Jason Darling

Jason Darling

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2005 - Sep 2013

Education and Marketing Coordinator

The RE Store

Key Results & Facts

·Created promotional documents including pamphlets, posters, postcards, banners, flyers and more using Adobe CS5

·Created graphics for websites, blogs, online and print ads

·Recorded and edited videos for online and in-store displays using Final Cut Pro X

·18 known articles in mainstream printed press publications since 2009 based on press releases/alerts originating from my desk


Sep 1988 - Dec 1994

Bachelor of Science

Western Washington University
  • Co-facilitated seven consecutive quarters for university students, teaching hands-on organic gardening and sustainable lifestyle practices through the Outback Farm
  • Helped develop the beginnings of a wetland restoration project, mentoring and leading high school students in the Outback Farm
    • This project led to a six-year stint of being contracted by W.W.U. to lead seminars that trained university students and coordinated native plant restoration service-learning projects between university students, high school and elementary students
    • Developed partnerships with multiple Bellingham School District programs and Bellingham City Parks Greenway program



Great idea initiator & synthesizer

  Inventive in bringing together different ideas and information to create new programming, approaches and campaigns   "I was always impressed by Jason's creative spark and innovative approach to projects." ~ Robyn du Pre', former Executive Director, RE Sources   "Jason Darling is a forward-thinking innovator of the first order." ~ Alan Seid, Founder, Cascadia Workshops  

Tool and resource builder

Product and system developer, skilled with print, web and multi-media channels   

Big-eared listener

  Attentive to the ideas, needs, desires and feedback of others     " I think it was very meaningful to have all the neighbors, business people, and staff hear from you regarding all the great public input you solicited over the last two years to bring the fountain Plaza Park Place to the public eye.  It seemed like everyone really liked all the ideas that came out of your planning process, too." ~ Katie Franks Project Manager City of Bellingham Planning & Community Development Department  

Positive approach advocate

Contributes positive energy to team members, projects and community   "Jason sets everyone at ease allowing their best side to come forward." ~ Bruce Odum, former manager of The RE Store   "The RE Store is at the top of the "we-have-a-weird-space-to-fill" list, mostly 'cuz you're just so communicative and easy to work with!" ~ Paul Haskins, editor of Adventures Northwest (print/web magazine)