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Successful change agent and consensus builder with a proven track record in building people-focused high performance teams driven to meet short-term want and need in entrepreneurial environments while leveraging outcome to synthesize solid long-term solutions aligned with business strategy to deliver exceptional financial results.

Work experience

Sep 2003Oct 2006

Senior Manager, Retail Strategic Initiatives

Executive Leadership Team: Member of both the T-Mobile Retail Transformation and Enterprise CRM steering committees.P&L Responsibility:  Managed annual budget of $2.7M OPEX and $25M CAPEX.Sales & Service Concept Development: Formulated and implemented a service concept providing a unified process for consultative selling, order entry, configuration, provisioning, fulfillment, and tendering utilizing the product & service to demonstrate value. Increased density potential of POS stations 10x to optimize customer flow/queuing and payroll. Developed a 5-year roadmap and implemented eight projects to support three releases over 18-month period. Service Excellence and Payroll Optimization: Designed and implemented a labor budgeting and scheduling prototype to provide a short-term solution for Store Operations while enabling qualitative and quantitative support for business case development to secure funding for IT solution and business governance. Developed a 5-year workforce management roadmap and implemented first three phases for 1,400 stores. Consensus Building and Talent Development: Created a program to identify exemplars in sales front-line and leadership positions to partner with corporate teams to promote two-way comprehension of roles, processes and inherent opportunities while developing a talent pool required to establish a national retail operations team. Success Measurements:· Members routinely recognized as a critical success factor in project and transformation efforts.· Twenty percent of the newly established Retail Operations team graduated from the program.· Functional teams in Accounting, Marketing, IT and Supply Chain recruited 19 graduates.· Program was expanded in 2007 to include all field teams.

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Jan 2002Aug 2003

Manager, National Retail Operations

Organizational Design and Operational Excellence: Created a department composed of program managers, project managers, business analysts and operations managers to move from a project oriented short-term focus to an accountable life cycle approach to support the operations of 1,200 stores and 9k FTEs.Customer Base Marketing: Extended campaign management and offer fulfillment capabilities to 8k store associates for utilization during downtime leveraging seat licenses and system integration from a failed project. Total IT investment of $500k with a training cost of $160k. Resulted in 1st year: · Churn reduction of 15% or $34M· Increased feature attachment to existing subscriber accounts by 8pp or $47M in customer lifetime value (CLV). · Increased subscriber adds to existing accounts by 4% or $25M CLV.Operational Maximization: Implemented 1,200 bill payment kiosks: transitioned 55% of payments to self-serve, reduced customer wait times during peak traffic periods, lowered operating costs by $15M, and produced a first year opportunity gain of 62k subscriber adds or $81M CLV.

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Jul 1999Dec 2001

Sales Manager

Business Intelligence and Operational Efficiency: Devised, developed and implemented an analytics and performance improvement program incorporating data from over twenty sources (e.g., Amdocs Billing, Oracle CRM, POS, SAP ERP, SAP HRIS) to focus on KPIs and reduce low-value administration work in district of 16 stores. Solution provided a holistic view of sales, service and operations relative to budget and peers via drill-down and ranked order through operational hierarchy to discrete transaction. Program was expanded to Division in 2001 and to Channel of 1,200 stores in 2002.

Sales Achievement: · Percent of goal: #1 Sales Manager in company in 1999; #7 in company in 2000; and ranked consistently in the top 5 in the South Division in 2000 and 2001. · Acquisition Cost: Top 3% in the company for lowest CPGA from 2000 to 2002. · Service Revenue: Top 5% in the company in 1999 and 2001 in ARPU.· Accessory Margin: Top 5% in the company in average gross margin per transaction in 2000 and 2001.

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Aug 1999May 2002