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Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Elementary Educator – 1st grade 1 year, 3rd grade 2 years

School District 11
Aug 1996May 2007

Elementary Educator – 1st grade 9 years, 2nd grade 2 years Secondary Educator – High School English 4 years

School District 60


Aug 1988May 1996




Colorado Springs educator Jason Alvarado believes in creating personal connections with kids and families. His educational goal is to tap into each individual child’s interests and strengths while obtaining support from home. Viewing each child as a fountain of dimensions and abilities, Alvarado seeks to understand each child exactly on his or her level. Working at the elementary level, Alvarado connects with each student in a very positive manner and inspires him/her to want to learn.So how does this Colorado Springs teacher do it? Well, first off, he is inspired. What inspires Mr. Alvarado? If you asked him, he would answer his two beautiful children and his personal relationship with Jesus. After some trials and tribulations in his life, Alvarado fully committed his life to Jesus Christ in 2008. Since that time, he’s been very blessed and Christ has provided him with the solid foundation that was missing as a youth due to the loss of his mother at age 5 and the absence of his father (Psalms 40:1-2). Now more than ever, he realizes the importance of his role as a servant of Christ, father, educator, and community member. He strives to live a pure life and is committed to emulating the ways of Christ. Jason Alvarado’s employers over his long teaching career have pointed out a few of his greatest strengths. One of these is his dedication and faith in each student: he believes in his students and his role as both a teacher, community member, and a lifetime learner are taken very seriously. He is constantly asking questions of both himself and his students, seeking the best way for them to work together to maximize learning. Mr. Alvarado believes that each child is a wealth of talents, skills, struggles and abilities. Meeting the needs of each student is a challenge that he looks forward to each day with much enthusiasm and excitement.  In any case, Mr. Alvarado believes that all students should contribute to a positive society and the best way to do so is by learning. He understands that everyone will experience some difficulties in life and make some mistakes but when we learn from these and correct the behavior we are on the road to success. Having a positive outlook on life should start at a very early age, which is why he chose to teach at the elementary level. Mr. Alvarado is a state-licensed teacher in Colorado. He has worked in the field of education for over fourteen years. In every place he has worked, his employers and colleagues have praised his empathy towards students and his desire to do his job to the best of his ability. He is often at school preparing his lessons at night and on the weekends. Jason Alvarado is also a homework based teacher and he does believe that it supports what takes place in the classroom. Homework, in his opinion, is a tool for garnering student accountability, as well as “communicating” with parents/guardians. He encourages parents/guardians to be involved with what their children are learning, and homework is a great way to promote involvement at home. In addition to classroom teaching, Jason Alvarado has taught Sunday school and volunteered in community charities. He has coached baseball, football, soccer and basketball for YMCA, PAL, Corinthians and Star Academy. He has also taught at the Victory Outreach Church, Belmont Nazarene Church and FCA.

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