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Dedicated and motivated Manufacturing Technician with a Gold level NCRC seeking a career level opportunity where I can utilize my skills to establish long-term growth and sustainability.


Oct 2015Dec 2015

Mechanical Assembler

Cascade Controls

Read, interpret and follow basic blueprints, diagrams, engineering drawings, specifications, bills of materials, and other written instructions or procedures to accurately assemble equipment and products. Utilized hand held tools such as a hand held screw and drill gun. Maintained inventory of product in work stations. Performed quality work checks to insure the product meets quality standards. Identified product defects and completed appropriate documentation when defects were identified. Reworked and repaired assembled equipment and products according to engineering specification changes. Performed all work in accordance with quality standards and established safety procedures. Maintained a clean and safe work area.

Nov 2013Sep 2015


NW Free Range Chicken

I was hired by Daniel Cramer to start a new company providing all natural free range chicken. Duties included research, vendor communications, IT, profitability assessments, construction, transportation, daily care for chickens and much more. I designed and implemented every facet of the company with the help of one employee and Daniel's funding. Started a new small business from scratch. Designed a system to raise up to 1000 free range chickens per week without use of antibiotics or growth hormones. Provided a low density system 25% above industry standard. Designed various in house software used for business management. Maintained above industry standard mortality rate of 1.5%. Pioneered new feed conversion methods, including sprouts and fermented feeds. Discovered new ways to reduce waste by converting processed chicken remnants into shrimp feed(another business I tended to for Mr. Cramer). Successfully scaled up to 300 chickens per week, with a system capacity of 1000/wk

Mar 2013Oct 2013

Line Operator

Bob's Red Mill

Operated vertical form fill and seal machines running at speeds up to 40 bags per minute. Conducted routine metal detector and scale tests. Maintained quality of package seals, sell by date, weight and label alignment. Performed adjustments on packing machines and upstream components to achieve maximum quality and speed. Maintained a clean work space throughout entire shift. Performed complete clean out and equipment adjustments during product change-overs. Frequently used stand up forklifts to hang 2000 pound totes over hoppers, stage product for packing/shipping, pull orders from the warehouse and other duties as assigned. Prototyped many small design modifications to various parts of the hoppers, VFFS Machine, conveyor areas, and box machine. Many of the modifications were replaced with permanent hard plastic variants. These modifications had many effects that increased line speed, reduced waste, and eliminated defects to packaging

Jul 2009Mar 2013


Skybot Gaming

Designed custom utilities for various computer games. Filled all roles required to develop and distribute new software as a start-up company. Tasks included learning and utilizing new programming languages. Use of third party software to search for and exploit weaknesses in the targeted games. Back-end programming for functionality and front-end programming of user interfaces. Artwork design for the software and the website. Programming and deploying various new parts of the website. Integrating various automated payment systems including PayPal and SMS Billing. Integration of the software with the website and servers for monitoring use, sales, and product security. Promoting and advertising of individual products and services. Search Engine Optimization for the website and individual products. Customer support via live chat box, forum, and ticket systems. Administration and creation of all aspects of the website, software, security, media, and much more. Started a new small business from scratch Designed a new inter-operable plugin used for pixel detection. Maintained a competitive edge by consistently having more and better functionality in my products.

Oct 2010Oct 2011

Metrology Operator

ON Semiconductor 

Performed duties associated with various wafer handling and post process measurements. Collected and evaluated post process measurement data. Identified out of control and out of specification conditions. Followed action plans to determine disposition of affected lots and process tools. Established work priorities through evaluation of lot dispatch and tool capabilities. Developed recommendations for new priorities that assisted in exceeding daily goals. Performed daily operations and qualifications of various metrology tools. Work was performed with a focus on semiconductor metrology with the use of Statistical Process Control software. Maintained a record of zero mis-processes Promoted to Work In Progress Subject Matter Expert after discovering and implementing a method to remove a specific WIP Bubble in the Lithography department. Which decreased inventory while increasing overall output of the Lithography department and reducing wait times at downstream processes.

Jul 2008Jul 2009

Area Coordinator


Coordinated and supervised work priorities for the Implant department through evaluation of upstream inventory, downstream needs and tool capabilities. Performed on-line equipment adjustments to maximize process quality and efficiency. Collected and evaluated operating data. Maintained complete and accurate paperwork. Attended daily shift change meetings. Trained new team members. Work was performed within a spectrum ranging from narrowly defined parameters and limited judgment, up to highly complex and nonstandard assignments in nature with broadly defined parameters. Maintained a record of zero mis-processes Promoted to Area Coordinator after demonstrating an ability to maximize workflow within the department. Area Coordinator my department was able to process more than our set goals on a regular basis. This also had the effect of reducing wasted chemicals used when changing over from one product to another.

