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Executive leadership, hands-on architect with over 19 years of disruptive innovation experience.

Work experience

Sep 2011Present


Talk Fusion Corporate
  • Creator of the patent pending Connect platform.  Connect is a unique browser based video conferencing / Webinar system that works on any browser (desktop or mobile) a one click solution that requires no plugins for viewers.
  • Managed overall IT budget and personnel.
  • Created developer incentive program and open R&D platform to challenge big thinkers.
  • Re-architected companies data-center infrastructure in tandem with fundamental software changes that provided a quick solution to company growth limitations. In turn saving $1.2M in operational costs while expanding network and overall system capacity more than 100x resulting in explosive momentum and revenue growth from $20M to $100M annually in 24 months.
  • Engaged in sales strategy development and assist the sales teams globally.
  • Evaluated all development and Infrastructure technology problems and created solutions.
  • Made fundamental changes to companies Big Data processing methods, creating user trends analytics and overall business intelligence across all products and services.
  • Helped in creating company's security poilicys and coding standards for development and IT groups in general.
  • Designed companies new SaaS platforms , Online Marketing Tools and game changing global CDN solution for video transcoding, streaming of live (realtime) and static content deliverability
  • Developed the first (at the time) server based WEBRTC recorder and WEBRTC media server that transcodes and broadcasts to clients.

2007Aug 2011

Technical Lead / Senior Software Developer

Prodea Systems Inc.


  • Technical Lead on R&D team. Worked directly with CTO , Director of Operations and sales teams to create product demos and and pitch new solutions to top executives.
  • Designed many of the solutions currently used in the companies white-label product.
  • Designed and developed web, desktop and mobile applications for audio/video and VOIP sharing and streaming services.
  • Lead architect on a proprietary diagnostics and management solution for remote device and service monitoring, billing and network management.
  • Lead developer for home automation, remote monitoring and alarm notification applications.
  • Currently developing eHealth applications for TV / PC / Mobile platforms.
  • Currently developing NOC remote support and diagnostic tools for internal support and operations.

Technical Lead / Solutions Architect

Sensorlogic Inc. 


  • Consultant within the Client Services division. Integration support and development for Mobile,Desktop and Web RIA solutions for customers of Sensorlogic's hybrid network.
  • Designed and developed GPS Tracking, monitoring and notification applications for clients on Sensorlogic's GSM/GPRS network.
  • Manged and deployed Linux VM appliance on company's cloud computing networks.
  • Developed client services development and deployment processes for web apps and managed hosted servers.

Senior Software Developer / Solutions Architect

Paragon Innovations, Inc.


  • Responsible for designing and developing patentable technology or process’s for Paragon clients as well as new business and product ideas to take to market.
  • Designed and developed distributed computing protocol for complex embedded and mobile devices.
  • Designed an Advertising Media and Delivery management system for direct advertising for VOIP Video Phone service providers.
  • Designed and Integrated SER/OPENSER modules and configuration schemes for VOIP providers needing LCR, Voicemail, SMS, MMS ,XCAP or other customized or required solutions.
  • Developed billing system and real-time call rating for asterisk, OpenSER, MediaProxy for VOIP Telecom providers.
  • Worked with telecom client’s pre-qualification and qualification planning on major telecom provider’s networks.
  • Identified strategic marketing opportunities and product patents to drive business for new client products.
  • Designed product life cycle and deployment strategy of hosted LAMP services, media content delivery and upgrade strategy.
  • Developed LAMP based VOIP services for self-service account management and message retrieval applications for hosted VOIP service environments.
  • Designed and developed patented application integration technology for VOIP user experience applications and VOIP software provisioning.
  • Developed web services and client applications for media signaling protocols HTTP, XCAP,SIP, XMPP and proprietary developed protocols.
  • Supported, managed and developed extensions and plug-ins to products with integrated browser for embedded device products.
  • Designed and developed patented VOIP video phone content delivery system for advertising and direct marketing media distribution.
  • Worked with developers, project managers to manage environment, setup, roll out, planned rollback procedures, the branching and merging of code in a version control system and the documentation of our systems.

Co-Founder / CTO

NuTouch Media, Inc (TouchNetwork)


  • Co-founder and creator of commercial real-estate directory kiosk client and server software.
  • Managed a team of designers and developers in design, development and production of interactive advertising and marketing content for clients.
  • Provided strategic marketing, technical and operational advice to clients.
  • Developed recommendations for strategic market positioning, with particular regard to the opportunities created by the convergence of new network technologies and distributed systems.
  • Designed an advertising media and delivery management system for direct advertising solutions to commercial properties.

3D Creative Designer / Programmer

7th Level
  • 3-D developer and game designer for three major 3D game titles:
  • “Return to Krondor” (publisher: Sierra), “G-Nome” (publisher: Ion Storm) and “Dominion” (publisher: Ion Storm)
  • Responsible for modeling and animating 3D environments and character animation, additionally, spearheaded new technologies and graphic techniques for outdoor 3D environments and asset delivery techniques to programmers.




Ai Dallas

Computer Science
Computer Animation and Multimedia




United States US20060171378

Issued August 3, 2006

H.264 IP video telephone


Method for advertising via IP video telephone

United States US20060026629

Method for advertising via IP video telephone(Link)
United States US20060026629
Issued January 3, 2005

Advertising, monitoring, diagnostics and content delivery
to a H.264 (VOIP) video telephone.

Key Skills


Cloud Architecture: (EC2, Azure, OnApp, AppLogic, VMWare,  OpenStack, KVM)
NGINX (expert and module developer)
HAProxy artist
Regular Expressions (PCRE and JS)
NodeJS and IO
NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis)
Hardware acceleration: Audio,Video,3D, Networking, Disk I/O

C and C++.
C# (Xamarin and Unity)
Cordova platform (Ionic, Electron)
VOIP: (Janus, FreeSwitch,Asterisk, Open)
SQL: Oracle, mySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Key Strengths

Creative thinking / problem solving
Leadership and mentoring
Distributed computing architecture
Multi-platform development
High performance architecture
Highly scalable architecture
Low-latency software & networks
Cached optimized CDNs
Realtime low-latency CDNs
Vendor management
Contract negotiation
Fluent in geek to business translation
Public speaking
SQL Clustering
Audio/Video codecs and encoding
Windows Administration
Linux Administration
Linux and network security
Ethical Hacking