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Fluent with: Java, Python

Familiar with: GIT,  Matlab,  Javascript,  AutoCAD,  Assembly, Creo, C



Computer Engineering (CO-OP)

Carleton University

Work History

Jul 2012Aug 2012

Dish Washer

Congee Dynasty
  • Learned to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Communicated and coordinated with co-workers to get dishes out in time.


Research Inquiry for client: Electric Control and Safety Devices
  • My research contribution: Animal Control Measures. Existing practices, safety issues and alternatives.
  • Coordinated with teammates to define project timeline & provided peer reviews.
  • Presented directly to client. The client commented on the thoroughness of my research and professionalism

Image Filters | Python
  • Used Carleton Image Manipulation Python Library to get each pixel’s RGB values
  • Implemented different image filter algorithms to manipulate RGB values
  • Implemented filters: Grayscale, Solarize, Sepia, Blur, Negative, etc

Ergonomic Wrench Design | AutoCAD
  • Learned AutoCAD to model and design a more ergonomic wrench
  • Added longer curved handles to reduce the torque & strength needed to tighten a bolt.
  • Collaborated with teammates as part of a engineering design project

String Encoder & Decoder | X86 ASSEMBLY
  • Allows you to encode/decode strings using an inputted key value
  • Wrote x86 assembly code for an emulated Intel 8086 microprocessor

Storm flyer | Python & Pygame library

  • Flappy bird like game with custom graphics (helicopter, thunder for obstacles)
  • Featured a health bar and health pickups. Player colliding with thunder would decrease health 
  • The gap between the Thunderbolts was randomly generated as the game progressed with thunder bolts becoming more frequent

Boe bot | Arduino & C

  • Created a small bot controlled by  an Arduino board with C code
  • Programmed move instruction sets in C to control turning and LEDs
  • Predefined move commands stored in arrays allowed the bot to travel though specific path ways