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Work experience


Exterior Design Studio


For more than 20 years, Jason Anglis has refined and developed his skills in the exterior home design industry. Today, as owner and manager of Exterior Design Studios, LLC, headquartered in Bristol, Connecticut, Jason Anglis oversees both residential and commercial projects. Entering the home improvement industry straight out of high school, he gained extensive hands-on experience with a wide range of home-improvement methods, particularly in the specialized field of exterior design. As a bonus to his customers, Mr. Anglis provides a free design service and offers clients informed recommendations on different brands that fit any budget. Licensed as an energy inspector in Connecticut, he also focuses on energy efficiency as a way to save customers money and safeguard the environment. In addition to design work, Jason Anglis serves as an agent of the bank, which enables him to offer financing and re-financing to clients. Exterior Design Studios also serves clients through emergency and fire protection work. The company staffs a team equipped to respond to a range of emergencies, from a structure fire that requires immediate boarding up for protection to a leaking roof that needs a temporary tarp until a team of workers can repair the damage. Mr. Anglis operates with 19 in-house crews and does not subcontract any of the firm’s projects. To make the home-improvement process as convenient for clients as possible, he ensures the company’s installers maintain a clean, non-invasive work site in every home.Jason Anglis meets each client personally and believes in backing the work conducted through his company, regardless of the size of the project. He furnishes clients with a Buyers Guarantee that extends beyond manufacturers’ warranties and ensures the best customer service possible. To request a quote or free design from Exterior Design Studios, contact Jason Anglis by calling the Bristol office at (860) 966-4559.


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