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Aug 2011Present

Youngker High School

High School Math Career

  1. H. College Trigonometry 
  2. H. College Algebra
  3. H. Geometry 
  4. H. Algebra 2
  5. H. Algebra 1A & 1B

Future Classes

  1. AP Statistics 
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Investigative Skills

High School English Career 

  1. English 101/102
  2. H. English 2A & 2B
  3. H. English 1A & 1B

Future Classes

  1. AP Literature 
  • Analytical Skills
  • Writing Skills

High School Science Career 

  1. H. Anatomy/Physiology 
  2. H. Biology 
  3. H. Earth & Space Science 

Future Classes

  1. H. Chemistry 
  2. Forensics
  • Components of the human body & how those components function 
  • Human Evolution 
  • Analytical Skills
  • Writing Skills

High School History Career 

  1. AP U.S. History 
  2. H. World History/Geography 

Future Classes

  1. AP U.S. Government/Economics 
  • Ancient Civilizations 
  • Rise and Fall of Governments 
  • Modern Criminal Justice System 
  • Writing Skills
  • Debate/Public Speaking Skills 

High School Elective Career 

  1. Sports Medicine Fundamentals
  2. College & Career Prep. 1
  • Knowledge of bodily injuries and how they are acquired
  • Investigative Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Writing Skills  
  • Research College Major 
  • Research Career Choices

Business Application 

  1. Introduction to Business
  2. Basic Business Services 

Future Classes

  1. Advanced Business Services
  2. CTE Business Internship
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills 

Career Research Project

  • College & Career Prep. 1- Discovered basic information about my career choice & prospective post-secondary institutions where I can begin to achieve my career goals

Work experience

Jun 2013Aug 2013

Clerical Assistant

The Law Offices of J.D. Denny
  • Filed client documents 
  • Gained knowledge of the criminal justice system 

Extracurricular Activities

  • Future Business Leaders of America (Member)

- Interact with peers and professional business personnel

- Travel to new places to participate in events and conferences 

  • National Honor Society (Member) 

- Complete community service hours

  • Youngker High School Track and Field Team (Member)
  • St. Henry’s Catholic Church Youth Program (Member)
  • Youngker High School Basketball (freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity Team Manager)
  • Youngker High School Cross Country Team (Member)
  • Youngker High School Softball Team (Member)
  • Youngker High School Relay for Life (Member)
  • Youngker High School Culture Club (President)
  • Youngker High School Drama Club (Secretary)

Bruno Frohlich






Volunteer Expierence NHS FBLA
National Honor Society FBLA Conferences Offices Held in Clubs
Organizational Skills
Binders & Folders Calendar Neet & Tidy
Microsoft Office Applications
Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Publisher  Microsoft PowerPoint