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I am interested in obtaining a construction management job overseas for a quality oriented firm who builds unique, interesting, and challenging projects throughout the world. I am 39 year old American with over 28 years of experience in residential and commercial development. My experience began at an early age when I started working on my father's development sites. All aspects of construction and land development were taught and learned in a hands on environment. I have a BS from the University of South Carolina with majors in Business Administration and Real Estate. For the past 12 years I have worked for myself. First, I started, and later sold, an employee benefits brokerage firm, secondly, and currently, I am home bulder and a Class A general contractor. I am ready for a new phase in my life which includes working for someone else, being a key member of a great team and pursuing adventure abroad.  I have minimal constraints on what I can do, where I can go, and what I can learn. 

Work experience



J. Brownell, Inc.

I performed all functions involved in the building of more than 35 spec and custom homes and commercial buildings as owner,investor and contractor  Areas of expertise include; site evaluation, land aquisition, finance, plan design, contract management, scheduling, quality control, and sales.  I am knowledgable and comfortable with all aspects of construction as I am a Class A General Contractor.  I am a capable of running crews, operating equipment and performing all the management tasks necesary to be a successful builder.



Western Loudoun Development, LC

Western Loudoun Development,LC is the developer, owner, and property manager for The Adams Mill Building in Purcellville, Va.  Adams Mill is an old grain and seed mill on the W&OD train line, beautifully restored and converted to a commercial property.  Currently our tenants include an award winning restauraunt, Magnolias at The Mill,and The Hair Mill Salon & Spa.  My responsibilities as owner and manager includes all the tasks associated with managing long term leases, tenants, insurance, taxes, building maintenance and repairs, government regulations, and accounting.  As a hands on manager there are no aspects the business that I am not invloved with. 



Catoctin Meadows,LC

I am a partner and 25% owner of Catoctin Meadows, LC, a residential developer.  I assist the manager on sales, development, legal, and government issues related to our current project, The Village Case in Purcellville,Va.  The development is a mixed residential and commercial use property with 160 building lots, several commercial pads and 3 large church sites, parks and open space.  The project is approximately half completed and is considered one of the best planned communities in Purcellville. 



Southern Insurance Resources & Benefits Consutling

I created and later sold an employees benefits brokerage firm.  My company specialized in building employee benefits packages for small businesses and brokering all insurance and investment products in the market to suit my clients needs.  I am well versed in insurances, retirement plans, compensation packages,and governmental regulations.  My business built up to several hundred clients and then I decided to sell in order to do what I loved and was created for, build.     

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Bruce Brownell, Inc.

As a young boy I began learning the land development and building industry from my father.  He started as a laborer and built up a large local company that specialized in creating the the best residential and commercial properties in our area.  I also started as a laborer but was encouraged to work and learn all the facets of the company.  I worked as a carpenter, crew leader, machine operator, site superintendent and project manager.  I spent a lot of time off the sites as well.  Working as intern in the summer with engineers, lawyers, accountants, architects, and most importantly, my father gave me an incredible base for which to build my career in construction and development.     




University of South Carolina

Obtained a double major in Business Administration and Real Estate from a major university in 4 years while working part time jobs and as a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.  My plan was to utilize this education by working for my father's company.