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About Jason Loia

A senior executive with a background in the mobile gaming market spanning over 15 years, Jason Loia began his career as commissioned officer in the U.S. Coast Guard after graduating from the Coast Guard Academy with his bachelor of science in electrical engineering in 1991. He went on to earn his master of science in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1996, and his master of business administration from Harvard University in 2000.

After graduating from Harvard, Jason Loia launched his career in the mobile gaming market while it was still in its infancy, serving as Lavastorm's director of wireless entertainment in 2000. He remained with the studio through 2004 and oversaw the development of close to 100 mobile games for major publishers such as EA, Sega, Capcom, and more.

Jason Loia joined Digital Chocolate in 2005 and helped the company pioneer free-to-play, virtual-goods based mobile and online social games. He held the position of chief operating officer at the time of his departure in 2013. Today, he currently serves as the chief operating officer for San Jose-based Unravel, the developer of the Android and iOS social discovery app of the same name.

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Digital Chocolate


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