Nov 2007Jan 2008

General Labor / Research

Labor Ready

During this time I worked various temporary assignments while spending most of my time researching and educating myself in programming. I did construction work building pole barns, some warehousing, welding jobs, and many other "as needed" labor assignments. I spent the majority of these months learning how to reverse engineer PC software. I used the skills I was learning along with a new found understanding of scripting languages to design my first concepts for programs I would later finalize and launch as SkyBot Gaming in 2009. 

Jun 2007Sep 2007

Activities Facilitator

Campfire Boys & Girls

During the summer of 2007 I applied my recently acquired skills and education in Outdoor Recreation Leadership towards a position as Camp Counselor and Activities Facilitator. I assisted in the management and operation of the ropes course facilities at Camp Namanu in Sandy, Oregon. Supervised and lead groups through a safe ropes course experience. Provided experiential learning for youth programs. Setup and maintained all course equipment. I was responsible for planning, leading, and implementing core and non-core programs and experiences for children in a small group setting. Responsible for the general safety and development, growth, and skill achievement of the participants.

Sep 2006May 2007

Mt. Hood Community College

Outdoor Recreation Leadership & Tourism

Full-time enrollment. I studied group processing and adventure programming with a focus on leadership development and skill acquisition in backpacking, orienteering, rock climbing, snowshoeing, challenge course facilitation, wilderness first aid, and more.

May 2006Aug 2006

Clackamas Community College

General Studies

I spent the summer of 2006 preparing to enroll in college full time. I took General Studies for mathematics and reading as well as workshop type classes for introduction into various industries. I took introductory classes in microelectronics, welding, air brushing, and AutoCAD.

Aug 2005Mar 2006

Framing Crew

Kuna Contracting

Studied specifications in blueprints, sketches, and building plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and materials required. Measured and mark cutting lines on materials. Shaped and cut materials to specified measurements using hand tools, machines and power saws.  Installed structures and fixtures, such as windows, doors, frames, flooring and trim.

Aug 2004Jul 2005

Rework Grinder

Precision Cast Parts

Picked parts to work from available pieces based on changing downstream needs. Interpreted blueprints and instructions. Applied chemicals to surfaces and used acid baths to mark cracks and splits for repair. Selected appropriate tools and attachments according to materials and shape of workpieces. Loaded and removed workpieces from work tables using overhead lifts. Polished and grinded materials according to specifications using a variety of hand tools. Prepared surfaces for weld. Measured dimensions, and recorded processing data. Cleaned equipment and work spaces.


Sep 2006May 2007

Outdoor Recreation Leadership & Tourism

Mt. Hood Community College

This course taught group processing, adventure programming and outdoor living skills with a focus on leadership development and involved skill acquisition in hiking, orienteering, camping, backpacking, rock climbing, caving, snowshoeing, ropes course facilitation and more. I studied and practiced the technical and group leadership skills needed to be an outdoor guide or trip leader while developing a basic understanding of how the human body responds to exercise, stress and performance. Topics studied also included patient assessment, equipment improvisation, trauma, environmental emergencies and basic search and rescue skills.

May 2006Aug 2006

General Studies / Industrial Workshops

Clackamas Community College

Introduction to wafer manufacturing, integrated circuit fabrication, component manufacturing, microelectronic assembly and equipment maintenance. Introduction to computer-aided drafting and computer-aided manufacturing. Introduction to  gas-metal arc welding, flux-core arc welding, gas-tungsten arc welding and plasma arc cutting.


May 2015Present

National Career Readiness Certificate (Gold)


The ACT NCRC is based on ACT WorkKeys research-based work skills assessments. To earn an ACT NCRC, an examinee must successfully complete three ACT WorkKeys assessments: Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information. These assessments measure a range of essential work skills, including the ability to:

  • Perform basic mathematic operations relevant to the workplace
  • Read and understand documents commonly found in the workplace
  • Find information presented in common workplace graphics
  • Set up and solve complex work-related math problems
  • Determine the relevance of written information to work-related tasks
  • Apply information derived from graphics to work-related problems


  • Ability to use data effectively, including looking at lists and summaries, looking for patterns, analyzing results. Familiarity with structured query language and Relational Database Management Systems.
  • Accurately collect, evaluate, store and review various types of operating, measurement and inventory data.
  • High degree of judgment and initiative in resolving complex nonstandard problems and developing recommendations.
  • Exceptional multi-tasking, task prioritization, and organization.
  • Highly motivated fast learner.
  • Active listener with an excellent memory.
  • Able to function effectively without supervision as a member of a team or alone.
  • High level of experience with MS Office suite.
  • Advanced working knowledge of a wide array of desktop applications used for purposes including writing, data entry/storage/manipulation, still graphics and motion media, 3D modeling, content management, security, social networking, web development, software development, 3D mapping, network analysis, communication and more.