Passionate Sales Leader

Accomplished Sales Leader with proven ability to secure target clientele, enhance corporate profitability and achieve customer driven objectives. Consultative sales style garnering loyalty, repeat business and solid pre-sold referrals. Energetic and enthusiastic sales leadership to motivate, instruct and assist sales team and customers achieve success. Persuasive communicator who can comfortably interact and open dialogue with professionals on all levels.

Loyalty Based Leadership

Passionate about creating value through people, to build brand loyalty, raise morale, increase performance, quality and profitability. Uniquely qualified in facilitating the creation and implementation of a comprehensive business culture focused on customer satisfaction, integrity, teamwork and excellence. Collaborative leadership to motivate team members, foster innovation and encourage creative thinking. Cultivate high performance team through matching individual strengths to the task. Create an atmosphere of empowerment through encouraging a sense of ownership for our mutual success.

Strategic Innovator

Combines proactive strategic planning and dynamic, flexible, leadership to achieve goals in highly competitive and fluid marketplace. Strong ability to analyze, streamline and fashion processes to improve efficiency and increase bottom line profitability. Resolves all challenges and conflicts through resourceful and collaborative ideation.

Dedicated Customer Service Provider

Communicates expectations at outset to clarify our commitments and avoid misperceptions. Engaging listener experienced at perceiving and anticipating customer needs, to create enhanced value for products and services. Employs follow up as a means of conflict prevention and sales generation. Honored with numerous awards for exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers. Effective at bringing all departments together and operating as one team.