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Having recently relocated to Oregon, I am looking to continue my career in the veterinary field.

Work experience


Production Worker

Blue Sea Systems 425 Sequoia Dr Bellingham, WA 98226 (360)738-8230

Veterinary Technician

Kahala Pet Hospital, 4819 Kilauea Av, Honolulu HI 96816 (808)735-4433


Technician Duties

Including, but not limited to; administration of medications, oral and injected, placement of IV catheters, preparation and assistance in surgery, monitoring anesthesia during surgery, calculation of medications, administration of chemotherapy, restraint of patients during procedures and exams, digital radio-graphs for orthopedic surgeries as well as typical x-rays, staining and examination of samples for microscopy, clipping and cleaning wounds, trimming of dog and cat nails, expression of anal glands, blood transfusions, filling prescriptions, application of casts and bandages. Familiar with IV and infusion pumps.

Lab Equipment and Technology

Familiar with IDEXX ProCyte Dx, Catalyst One, LaserCyte Dx, VetTest, VetLyte, Snap Pro, all using the Vet Lab Station. Was responsible for routine maintenance and troubleshooting lab equipment.

Rapport with Animals

A life long love and understanding of all animals and their motivations. Can gently restrain a patient for procedure without causing undue stress. I understand the difference between a truly aggressive animal, and a patient that is simply frightened. I worked full time in a busy hospital for four years without a single serious bite or injury.


Can do many calculations in my head, and can work out complex equations easily. Essential for calculating doses.

Positive relationship with Clients and Coworkers

Worked well in a tight team, often understaffed. Great reputation with clients.



Veterinary Assistant Certification

Bellingham Technical College


Banfield Pet Hospital

4379 Meridian st, Bellingham, WA 98226