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Jason Smith

Principal Software Engineer and Architect who enjoys defining product visions and turning them into reality.

Technical Skills Summary

Technology followed by number of years

Programming Languages:

Overall Programming(18), Java(>10),  C#/.NET(8), C++/C(4), HTML/CSS/PHP/Perl/JavaScript(2), Assembly (1), Ruby <1, Node <1

Architecture N-Tier(10), SOA(5), Cloud-Based(6), API (5), Microservices (1)

MySql (5) Oracle (6), SqlServer(4), SQL(5), Java Stored Procedures(3),

PL/SQL (1), TSQL (1), Stored Procedures (3), TSQL (1), PL/SQL(1), Mongo<1

Operating Systems Linux (10), Windows (10), VMWare(4), AWS (3)

Eclipse (8), Visual Studio (8), SVN (5), CVS(5), git (4)

Application Integration

EDI X.12 (10) , Web Services (8), FTP/SFTP/FTPS/SSH,

ISO 8583(10), MULE/ESB (1), ACH/Nacha(6), REST (5),SOAP(4)

Embedded Development Arduino (1)
Methodologies Agile (8), Extreme Programming (7), Mission/Start-up Focused (10)

 Work History


March  2016Present

Advisor and Principal Engineer

  • Provide technical guidance to assist with successful product launch and assist with fund-raising.
  • Implemented proof-of-concept for processing email generated receipts from all major retailers,, offline and on-line.
  • Implemented natural language receipt search capability using SMS. 
  • Assisted with patent application process.
  • Provided leads to VCs and potential investors and advisors.

Technologies: Java, SMTP, MySql, REST

American Express

October 2015Feb 2016

Sr. Staff Engineer - Director Level  

  • Assist with transition to Agile development methodology in line with modern development practices.
  • Assist with modern devops deployment including moving to cloud provisioning based on Asgard.

Technologies: Java, C#, Asgard, stash

Clients: Shift Payments,        Ripple Labs            

Feb 2015Aug 2015

Software Architect Consultant (Emerging Payment Technologies)

  • Mixture of consulting and advising to both Ripple Labs and Shift Payments, two emerging fintech, crytpocrurrency payment start-ups in San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Developed early proof-of-concept java bridge between ripple connect and ISO 8583 messages.
  • Exposed ACH  service as a REST endpoint.
  • Provided advice on performance, and system design.
  • Provided consulting advice on technical strategy to CTO, lead engineer and system integrators.

Technologies: Java, jPOS, REST, git


Jan 2011Jan 2015

First Employee and Founding Principal Software Engineer 

  • As part of the seed, founding team and first formal hire, provided leadership in selecting architecture, approach and strategy for an emerging start-up through seed, Series A and Series B fund-raising rounds.
  • Assisted in developing core issuer-processor technology on top of jPos, a java, payment processing framework.
  • Implemented Discover Issuer processing certification, a proof-point for fund-raising.
  • Provided hands-on leadership in implementing the REST Api to power the  Facebook Gift Card. The successful launch was crucial for Series B fund-raising.
  • Founded Marqeta Labs in 2013, a three member team which worked on emerging payment technology projects including: a payment card which can be used to spend math-based currencies at point of sale, making to the final round in the Citi Mobile Challenge and payment-related hardware projects.

Technologies: Java, jPOS, MySql, REST, ISO 8583, Splunk, git, Ruby on Rails

American Express - Serve Division

Jan 2010Jan 2011

Lead Software Engineer and Architect

  • Worked directly with the lead payment architect to implement the low-level, high-performance authorization switch for the Serve product.
  • Developed messaging and notification services.
  • Certified authorization switch with American Express issuer certification team.
  • Assisted in implementing the Thales HSM for ATM pin encryption and decryption.
  • Assisted with post merger due-diligence with American Express Merger and Acquisitions team.
  • Implemented simulators to provide load to authorization switch.

