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What Makes Me Unique?


Modern Development Technologies

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Typescript, Python, AngularJS, ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, GIT, Webpack, GulpJS,  jQuery, Ruby, PHP, Java, C#, C++, VB

Modern Scripting Languages

PowerShell, BAT, Shell, Python,Windows Shell, Batch, WinBatch, VBScript, HP Operations Orchestration Studio, AutoIt V3, WMI, Linux Bash, Ruby, PHP


mySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Informix, Oracle, MariaDB, Hadoop, Cassandra, Splunk, BigQuery

Software Deployment 

SCCM, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Empirum Matrix42, Puppet, PDQ, HP Opsware, BitRise

Test Automation, BDD & TDD

Jasmine, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Protractor, Appium, Selenium, Jest, Enzyme, Gherkin, Cucumber

Server Infrastructure

RHEL, Windows Server, HPUX

IT Networking

Cisco, SSH, Routing

Virtual Server Technologies

VMWare; Hyper-V, Docker, Kube, Vagrant



Work experience

June 2018Present

Senior Test Engineer


Daily Responsibilities Include:

  • Owning, designing, and implementing innovative automation framework processes and ideas.
  • Designing and running automated functional tests for the frontend and backend of our web and mobile platforms.
  • Collaborate with QA Analysts and Engineering teams to contribute to test core architecture and implement testing as a part of continuous integration by way of Jenkins and BitRise.
  • Diagnosing and reporting issues and defects based on test failures.
  • Working independently and communicating with the various teams involved with release process and testing with an emphasis on our product teams.
  • Managing pull requests and participating in code reviews.
  • Coaching and mentoring QA team members, interns, and apprentices.
  • Writing code to contribute to test automation using existing frameworks for both Mobile and Web.
  • Implementing test metrics and implement analytics, dashboards.
  • Maintaining good understanding of automation testing strategies and tools.
  • Using Object Oriented Programming experience to add value to test code.
  • Demonstrating hands-on experience by coding tests for web and mobile (iOS and Android) applications.
  • Working closely with version control systems (Github).
  • Working closely with automation frameworks like Cucumber/Appium.
  • Maintaining and improving the Page Object model design patterns in our testing frameworks.
  • Working closely with our Application Programming Interface tests.
  • Working closely with our Continuous Integration and Deployment systems (Jenkins & BitRise).
  • Actively helping to provide clear and direct processes for our test engineering team to collaborate across departments and prioritize their workload.
  • Collaborating with Product, Operations, Support, Marketing, and QA teams to build tooling and documentation that helps reduce overhead in our development process.
  • Watching for areas to improve with our tooling and maintain existing software while on the Core team.
  • Engaging with the other automation engineers on the team  to bring ideas and innovation to the team.
  • Interviewing, training, and helping with onboarding of new Test Engineers and apprentices.
  • Contributing ideas and articles to the team that promote code quality.
  • Helping lead the team through technological changes.
  • Actively motivating and leading the team through process and brainstorming meetings and discussions.
Jul 2009June 2019

Senior Software/Systems Engineer

The Home Depot, Inc
  • Store and Device Engineering Development/Dev-Ops  Responsibilities Include:
    • Full Stack Software Development/UX Design/Testing 
      • Writing custom code or scripts to automate infrastructure, monitoring services, and test cases
      • Creating meaningful dashboards, logging, alerting, and responses to ensure that issues are captured and addressed proactively
      • Working with Product Team to ensure user stories that are developer-ready, easy to understand, and testable
      • Collaborating and pairing with other product team members (UX, engineering, and product management) to create secure, reliable, scalable software solutions
      • Providing application support for software running in non-production test environments
      • Participating in learning activities around modern software design and development core practices 
      • Presenting design concepts, user needs, and design rationale to teams, as well as to key stakeholders and business partners 
      • Analyzing user experience data and provides recommendations to address business needs
      • Creating designs such that information is easy to find, consume, and understand
      • Communicating with key user and operational groups to understand business needs 
    • Non-Prod Store Infrastructure Server Administration
      • Systems configuration and integration with technologies for monitoring, backup etc.
      • Software Provisioning & Deployment Support
      • Perform installation, maintenance and support of hardware and infrastructure on small to mid-sized projects.
      • Perform configuration, debugging and support for multiple infrastructure platforms on small to mid-sized projects. 
    • Technical Project/Product Management
      • Experience and knowledge in ITIL, Agile, SCRUM, Kanban, and other Pairing methodologies
    • Helping others and providing on-the-job training or guidance
Jan 2006Apr 2009

