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Proven Project Results

Sales and Marketing

Sales Force Creation – Trained existing sales force, created virtual and online sales avenues.

Market Development – Established new sales and market channels for NA, EU, and AUS.

Technology Pioneering– Collaborated with industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

Increased Sales – Eliminated redundancy, brought in real returns, created new opportunities.

Cost Savings– Reduced marketing, development, ad, and sales force costs tenfold.

Website and E-Marketing

Online Lead and Sales Generation– Created urgent calls to action/generated qualified leads.

Search Engine Optimization – Spearheaded Google, Yahoo, MSN organic growth and PPC results.

Site Ranking – Improved website rankings 700-1000%. Increased page views exponentially.

Communications/Public Relations

Great PR/Sales Rep – Demonstrated technical sales and PR expertise, both B2B and B2C.

Media Relations Insider – Saved $10-125K with media partnerships for advertising, articles, PR.

Savvy Negotiator – Consistently negotiated 30-40% off standard vendor pricing.

Creative Solutions – Provided creative, game-changing business ideas, solutions.

Usability/Single-Sourcing – Achieved $200K savings by online conversion, eliminating duplication.


LinkedIn Profile:

Accomplished leader in product development and management, strategic marketing, public relations, Internet, new media, and creative communications. Key driver in growth & project completion. Able to build and manage strategic teams.  Skilled communicator at all levels. Experienced from design to sales and support.

Industry experience in Internet, IT, Software and Hardware Systems, Consumer Products, Automation, Utilities, Biotechnology, Mobile & Wireless Computing, and Education. Grew up in Silicon Valley, part of Apple Computer International Marketing family. Graduated from Pepperdine. Earned Master's degree. Certified in Consultative Selling for Strategic Solutions and in Information Mapping. Specific skills include:

  • Strategic Market Planning & PR
  • Business Development, New Market Penetration
  • Marketing Collateral Development
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Communications Plans
  • Training, Presentations, Trade Shows
  • Web Development & Management
  • Team Building & Management
  • Direct Marketing Programs
  • Technology Pioneering
  • Technical Documentation
  • IT Consulting and Project Management

Work experience

Marketing and Communications Consultant

GE Energy
Apr 2012Present


American BeheMouth

“American BeheMouth” is a timely literary work that depicts American moral equivalencies and excesses. For fishermen, baseball fans, book lovers, sports enthusiasts, and economists alike, the novella is highly entertaining and insightful.

Full of true fisheries science and sports history, “American BeheMouth” tells the greatest bass fishing story of all time while giving an insight into what America has become. A literature student and his fisheries biologist girlfriend raise the world-record bigmouth bass in a Kentucky lake.

The book is much more than a fishing story; it is a metaphor for many other things: life, family, sacrifice, commitment, and dreams. In addition, it raises ethical questions about modern American sports, American businesses and consumerism, and our quest for the elusive. “American BeheMouth” is a metaphor for many things that are wrong in American culture, including the relentless pursuit for more, mirroring and predicting the many bubbles in the American economy.

In the big picture, the author may be asking all the existential questions while writing about fishing. In all, everyone can glean something from the story with humor and inquisitiveness.

Jan 1992Feb 2010

Communications Chair, Lead Faculty

Apollo Group, others

Online, non-traditional higher education marketer and facilitator. Expertise in online marketing, affiliate marketing, education, E-learning, online help systems, and web training.

  • Contributed to day-one Western International University / Axia College  inception in 2004 through incredible $1.3B growth to the #2 Associates market position in 2008, behind Miami Dade College. Up to 150 direct reports.
  • Led marketing efforts at University of Phoenix St. Louis to become #3 performing campus with record growth. Recruited/managed/developed 40 business communications faculty direct reports.

Experience includes University of Phoenix, Axia College, Western International University, Fontbonne University, St. Louis Community College, Lewis and Clark College, Jefferson College, Southwestern Illinois College, Kaskaskia College, and Southern Illinois University.

Jan 1995Dec 2009

Marketing Manager, IT Consultant

Managed a wide range of projects in several industries. Provided leadership to corporate staff and consulting teams. Managed and supported product development initiatives to sales, delivery and support. Created marketing/PR campaigns, promotional materials, website content, communication plans. Established tracking and measurement tools. Performed market analyses. Secured, managed, and worked on key accounts, including:

Anheuser-BuschAwarded for leadership for $10M savings through worldwide Management Systems Group project.

MasterCard WorldwideCoordinated Internal Systems Development Group projects and software systems.

CerniumFilled urgent requirements for revolutionary video surveillance software system (industries, airports).

ConvergysLed consulting team for development and rollout of leading Internet software products.

bioMérieuxManaged FDA-regulated translation & fulfillment for Biotechnology Product Documentation, Labeling.

Express ScriptsOrganized team and processes for implementation of $1M online Knowledge Management System.

Bausch & LombDesigned Storz Instruments’ transitional marketing campaigns and standardization.

BJC HealthCareCoordinated creative services and graphics team for standards and brochure development.

Maverick Technologies Wrote Tate and Lyle control narratives and process procedures used worldwide.

Schneider / APCCollaborated in €18.3Bautomation arena as presenter and leader of global initiatives.

Dec 2005Mar 2009

Marketing and Communications Manager

MYNAH Technologies (Emerson partner)

Managed strategic global communications and marketing strategy, market support team, media, & partnerships. Designed integrated marketing initiatives to penetrate and grow targeted markets.

  • Developed phenomenal E-Marketing strategy, leading to ~30% sales growth each year.
  • Propelled web visitors from 1,000 to 54,000/month; improved ranking from 2.2M to 212K.
  • Grew PR/Media buzz from 0 to 125 articles/month, 130,000 media outlets.
  • Penetrated new markets and built partnerships via travel/ presentations at 2006-8 Emerson Global Users Exchange and Schneider Initiatives worldwide, including North America, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.
  • Successfully implemented corporate communications and marketing plan with marketing collateral, online help, technical documentation, training, video, podcasts, blogs, and other new media.