Technologies: C#, ISO8583, Oracle, Cruise Control, Splunk


Jan 2009Jan 2010

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Served as lead engineer in an Agile environment, enhancing and supporting high-volume distributed and service oriented architecture implemented in J2EE.
  • Proposed and developed streaming video solution using Lighttpd, LongTail flash player and J2EE.
  • Maintained existing EJBs, and Servlets.
  • Introduced Java Stored Procedures into the application infrastructure.
  • Assisted in upgrading from JBOSS 4.22 to JBOSS 5.
  • Assisted with implementing ESB (Mule) throughout the enterprise.
  • Created Java POJO video transcoding service, deployed in MULE ESB.
  • Maintained legacy EJBs.
  • Mentored junior developers.
  • Implemented ActiveMQ across the enterprise

Technologies: SOA, Eclipse, J2EE, JBOSS, Mule ESB, ActiveMQ, Linux, Windows, Oracle10g, Java Stored Procedures

Property Bridge 

Aug 2005Dec 2009

Lead Software Engineer

  • Served as a lead engineer and architect providing leadership and direction of the system design and implementation (C#/.Net/SQL Server). PropertyBridge was acquired by MoneyGram International in October 2007. Continued to provide contract consulting services during and after the acquisition.
  • Designed and developed many of the back-end pieces that handle transaction processing, including: an in-house, distributed job scheduler (similar to Quartz),design and implementation of a bank-gateway transaction architecture and implementation of a system monitor application.
  • Implemented base ISO 8583 parsing and processing architecture.
  • Responsible for real-time integrations with FirstData North Payment Processor, Tsys, FNBO, and FiServe - including conducting certification testing.
  • Created detailed system documentation, including class diagrams, build instructions and use cases.

Technologies: N-Tier, C#/.Net 2.0/VS 2005, XML Sql Server 2003, Subversion

Sun Microsystems Labs

May 2005Sep 2005

Software Engineer (Contractor)

  • Received mentorship from recognized experts in computer science and  service based architectures.
  • Created custom instrument code in Java to asses performance of distributed collaboration software, Meeting Central.
  • Utilized custom data-visualization Java libraries
  • Utilized distributed testing software, Slamd.
  • Made enhancements to core object serialization and transmission layer within core application.

Technologies: N-Tier, C++ (COM), Visual Studio, XML, EDI, Source Safe

Fintech Inc.

Mar 2001May 2005

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Succeeded in creating a Java based implementation of Fintech service, which positioned Fintech for growth.
  • Lead in transitioning Fintech from a legacy PowerBuilder shop with disparate manual processes and no Internet presence, to a Java environment with heavy automation and scalable Internet application infrastructure.
  • Designed, implemented and maintained, multi-threaded Java application servers.
  • Created custom Java job-scheduling engine.
  • Created product classification engine in Java using Bayesian classifier which was used to classify unstructured text product descriptions into discreet categories. Project served as reference design for a new line of business.
  • Mentored new developers and business analysts.
  • Participated in customer presentations.
  • Created detailed system documentation.

Technologies: N-Tier, Java(J2SE), Source Safe, XML, EDI, Eclipse, Windows 2000/XP, C++, Oracle

SkyIow Inc.

Sep 2000Mar 2001

Software Engineer

  • Developed system prototypes in Java to demonstrate accessing distributed network data from multiple sources including: Palm devices, cell phones, voice/IVR and desktop/notebook computers.
  • Participated in design and architecture decisions.

Technologies: SOA, Java, Jini, VXML, Linux, XML, CVS

Invois formerly QRS Inc.

Jul 1999Oct 2000

Software Engineer IV

  • Assisted with architecture, design and implementation of a flexible electronic product catalog. S
  • Selected as lead engineer for a next generation product, managed with a "start-up" mentality.
  • Presented product architectures to business partners and customers.
  • Analyzed and developed system design documentation and system requirements.

Technologies: N-Tier, C++ (COM), Visual Studio, XML, EDI, Source Safe


Mar 1996May 1999

Jr. Software Engineer/French Technical Support Analyst

  • Provided detailed technical phone support in French and English.
  • Promoted to a junior programming position after about a year in the customer support department.
  • Served as team-lead of communication development department.
  • Maintained low-level ASYNC Modem communication code in C and C++.
  • Maintained core EDI translator desktop software implemented in C++.

Technologies:PackagedSoftware, EDI, C++, Async/ Bisync communications protocols, PGP, Value Added Networks, EDI translators and mapping tools.


University of Michigan


Bachelor of Science - Physcis

Optional Senior Thesis - Computer Generated Holography


Neville Bowers

Software Engineer at Facebook

contact info upon request

Jamie Kenas

Architect at American Express

contact info upon request

Alejandro Revilla

Founder jPos

contact info upon request