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Donates to Kiva ,Fishing for Freedom, Soroptimus international, and the Sierra Club, Spending time with Family and Friends, culinary arts, golf, and the outdoors


Jared Hackler enrolled at Santa Barbara City College to pursue an Associate’s degree in 2000. While in college, he opened the Skateboard Shop, also serving as Marketing Director. Mr. Hackler oversaw the daily shop operations, directed marketing efforts, and collaborated with vendors to ensure the store carried the latest trends in skateboards, snowboards, and apparel.

In 2002, Mr. Hackler joined Petroleum Card Services as Sales Director, implementing strategies to retain current customers as well as gain new business. He also supervised and performed human resources duties for all personnel in the Sales and Marketing departments. With Central Payment Corporation from 2005 to 2007, Jared Hackler continued to serve as a sales director, this time engaging new businesses that planned to accept Visa and MasterCard, along with companies who already took credit cards via another corporation. Jared Hackler spent the next four years with Access Fleet, Inc. in Gardnerville, Nevada. He worked directly with software developers, sales agents, and human resources associates on matters of marketing, closing sales, and recruiting, respectively. Mr. Hackler also prepared and hosted nightly online training meetings and bi-monthly face-to-face training seminars. Since 2010, Mr. Hackler has served as President and Executive Sales Director at Minden, Nevada-based Echo Daily, Inc. The company offers services designed to help small businesses grow and succeed, such as implementation of loyalty programs, and workshops for teaching effective marketing strategies. Jared Hackler also provides business owners with the tools to process multiple types of customer payments, including checks, debit cards and gift cards, as well as major in-store or online credit cards. Outside of work, Jared Hackler donates his time and resources to the Sierra Club, Kiva, Fishing for Freedom, and other charitable causes. An avid golfer and outdoorsman, Mr. Hackler also enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Work experience

Jan 2010Jan 2012

President and Executive Sales Director

Echo Daily Inc
Jan 2005Jan 2007

Sales Director

Central Payment Corporation
Jan 2002Jan 2005

Sales Director

Petroleum Card Services
Jan 2001Jan 2002

Marketing Director

Skateboard Shop
Jan 2007Jan 2001

Vice President and Executive Sales Director

Access Fleet Inc


Sep 2000Jun 2002


Santa Barbara College