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Ability to create and manage production projects.   Manage call sheets  Unit Production Manager - Michigan Film Reel  Webcast Distribution - Expert  Customization of Motion Graphics - Expert  Website Optimization    Editorial workflow Final Cut Pro - Expert  Created a worry-free backup and disaster recovery (BDR) system. Used existing software to design a new BDR system that virtualized server image and acted as failover production server. Seamless transition and fault-tolerance delivered uninterrupted business services.      
Adobe CS5
Use of Adobe CS4 and CS5 for 5 years  Demonstrated expertise using Adobe Creative Suite products, special focus on mastery of photo manipulation and editing raster images for both design and production applications for web and print. Photoshop After Effects Indesign  Flash  Premier Pro  OnLocation CS5 


Grip Electrical Class


Grip Electrical Class is a film lighting and working knowledge of what goes behind the scenes of properly and saftly lighting a film set or production.  Everything from the generator to step up and step down power converters.

Plus the size of lighting used in a set for lighting the scene to set the mood of a room. 

Not to mension all the technical know-how fof lighting filterers and defusing the light to get right look on film.

Lighting is everything in film.



This class is the next class that follows Basic Film Training Class.   Taught by a feature film dolly grip.   Following IATSE guide lines and procedures of grip work and dolly grip.  Set up of C-Stands, lights, Flags, and light filters were key in lighting a set properly for the dolly to move through and set the mood for the camera in a scene.

Associates of Applied Science

ITT Technical Institute (Michigan)

My education at ITT has given me the foundation to excel in computers and programing.  The core curriculum at ITT Tech is second to none.  In that, the instructor are very professional and knowledgeable in their area of study.

Woking in a team a team environment was key for semester projects and daily work tasks.   Working with windows OS. and various other programing devices were helpful in managing  and programing projects in class and at my job as a maintenance programer for automated welding equipment at Lear Corp.  

I've maintained a 3.2 grade point average while working full time at Lear Corp.  

This was a challenge in maintaining a work schedule and attending classes full time. 

Graduated 1999

Mar 2009Present



This class is a basic film training class that is preparing Michigan residents for film productions due to the tax breaks given to film makers to film in Michigan.  

Instructed by a team of professionals that teach the class room on what to expect when working on a set or office environment.  Going through all the necessary paper work and attention to detail was a key aspect in making sure that daily documentation of events are recorded for archival. 

We also filmed a short, with class participation.  From writing, editing, grip work, and filming the scenes with expert guidance from our instructors.  Leaving this class gave me a clear understanding of what is necessary for a production to get a green light to start shooting.  I myself participated with camera assistant.  With a working knowledge of how a track dolly is assembled and properly operated for clean and steady shots.

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