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Work History

Aug 2018Current

Pastor of Discipleship

Crossroads Community Church

In this role I help in facilitating  relationships that lead to discipleship. This mostly happens through one on one or small group style groups that meet to study together. I preach occasionally but my primary role is helping to establish the vision in the church. 

Jan 2019Current

Head of Communications

Sunrise Outreach

My role is multifaceted in this position. Mostly I work with the development staff to help establish any improvement that can or should be made to any of our 9 different programs. I work in someways as a Systems Administrator as I manage almost all of our softwares, social media, and our general online presence. I also do most of the in-house IT work for sunrise. I was promoted into the position as Sunrise Outreach and Transform Yakima Together merged organizations. 

Jan 2017 Dec 2018

Adopt-A-School Program Director

Transform Yakima Together

My primary function in this role was to help  establish connections between churches and schools. The established relationships served to share resources where needed. I helped to assess the real needs of the schools as well as the means by which churches could service those needs. The program was primarily in the yakima school district but in my time in the position I helped to expand the position into four other districts. 

July 2017July 2018

Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach

Central Assemblies of God

As pastor of Discipleship and outreach it was my job to provide opportunities for deeper growth, be it through encouraging further study, or by encouraging the church ministries to take on the challenge of one on one discipleship. My role also included all of our outreach done at central assemblies. I got to help in facilitating opportunities for groups or individuals to meet the needs of the community, or outreach to specific groups in the community. i.e. Young adults on the college campus or children through the school district. My duties in this area have allowed me to branch out and connect with other pastors and organizations in the area to help facilitate even more opportunities by building a network of ministries.  

July 2016July  2017

Hospitality Coordinator

A Seattle Church

I worked with a staff of interns to ensure that A Seattle Church provided an environment where people felt welcome and invited into a relationship in Christ. My roles included bridging the divide between the host church and A Seattle's congregations. At times this meant handling sensitive issues pertaining to the way hospitality was displayed by each congregation as well as ensuring an atmosphere of healthy partnership between the goals of each church. I personally managed around fifteen volunteers on any given sunday as well as personally filled any position that needed extra assistance . the volunteer roles include preparing coffee and treats, greeting, connecting with people about our small groups, directing parking, managing security, and all setup and teardown.Part of my role was to instruct in the processes involved in each area but also to encourage each volunteer to understand the vision behind what they were being asked to do. Through showing hospitality to new and returning members of the congregation we were hoping to further each of their individual assimilations into the church and into a call to serve. 

Feb 2015July 2017


Self Employed

I have been self employed for the last two years which has allowed me to finish school and complete an internship at my own pace. I have done everything from repairs to brand new construction. My most consistent work has been painting but I also did quite a bit of landscaping, electrical, framing, sheetrocking, and even some plumbing.  As I was self employed, I was in charge of making a bid for all the work I did, I also at times had up to two different employees so I learned first hand  the importance of  diligence and what it looks like to be a good employee.  

Aug 2014July 2016

Creating Caring Communities Team Member

Creating Caring Communities

My wife and I were in charge of putting on four community friendly events a month with the hope of creating relationships with residents in the Amanda place apartments. We were responsible for one hundred and forty four units that we cater our events to. We put twenty to thirty hours a week into the planning and putting on events. Caring Communities is a non-profit christian outreach to the residents. Our goal was to foster relationships and build a faith community.  We  put on events that range from pool parties and barbecues to board game and movie nights with a general attendance of forty to seventy five people each event.

Aug 2015Feb 2016


The Hignell Companies

The Hignell companies is a property management group. The company owns several apartment complexes and rental homes. My job consisted mostly of repainting and touching up units. My responsibilities consist of masking, taping, patching, brushing, spraying and rolling walls. I also do occasional dry wall work.

Jun 2014Mar 2015

Substitute for maintenance and janitorial staff

Chico Christian Preschool

My duties included everything from cleaning, to painting, to some minor construction projects. I basically filled in and do whatever is needed in this position.

Aug 2013Dec 2013

 Life Insurance Agent

American Income

I Sold Insurance to people by booking an appointment with them over the phone. I would then go to their houses and talk with them about the types of coverage that they may qualify for. Following my presentation I would gather referrals from them, and then proceed to enroll them using our computer application.

Jun 2009Aug 2013

General Laborer

RJH Construction

I prepared the work space for work projects, which means cleaning, hulling in materials onto the site, and ensuring the quality of those materials. I laid flooring, installed blinds, did weekly landscaping, pool maintenance, painting, renters renovation, minor electrical work, concrete pouring, drywall, and texturing.


Aug 2013 Dec 2016

Undergraduate Degree in Christian Ministry, with a focus in divinity.

