Jarrett Preston is the visionary behind Obsidian International Asset Trading. A relentless worker withboth entrepreneurial experience and financial acumen that belie his years, Jarrett is the proud productof the Marine Military Academy, Virginia Military Institute and the United States Marine Corps. Jarrettcofounded his first venture, a publishing company, at the age of 21, the sale of which launched Jarrett ona wildly successful career as a highly soughtafter international business coach, sales trainer and multidimensional consultant.  In his more than fifteen years of national speaking, training and consulting, Jarrett developed a highly respected series of seminars, corporate training systems, online tools, and coaching aids that are widely utilized today by individuals and corporations in the successful growth and capitalization of their business ventures. In addition to the production and development of products, business coaching, and management of his own business enterprises, Jarrett has conducted more than 600 keynote presentations, corporate training sessions and seminars on business and capital development, real estate, finance and asset trading.

Work experience

Work experience

Founder and Managing Partner

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