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Why Me?

I moved abroad at an early age but despite the obstacles I had to face I've pushed to better myself, I am a strong believer of self evaluation and believe that the bad things in life can be some of the best things to happen to us, by looking at what went wrong we can effectively improve our techniques swiftly and just improve our work overall, and with that method of dealing with life I can learn things at an exceptional rate and correct things efficiently using my own initiative, but I also have a natural drive to help others improve around me by noticing the mistakes and helping them improve their projects while taking their advice on mine, I strongly believe in the strength of the unit as with the unity of a diverse work force you can strive for perfection because there is no weakness when you have a unit with many strengths.

So why me? I believe that if you want a candidate that can strive for the best and climb the ladder with the company's success as his primary goal then I believe I am that person, I can work effectively by myself and even stronger when part of a team and I am diverse in my experience across the board in Computer Technology.


To secure a position of an ICT Technician in a reputed IT company.

To work with a company that will utilize my passion for computer engineering and help me to
create a positive working environment for myself and my colleagues and skilled group of workers, allowing me to learn from and be further inspired by the people around me at all times.


I was in the top set for Science in the Framwellgate science based academy, I was also weeks ahead of my ICT class at a time until I moved abroad and was home schooled.
I had a basic Education in Fram until I was 14, I then moved abroad in which I was home schooled by a Senior technician / computer engineer, I was taught to have a very broad understanding of computer hardware and software, from my experience I can now pick up things very fast in any field of Technology.

Work experience

Jun 2014Present

Game Development

  • Work closely with a client to understand exactly what they want.
  • Produce products in a timely manner.
Mar 2012Oct 2014

Sound Engineer

  • Control frequencies of 7 channels to get the best sound from the performers while minimizing resistance in the mixer.
  • Set up speakers to get the optimal sound and minimize feed back.
  • Optimize lighting by positioning the available lights in the most effective way.
  • Balance the volumes of 7 channels to give the best blend available between instruments and the singers.
  • Face to face communication with customers including customer complains.
Sep 2011Feb 2012




  • Diagnose possible problems with Hardware and find suitable replacement for unrepairable parts.
  • Diagnose possible software conflicts and errors then repair and/or replace faulty software.
  • Full virus removal from systems that show signs of intrusion and install suitable Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware software.
  • Work closely with customers to build a custom computer suited to their needs.
  • Work with clients to help solve technical problems.


Due to being home schooled and moving abroad I was unable to complete my exams and that is the reason I am applying for an apprenticeship now.

I have a conditional Apprenticeship offer with City training services, I did a foundation test and have had an interview with them, they recommend me highly.

Current Apprenticeship Training offer

Conditional Apprenticeship offer with City training services

Tel - 01274728316 


Customer Support

Exceptional ability to deal with customers *Complains, Quarries, Problems*

Sound Engineer

Basic FL Studio knowledge, in depth understanding of Frequencies, ability to maintain live sound via a mixing desk

Game Development

Ability to create games in Unity with understanding of OOP coding

3D Design

Ability to create 3D models in Maya and Zbrush


Understanding of Unity C#


Ability to converting Java to C#


Excellent understanding of Lua scripting


Small knowledge of Python code


Able to create basic website layout


Basic understanding of CSS structure


City training services

Tel - 01274728316 

Artistes 2000 - Entertainment and recording company

[email protected]
Tel. 07565 198618

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