Jasmine Payne



Aug 2012 - May 2016

Bachelor of Science

Longwood University
Psychology Major
Women and Gender Studies Minor


Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2010 - Aug 2015


Roya Ewing
I watched two younger children over a period of 5 years. The last two years I was a full time nanny for them over the summer. My responsibilities included transportation, supervision, cooking, cleaning, organizing schedules, going to doctor's appointments, and occasionally shopping.
Nov 2013 - Jan 2014

Sales Associate

I was hired as holiday help for a clothing store in a mall. From November to mid-January I was trained as a retail sales associate. I earned commission, restocked merchandise, cleaned, and worked the register. Most of my work focused on customer service.


  Roya Ewing                   Employer                                                   [email protected]
                                              804-513-2612 c
                                              804-934-2672 w

  Stephanie Buchert      Professor/Research Supervisor    [email protected]