Crown University 

Minor in business administration

Ministry, Outreach and Missions

Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach
 - I help work with a network of churches to create opportunities for self growth and discipleship for the members of our church; as well as opportunities for evangelism for the members to be a part of. 

Year long internship with A Seattle Church
 - I supervised almost fifteen volunteers a sunday in varying different areas of the hospitality ministry.  

Leaders in a weekly college group
 - We outreached to Yakima valley college and started meetings on campus once a week and opening up our home for events. We have previously helped to establish a group at Seattle Pacific University during our time in Seattle as well.

Creating Caring Communities
   - My wife and I host an event a week for the residents of the apartment complex we live at. 
   - The main point of Creating Caring Communities is to build relationships with people in order to display and share God's love in the context of  relationships.
   - We have hosted a wide variety of events including pool parties, BBQ's, board game nights and dinner events.

Christian Challenge on Chico State campus

   - I was a student leader with Christian Challenge
   - I shared the gospel with students and then discipled them one on one
   - I helped plan and carry out many social events with the hopes of attracting new students. 
   - I was a part of a campus wide outreach called "Care, Prayer, Share" in which Challenge members would attempt to start conversation with students, pray with them and share with them the Gospel.

Two month missions trip to Northern and Southern Ireland
    - did street evangelism as well as partnered with local churches in  community outreach events. We put on           vacation bible school for the local children. 

Organized several types of fundraising events
   - events included: Night of Hope Gala, TipCup Fundraisers, Car Washes, art shows, lunch and dinner events, local band concerts, auctions, and a walk-a-thon. 

Hope Church's Missions team and Chico Community Church 
   - Organized and directed work projects for 30 individuals.
   - Facilitated and planned remodeling projects of a newly purchased church building for our congregation.

Valley Community Church: Sunday School Teacher
   - I organized and taught the Sunday  school lesson for ages 2-5

Independently lead bible studies
   -  I have lead a bible study that I started in my home for a group of students.
   -  We did an extensive study of the first chapter in Matthew by looking at each of the individual people in Christ's genealogy and their stories 

My Testimony and Backround

           I  feel incredibly blessed that God revealed to me my calling to missions and that I have a wife who shares my passion for Christ and ministry. We met when we were ten and started dating our senior year of high school. Two years later we were engaged and ready to start a life together. We got Married and decided to move from Sacramento to Chico, CA so that my wife could finish her bachelor's in Child development at California State University; Chico. We were also Blessed to find a campus ministry called Christian Challenge and become members of Chico Community Church. Through Challenge we learned about discipleship and the concept of multiplication. During our time living in Chico California we also served as a Caring Community Team for a apartment complex ministry. We worked alongside 10 other teams at other complexes and put on events to connect with our neighbors in order to be evidence of God's love in their lives.  In order to finish my degree it was required that I complete a internship and my wife and I began to prayerfully consider what God had next for us. Through much prayer and consideration we moved from Northern California to Seattle to partner with A Seattle Church where I served as the hospitality coordinator . As we finished our first year with A Seattle  our home was sold and we were required to move. We again prayed and asked God to guide us as we considered next steps. It became clear to us that Central Assemblies of God was the open door we had been praying for and so we moved to Yakima. After a year with that church we realized that our hearts were focused more on being in the community and less on the idea of bringing the community to the church. God again opened the door for us to move to moxee and work with Crossroads Community Church where I currently serve as Pastor of Discipleship and my wife serves as Director of outreach. 

Statement of Faith

I believe there is one God and he is all powerful and all knowing.

I Believe that Jesus Christ, God's son, came to earth to die on a cross as a sacrifice for humanity to pay for every ones' sins.

I believe that, by Christ dying on the cross but rising from death on the third day, he conquered hell. 

I believe that he ascended to heaven and that God then set his Holy Ghost to intervene on earth. I believe that the Holy Ghost resides and moves in me.

I believe that salvation cannot be earned but instead that it is offered as a free gift to anyone who chooses to believe in Jesus.

I know that Jesus Christ is the one and only way to get to heaven and that only by having a relationship with Christ will that be a reality.

I believe that Satan is an enemy of God and therefore of man. I know that the only way to truly follow in Christ's example is to take up my cross daily.

I believe that baptism is an outward sign to others that you are choosing to die to yourself and instead live for christ.

I believe as Christians it is our responsibility to reach others all around the world with Christ's message of hope. I believe that everyone can be saved and that no sin is too big for God to forgive.

I believe that God has provided for me everything I have and that he has a plan in all things. I know all of this because of the Bible, which is God breathed and without flaw.


Greg Spurgin
Lead pastor at Crossroads Community    
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Beth Kalombo                                              
Grant writer with Sunrise Outreach                                                                                                                                 
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Andy Ferguson                                              
Former CEO of Transform Yakima               
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Tyler Gorsline
Head pastor of A Seattle Church
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