Jason Klaaste

Jason Klaaste

Team leader & campaign developer


I am currently a team leader with four years eMarketing experience at Striata, solid Programming Techniques, Database Design, and Database Management using project management principals. I work well under pressure and I thrive in a pressure-driven environment.

I currently lead the eMarketing Team, whereby we look after the accounts of Old Mutual, ASCO, Nedbank, Starfish and Capitec Bank. I have also worked on projects for Makro, FNB, ABSA, Momentum, Sun International, Vodacom, Cell C, Hippo and many other well renowned organisations.

I am an enthusiastic, adaptable and determined individual, who portrays tenacity and perseverance in the execution of all duties, with a results-driven approach, and a go-getter attitude! I have a proven track-record of always meeting deadlines within an extremely high pressured environment. I am also extremely ambitious, work well in a team environment and I am able to motivate my team, create trust in all, and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance.

Personal skills and strengths:

  • Project management skills from initiation to Execution (4yrs) 
  • Traffic management skills (3 yrs)
  • Account management skills
  • Strong administration & organisational skills
  • Management and strong leadership qualities
  • Employee training
  • Proactive thinker, looking to streamline and simplify processes
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Work History

Work History

Campaign Developer & Team Leader

Striata SA
Dec 2011 - Present

Develop electronic communication, eMarketing and messaging campaigns using the Striata Application Platform. Ensuring interfaces were user friendly, conformed to user experience, ease of use and bringing to attention what is important. Responsible for the development of three campaigns daily; Creating PDF and HTML templates from provided creative; Creating and hosting online versions of the templates using PHP; Facebook and shared pages; Code in HTML; PHP; JavaScript and testing of code, Identifying code problems and resolving of same, Liaise with production and customer-facing teams; Ensure that coding best practice and internal standards are adhered to; Managing MySQL databases for each campaign; Research, develop and test SQL Queries; Manage own delivery of tasks and meet campaign deadlines, Communicate development campaigns progress and any related issues to management. Responsible for the completion of all tasks and projects from initiation to execution. Ensure Developers submit and execute all tasks allocated in a timeous manner within provided deadlines. Manage and schedule the work flow of Creative and (Web) Developers. Ensure effective and efficient work flow within an extreme-pressured environment, providing and balancing an output of exceptional work quality and quantity of multiple projects simultaneously. 

Achievements and how I have made a difference at Striata - I'm was always on the lookout for more efficient ways of doing things and even got an award for doing exactly that. I was also part of the organizational committee which organized a very successful year end function including many other events throughout the year. 

Extra duties performed:

  • Fire Marshall at Striata
  • Part of the Employment Equity Committee
  • Setting up Training and Ramp-up programs for new employees
  • Part of the Striata Activity committee where I played a key role in  setting up, coordinating and running of the year end function.

In-House/ Call-out Technician/ Sales Rep

Wepple Computers
Aug 2010 - Nov 2011

Required to do in-house workshop repairs, Provide technical support, Relevant Call-Out repairs or network diagnostics, Stock administration, Processing Sales

What was the reason I was here? - I worked hard at bettering the company and becoming the self-proclaimed image of the company. I also put in the extra hours to make sure things got done.

In-House Technician

CTT Computers
Dec 2009 - Jun 2010

Required to do in-house workshop repairs, Provide technical support, Relevant Call-Out repairs or network diagnostics, Stock administration

Achievements and how I have made a difference - I took the opportunity to learn all areas of the shop to help out everywhere I could to better understand the direction I wanted to specialize in. I was the go-to person clients came to when entering the shop.



Project Management Basics

Aug 2015 - Present

Learn to manage your projects more effectively based on The Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)

Diploma: Information Technology

University Of Johannesburg
2011 - 2013

Provide a fundamental concepts of a wide range of areas such programming, networking, project management, database management etc. 


Oct 2012 - Nov 2012

Covering the basics of databases and SQL, then moving on to the more complex aspects of SQL, such as variables and security


virtual training company
Jul 2012 - Aug 2012

Gaining practical knowledge that can be applied to every-day programming tasks in the real world

Perl Fundamentals

Jul 2012 - Aug 2012

Learning to handle dynamic content and service clients on the Internet to perfect scripting


Damelin West Rand
Jul 2010 - Dec 2010

Provide an in depth understanding and concepts behind networking

 OTHER Skills


Using XHTML 4 to create web pages and cover letters to display client communications built using data sources provided. This defensive type of coding is done with the aim of having the template look consistent throughout all of the email clients they are viewed in. 


Designing the online version for all email cover letters, creating web forms and pages that capture information to a database. I use UX and best practices based on industry standards to produce applications based on a straightforward coding approach or an MVC approach.


Writing scripts to: upload plain text data to a MySQL database; Implement the ETL process of retrieving data from a source and manipulating that data to apply specific business rues to that data and upload that to a database; Integrating data sources into the Striata Emarketing Platform to take information from a source, apply simple and sometimes complex business rules to create communications.


Designing, maintaining and using the databases for: storing data; retrieving data; altering the data and making meaningful decisions inside my applications based on specific information about that object.


Using CSS as it is to create simple and complex layouts of web pages to accomplish creative demands. 


Using Javascript in a lot of my forms to perform various Client side operations and queries. Combining JS with JSON to retrieve and store information to databases and interact with the end user  and make my pages dynamic.


Working with many Jquery Plugins to make coding simpler and make my projects more user friendly. Using Jquery as a way to create forms that are user centered, capture errors on the client side and hide/display content based on information about the objects/DOM.


Creating, editing templates in preparation for the creation of HTML templates from the desired copy. Using tools and functions to make changes and updates to the layouts and using photoshop to give the images a good quality over the minimal image size.

User interface/experience

Designing and creating interfaces with a practical, effective and meaningful experience and interaction with the web forms and web pages that I have created and set up. Design from the front end backwards, not the other way around. 


Coding Emails in HTML, CSS and PHP. Testing the emails to make sure that it renders the same in every major email client and  to make sure that every user has an enjoyable experience

Responsive design

Using responsive web design accompanied with my defensive HTML design, to target mobile first as a way to make that experience more comfortable and accessible to mobile devices but ensure that every other device can view the content with gradual degradation of experience.

Project management

I use project management principles to ensure that deadlines are managed, give accurate predictions for the time a project needs and where the most time will be spent to achieve project milestones. This also ties in when there are unexpected problems that arise and how to deal with them.