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Jason Farah

This Brainiac doesn't watch the clock he does what it does.. He keeps going


I've done it all, from design work to starting and managing a dying business and making it sour into a giant conglomerate. I'm thrill seeker! 

I've launched startup's from websites, games, software and hardware; I made them soar into giant corporation's. My last application went viral which had over 530,000,000 users & was sold for for a very large sum, if you want to know more just ask! I'm Always looking for a challenge! Troubleshooting isn't a chore to me, it's a mission I enjoy undertaking.. I am always looking to learn new skills, and always wanting to expand on the skills I already have.

Work History



Startup for a digital promo delivery service

Because I am really into Tech I decided to start my own startup company; and develop a digital promo delivery service. Not much different than Mailchimp, but focused on sending private, invite only, digital EPKs to music publications, record labels, journalists, etc. Something similar to The one thing that 99% of the competitors is lacking is the availibility of an iPhone/Android app that will allow users to view, listen and even download albums to their device.

The Startup is still under construction & the website is being built from scratch... we have big plans for the future of Revrb.


Website Management & Moderator

Sams Clothing Alterations

Website Creation & Management would require that I would design & build the companies website from scratch, I would take photos of the companies work area, staff & customers I would then add it to the photo galleries.

Moderator would require I would maintain the website and keep it up to date on a regular basis, It would also require that I provide security towards the company from attacks (which happened from time to time)


Lead App Designer


Create visual concepts, using computer software to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, andcaptivate consumers. Develop the overall layout and production design for various applicationssuch as Mobile & Website.


Marketting Executive

Globe Electronics

Work closely with other employees, Businesses & Wholesalers in advertising, market research, production, sales and distribution.

Responsible for: analysing and investigating price, demand and competition. devising and presenting ideas and strategies.


Graphic Design trainer

ThinqTek Studios

I would run a Graphic design course for friends & family & others that were interested, this was a non profit thing that I did from the comfort of my own home but I would provide and train people in the art of multimedia design.


Media Management, Design & Marketting


I would design Graphic interfaces for the hardware such as menus, screens and several other interfaces Remotly.

Media management & Marketting would require me to find the target audience and develop a system to build interest towards the audience


Operations Supervisor

Doveton Community Empowerment Agency INC.

This was for a local Magazine company created by those who were sent from centerlink on the work for the dole program, I would build rapport with the new clients and we would develop articles for the magazine on a montly basis.

 I would provide IT training for those who needed it & I would help people get motivated..they were being sent to work for the dole programs - They did not want to be there but I made the workplace an enjoyable one and they wanted to be there.


IT Support & Admin

Aussie Outdoor Living

IT Manager & Admin required I would build a website for the company, create social media to build a community for the business. I also had to provide new systems for the company as they had been using an older system.. Providing new systems helped boost and excel the company.

Admin role required I maintain the website, provide security & maintain everything related to IT.

Lead Graphic Designer

We are developers

Created a remote startup for a small website creation company, found clients via freelance and we would quote them on what we needed to do for their company, assess their current website (if they had one) and develop something more modern & up to date.



Multimedia, Networking, Business & IT

Chisholm Tafe Dandenong
  • Creating Concepts
  • Advanced Graphics Design
  • Business & Operations management
  • Project Management
  • Working working effectively with clients 
  • Building Rapport with clients and Co-workers
  • Touch typing
  • A cobra died after biting me
  • Database entries
  • Customer Service skills
  • Keynote speaking
  • Answering phone queries
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Maintaining Multiple systems

Master's degree in the Field Of Graphic Design & multimedia, Design & Multimedia


Business 101: Management Course

Holmesglen Institute of tafe
  • Profile The Market
  • Analyse and present research information
  • Undertake small business planning
  • Establish legal & risk management requirements of small business
  • Market the small business
  • Plan small business finance
  • Coordinate business resources
  • Report on Financial Activity
  • Analyse consumer behaviour for specific markets

Master's degree Admin, Business, Graphic & Printing , Equipment Operator & General Production & maintaining/ Creating a business


Although the course was mainly based around information technology, there were a number of units business related.

Gaining this knowledge helped me further understand how I can aid and improve a business or system. It also helped me gain further knowledge in the artistic world & strengthen my people skills.

I hope you enjoyed reading something different, I look forward to hearing back from you, Have a wonderful day!


A few years ago I built a a simple piece of software while sitting in bed at the hospital waiting to be seen by the doctor, this simple piece of software exploded on the internet and went viral.. by the first month we had over 530,000,000 users. After a lot of work and several changes I had decided it's time to let it go, The software was sold to - You know how you can now add Gifs by searching for a tag, category on social networks and website? That was created by yours truely and I will always be forever proud that this simple piece of software was created on my phone at the hospital..