabetes and arthritis, in order for them to have a more comfortable life. Aside from leading Duramedix Healthcare, Jason Nikouyeh has also been serving as vice president of Quality Healthcare Systems, Inc. since 2011. Jason Nikouyeh’s success in the field of heath care is the product of his determination and flexibility. Mr. Nikouyeh is recognized as someone who has shown consistent and unwavering compliance to the proper standards and regulations set by the industry, while maintaining his vigilance to learn and adapt to new techniques and technologies in the world of business and health care.

As proof of his aptitude as a business leader and innovator, Jason Nikouyeh has been named a Worldwide Who’s Who Entrepreneur of the Year in Health Care, a special distinction awarded only to those who possess remarkable professional achievements and leadership abilities.

Work experience

Jan 2006Present

Chief Operating Officer

Duramedix Healthcare, LLC

Duramedix Healthcare is proud to offer a complete line of quality Home Medical Equipment and Supplies.

Jan 2011Present

Vice President

Quality Healthcare Systems, Inc.



North Carolina State University

Double degree holder in computer engineering and electrical engineering, plus certifications in business administration


business management
Business development Contract negotiation Product development Strategic marketing