Jul 1999Aug 2001

Marketing and Communications Manager


Brought mobile and wireless industry leaders together to advance enterprise computing. Market sectors included power, water, utilities, education, financial, and healthcare. Conducted website promotions, events, and integrated marketing programs. Developed creative marketing collateral and public relations campaigns.

  • Organized and moderated the Mobile and PDA Expos vertical market forums (both tradeshows and online virtual events) in Chicago, San Francisco, St. Louis, and New York. Great turnout (2000+), success, and profitability. Led to major technological innovations and advances.
  • Developed educational & promotional content; fostered expert speakers, exhibitors, early adopter case studies.

MobileVillage is an international market and solutions development company dedicated to advancing mobile and wireless enterprise computing in various vertical markets. Work includes news services, live and web-based conferences, event content services, forums, consulting, and partnerships.


Ronnie Bauman

“Jason has proven his ability to work on a team to achieve results. He is customer focused as well as strives to produce high quality work.” 

Jason's Top qualities: Great Results, Personable , Expert

Ronnie Bauman hired Jason as an IT Consultant in 2003

Lelah Thomas

"Jason is one of my favorite consultants that we have hired in the past 8 years. He is well-rounded and has great energy. He always was upfront and honest with feedback and his communications was bar none. He is articulate with his technical skills and no matter what, had the attitude of doing his best at all times. I wish him the best always.”

Charlie Schliesser

“Jason and I worked closely on optimizing and marketing MYNAH Technologies and their software platform, MiMiC Simulation. Our efforts increased's Alexa and Google rankings tremendously over a short period of time. Jason's knowledge of modern SEO techniques has proved extremely valuable in our marketing campaign, and his strive to remain on the cutting edge of new marketing trends will continue to make him a valuable asset.” 

Jim Cahill

“Jason has brought a breath of fresh air to MYNAH's marketing efforts. He was quick to embrace the power of on-line communities for MYNAH's products and continues to add his energy to keep them vibrant. I learn something every time I speak with Jason to help our marketing efforts.”

Todd Anstine

“As Marketing and Communications Manager, Jason Covington has accomplished a number of things during the last year that have helped improve the presence of MYNAH Technologies within our market space. His efforts in the area of E-Marketing boosted our Internet exposure by improving our website and adding mechanisms such as new forums, blogs, RSS feeds, spidering, creative use of Google adwords and broadening of the MYNAH E-News. The result was a significant increase in website traffic, Alexa ranking and organic Google ranking.

Jason also led our media relations/PR effort and made great strides in advancing our relationships with several of the key publications/on-line entities within our industry. This has enabled MYNAH to participate in a number of collaborative articles and blogs with the editors/writers at these companies.

He has also done an excellent job of optimizing our advertising via web, search engine and keyword searches. Jason is a creative professional whose ideas and perspective will bring value to an organization looking to bolster their company's marketing and communications capabilities.”

Martin Berutti

"Jason Covington has worked for MYNAH Technologies for the last 3 years. He was an essential part of our product marketing and sales team. Jason led an effort to updateour web site, our technical documentation, and our marketing collateral.

Under his direction, our web site traffic grew by a factor of ten and our email newsletter distribution list grew by a factor of five. Jason developed press relations, effectively negotiatedtrade journal print and on-line advertising, and coordinated press releases. Herepresented MYNAH  at industry events in North America,Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, presenting our products and solutions intrade show environments and formal presentations.

Jason is proactive and results driven. He has in depth knowledge of technicaldocumentation best practices, website Search Engine Optimization, Google and Yahoo ad-word campaign development, and corporate blogging.

As he has developed and honed these skills at MYNAH, Jason has developed a strong interest in growing in the fields of on-line marketing, public relations, and communications beyond the need at MYNAH. He asked for my help in pursuing additional career opportunities and I support and recommend him.

Jason is a diverse and talented professional. He is creative and innovative. I know thathis background in international marketing and communications will take him far. I alsocan tell that his strong presentation and training skills will make him a valuable addition to any organization."

Eric Covington

“Jason grew up in Silicon Valley when PC technology was in its infancy and has an intuitive understanding of how it works, its potential benefits and drawbacks. He also is a superb communicator and is excellent at protraying technical ideas to all audiences, from engineers to those from a non-technical background. Jason is  an excellent marketing and communications manager and technical salesman."


Aug 1988Jun 1991


Pepperdine University

Ranked 50th in Nation by U.S. News and World Report Best Universities


Activities and Societies: Calendar Editor / Reporter / Writer for The Graphic 1988-9, 1990-91 Year in Florence, Italy 1989-90 Attended University in Paris, France, Summer 1991



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Computer Skills
SOFTWARE SKILLS Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Access, FrontPage Visual Source Safe, Macromedia Dreamweaver and FreeHand, Lotus Notes, Visio, PageMaker, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, RoboHelp, MadCap Flare, Photoshop, HTML, Domino.Doc, Knova, Lawson Insight Desktop, Crystal Reports, SnagIt, Siebel, AuthorIT, many others     MARKUP AND PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES HTML, XML, ASP, PHP, JAVA, JavaScript, PHP   DATABASE EXPERIENCE Filemaker Pro, MySql, CRMT  


Information Mapping Knowledge Solutions

Information Mapping Inc.
Nov 2008Present

Consultative Selling for Strategic Solutions

Solutions Selling
Jan 2006Nov 2008

PlantWeb, DeltaV, MiMiC Simulation

Emerson Educational Services