Application Developer/Programmer

RSG Contractor for Chick-Fil-A Corp
  • Developed various software applications to be used by helpdesk professionals and provided proactive solutions resulting to more efficient resolution times, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Developed automated scripts and support tools for time consuming troubleshooting tasks that reduced resolution time and cost per call using WMI, Windows Shell, VBScript, Winbatch, & Batch scripting.
  • Developed web interface called 'Cowbells' that provided a central application for all support tools and scripts created, and allowed for ease of use and user friendliness for Help Desk consultants.
  • Designed and implemented web interface by using process automation software by HP (Orchestration Operations Studio).
  • Developed and maintained Change Management and Training website using ASP.NET, Visual Basic, and designed and built the database accordingly using MSSQL 2005.
  • Provided integration with Chick-Fil-A's standards and corporate website.
  • Developed and maintained proactive solutions that reduced support calls and identified chronic issues allowing for root-cause analysis, research, and resolution.
  • Developed and designed web interface and process for handling Call-Backs to Chick-Fil-A stores.
  • Developed and designed web interface for the Help Desk QA process.
  • Worked with Technical Architecture Operations team at Chick-Fil-A to help implement more efficient support tools using Oracle Apex, Java, Perl, and HP OOS.
  • Developed Sybase Adaptive Server and MSSQL scripts for single and multi-table joins using command line scripting languages (OSQL and ISQL) for reporting and manipulating data to and from remote databases.
Oct 2004Apr 2009

Helpdesk Level 2 Professional

RSG Contractor for Chick-Fil-A Corp
  • Provided level 2 support for Par register systems and Radiant register systems and applications.
  • Team Captain of Level 2 support.
  • Member of Change Management Process board.
  • Appointed Help Desk programmer and lead of programming team.
  • Member of Chronic Unit Analysis Team.
  • Developed and helped implement new operation processes of daily duties of Help Desk support communications and call handling.
  • Provided spot training for Level 1 agents and assisted with complicated and escalated calls.
  • Provided onsite support for installs and troubleshooting at Chick-Fil-A stores.
Jul 2002Oct 2004

Quality Control and Service Technician

Digital Projection Inc.
  •  Qualified, calibrated and tested each digital projector before shipment using dust-proof laboratory and light metering system.
  • Provided muti-projector installs, setup, and calibration for clients and venues such as Celine Dion, Fox Theatre, & Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
  • Provided record-keeping for all invoices and service/parts requests for old and new digital projectors.
  • Assisted with research and development of high lumen digital projection and prism systems.
Jun 2000Apr 2002

Network Control Technician II

  • Racked, stacked, cabled, and managed customer equipment.
  • Provided Call Center (NOC) support taking calls and escalating trouble tickets.
  • Installed and configured Compaq, Solaris, Unix, Sun Servers, Windows & Linux workstations, Cisco Switches/Routers for client networks such as and Delta
  • Provided training for Network Technician I's.
  • Worked as overnight Network Engineer for all hosted clients.



Full Stack Web Developer 

The Home Depot - Orange Method

New Castle High School


Chad Collins

Product Owner at CSPO

Pradeep Muppidi

Senior IT Manager at CVS Health

Nicki Westmoreland

Data Security Leader at The Home Depot

Kimberly Bostic

Senior Software Engineer at The Home Depot

Maurice Hayes

Systems Engineer at The Home Depot

Kerry Leo

Kerry Leo is is a former Chick-Fil-A Corporate IT Manager.

Salary Requirement



  • Fast Cars
  • Golfing
  • Video Gaming
  • Photography
  • Sound Engineering
  • Cooking and Grilling



Full Stack Web Developer

The Home Depo - Orange Method
Jan 2013Present

Up and Running with Eclipse
Feb 2013Present

Up and Running with Bootstrap 2
Feb 2013Present

Foundations of Programming: Databases
Mar 2013Present

Excel 2010 Essential Training
Mar 2013Present

Up and Running with PhoneGap
May 2013Present

SQL Essential Training (2009)
May 2013Present

MySQL Essential Training (2009)
Jun 2013Present

JavaScript and JSON

Certified Helpdesk Level 2 Professional

Source Technologies Inc