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I am a very self motivated outgoing individual. I have many different talents and skills. I have a lot of job history handling cash, calculating numbers, and talking to customers. I am currently a student so I am widening my horizon.

Work experience

May 2014Nov 2014

Construction/ Interior Design

Helping a family friend.

I helped a family friend repair her house and shed. We fixed drywall in some spaces, installed installation, painted, fixed grout and tile issues, major gardening, and painting.  

Apr 2013Aug 2013


Patriot Firework stand

Selling fireworks in a competitive environment. I had to be on my feet for at least 9 hours a day, 7 days a week, convincing the public that our fireworks were the best on the lot. I had to work with a cash register and handle small to large amounts of money. Very social, outgoing job. I had to have extensive knowledge of what each firework did, and how to make deals so people would buy. At the beginning and end I helped put together and take apart the stand.

Mar 2012Oct 2012

Fruit Vendor

"Big Mama's Fruits"

Selling fruit in a fruit stand. Seasonal job. I handled medium amounts of money, worked a cash register and sales books. I sold fruit like plums, pluots, and three different kinds of cherries. Very fun job, I got to talk to customers all day long and had returning customers every week.

Jun 2011Sep 2011

Cashier, Floor attendant

St Vincent De Paul 

I had to sort out clothes that came in, very precise work. Rack and hang clothes by sizes, gender, style, etc. I had to sort out random objects that came in the store and decide if they could be fixed or saved. I cashed out customers, answered their questions, and made casual conversation. 

Feb 2011Jun 2011


Red Lion Hotel Downtowner

I had to set up and break down rooms for events. There was a lot of heavy lifting and constant walking. We had to work as a team to make sure the rooms were set up and right. We maintained professional, team, outgoing attitudes. 


Jan 2015Present

Associate Arts Degree

Santa Rosa Jr College

Currently enrolled at Santa Rosa Jr College, working towards my Associate Arts degree while studying culinary. 

Feb 2015Present

Certified Personal Trainer

National academy of sports medicine

I am working on becoming a certified personal trainer.


Feb 2015Feb 2018

California Food Handler's Certification

Serve safe
I have my food handler's card which means I can safely, correctly, and efficiently serve food to the public. 


Bear Dragonheart

7079846969 I helped him clean up a couple yards, by moving brush and cut down trees.

Brandy Eileen Mckelwee

2814097496 I helped clean up and fix her house before she moved.

Laurie Lynn Smith

7072737889 I helped her fix up her home.


I always try to stay as happy and positive as I can, no matter what situation I am in. 
Outgoing, Social
Very social and friendly. I can easily make small talk, or carry on extensive conversations.
Very thorough, detailed cleaner. I am currently taking sanitation classes.
Fast forward thinker
I am great in rushed situations where a game time decision needs to be made. I can handle pressure and stress while looking calm and collected. I can easily solve problems by looking at the whole situation from every angle.

Text Section

I am very outgoing, friendly and warm. I try to have a positive attitude about everything in life. I am very self-motivated, clean, and organized. I love seeing a project done to the end and putting my best effort into everything i do.