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Welcome to my ePortfolio. This webpage contains my work history, education, missions, visions, values, skills, goals, attributes, and accomplishments. I am currently a student attending the Criminal Justice-Policing Diploma program at Lethbridge College. The purpose of this page is to inform people of the assets I can provide in a work environment.

Cover Letter


Mission, Vision, and Values


  • My mission is to help those who are in need through the use of skills, knowledge, and wisdom that I am continually acquiring from both education and life experiences.


  • My vision is to ensure that everyone is, actively and proactively, safe and secure within their communities.


  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Diligence
  • Wisdom
  • Dependability


Short term goals

  • Graduate from the Criminal Justice Program at Lethbridge College.
  • Work with community associated organizations that share my values, and make contributions to the public.
  • Achieve a more than satisfactory grade point average within the Criminal Justice Program.
  • Get the training I need for a promotion in my workplace.
  • Complete all the testing that is needed to be hired on with a law enforcement agency.

 Long term goals

  • Have an established career where I can thrive and make contributions to the public’s safety.
  • Settle-down, and have a family and a home.
  •  Have a leadership role or rank within an agency where I can share any expertise I have learned from my career.
  •  Have a maintained healthy and happy lifestyle.

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Stocker/Heavy equipment operator

Costco- Lethbridge, AB
  • Ensured visual appeal of displays and attention to detail
  • Calculated stock quantities
  • Operated heavy machinery and worked in a safe manner
  • Worked independently and coordinated a team
  • Provided excellent customer service within regulated company expectations
  • Supervised and advised multiple individuals at any given time 
May 2011Jun 2011

Stand Operator

Deco: Windshield Repair- Lethbridge, AB
  • Operated my own stand - worked independently
  • Handled payment exchanges (large and small sums of money)
  • Delivered satisfactory customer service
Jun 2008Aug 2008

General Labourer

Quality Glass
  • Learned to work safely in an extremely hazardous environment
  • Performed trustworthy team oriented tasks
  • Entrusted with vehicle delivery


Jan 2014Present

Criminal Justice-Policing Diploma

Lethbridge College
  • Learned how to empathetically and ethically act within a critical profession
  • Gained a deep understanding of the Canadian Criminal Code (multiple criminal code offences classes)
  • Detailed understanding of professional communication
May 2013Jun 2013

EMR Training

NAIT- Lethbridge College
  • Learned the systemic standard operating procedures for emergency medical surveys
  • Assessed simulated emergency medical scenarios
  • Demonstrated competencies in weekly testing
  • Engaged in demonstrative medical techniques
Jan 2010Jan 2013

Undergraduate Bachelors of Science: Major Biology/ Minor Kinesiology-Physiology

University of Lethbridge
  • Studied the physiology and chemistry of organisms
  • Learned how to identify movement disorders
  • Formulated analytical experiments, questions, and answers
  • Acquired a base knowledge from a vast assortment of educational disciplines
  • Cooperated in a community placed setting to promote health and wellness
  • Researched local health issues
  • Gained advanced knowledge about human health and exercise
Sep 2007Apr 2009

Molecular Technicians Degree

Lethbridge College
  • Practicum: Agri-Canada Research Center, Lethbridge. Dr. A. Laroche’s Lab
  • Learned how to standardize quality assurance and quality control
  • Performed regimental standardized aseptic technique daily
  • Experienced how to operate within a team operated lab
  • Learned extraction and analysis techniques (plasmid extractions, RNA extractions, DNA screening)


Acquired a vast pool of wisdom from life experiences, interactions, and trial and error. From my interactions and relationships with people, I have learned a higher order of thinking and emotional intelligence that makes me a noticeable individual.
Developed alternative problem-solving. I try to achieve objectives or solve problems in more than one dimension of thinking; I go outside the box. This is where wisdom crosses-over; I look at all problems as a whole; not always as pieces. My life experiences allow me to make informed decisions in any situation.
Well-developed customer relations. Through the numerous customer service oriented jobs I have worked over the years, meeting peoples' needs has become first-hand to me. In a team setting, I work towards the common goal, and help others to achieve it without compromising.
Proficient communication skills through multiple medium forms; be it paper, one-on-one talks, or public speaking, I am skilled in expressing my ideas. Public speaking has always been my strong-suit; presentations I have given in an educational environment have always been well-received.

Accomplishments and Rewards

• Honour Accomplishments: Lethbridge College 2008-2009 • Honour Student: Winston Churchill High School 2006

Interests and Hobbies

Reading science-fiction and fantasy novels, weight-lifting (strength and endurance circuit training), group pen & paper games, non-competitive sports (kickboxing and boxing). The image on the left is my pin collection; the pins come from places and events that I have been at, wished I have been at, and wish to visit or experience one day. The middle image is of the MVP award I received in football. The picture on the right is of an old pair of work-out gloves that I hold onto in remembrance of the lifestyle change I did in my last year of grade school. In that last year, I lost 50 pounds of pure body fat, 6 inches off my waist, and gained 20 pounds of muscle.


Quality Glass- Lethbridge, AB

Owner: Albert Dumont -Telephone: (403) 328-3443

Deco: Windshield Repair- Lethbridge, AB

Regional Supervisor: Rusty -Telephone: (403) 308-3589

Costco- Lethbridge, AB

Night-merch Manager: Wendy Luskey -Telephone: (403) 360-3398