Jared Worley

Event Organizer, Magic Vendor, and Avid Gamer

Work experience

Work experience

Save Point LLC

Jul 2014 - 2015

General Manager / Events Coordinator / Community Coordinator/Owner

My duties at Save Point include the execution of amazing and successful Magic the Gathering tournaments ranging from 10  to 100 participants. I headlined the consumer facing operations on-site to manage the tournament and lead planner for conventions and traveling.

My other duties at Save Point include day to day operations, hiring, accounting, developing pricing strategies and trends, managing inventory procurement,  set up and maintaining retail software, social media engagement and marketing, local community outreach and guerrilla marketing.

I've successful run over 20 events and 3 conventions during my employment.

Collaborative Social Work of Pennsylvannia

Aug 2011 - 2015

Co-Founder/Board Member/Youth Mentor/Lecturer

I am one of the founders of a youth mentor group which specializes in providing support for children with autism spectrum disorder. The organization started as an autism socialization group for youth who would not otherwise receive peer focused care. Our scope has grown to include educational seminars for local social and mental health services on how to give appropriate treatment  for youth within the autistic spectrum. In addition, I am in the process of creating a web site for the group and starting fundraising.


Oct 2013 - Jul 2014

Independent Magic the Gathering  Vendor

I was involved the with procurement, trade, resale, and market trends research. I traveled to tournaments to network, as well as sell and trade cards.

Tap N' Atk Games

Sep 2012 - Oct 2013

General Manager / Events Coordinator

I was a critical member of day to day operations, hiring, accounting, developing pricing strategies and trends, managing inventory procurement, setting up and maintaining retail software, planning coordination and execution of ~100 person magic tournaments.

Successful ran over 100 events and 6 conventions during my employment.


Dedication to the 40HR Weekend -Challenger
If running magic pre-release has taught me anything its stay hydrated and eat good food. I experience running events or conventions at least once a month. Sprinting through these is a challenge in itself, I assert that I am not only able to handle long hours but to excel in these situations.
Event Coordination - Challenger
The printer broke, internet went down, prizes are wrong,  and the software crashed. No problem, we'll be back up in five. I have a mastery of the planning, execution,  and management of events even when everything goes wrong. In the past 3 years I've run twelve 80 or more person events and forty 30 or more person events.
Problem Solving - Master
Creating solutions to arising problems and preventing new ones before they emerge is my forte. I achieve this through my considerable attention to detail, effective team communication, and a strong understanding of what is intended to happen. 
Entrepreneurial Spirit - Master
I've successfully been at the forefront of two businesses and a personal venture now; I know what it takes to push forward and how to engage with my teams to minimize my personal weakness and leverage their strengths. I've independently booked and planned Save Point's first 4 conventions of the year. So far we've executed three of them with great success.
Analytics - Master
Determining Price and Meta trends have been a core focus in my career up to this point.
Communications - Diamond
I have a proven track record in almost all of the competencies you're seeking. Here are a few highlights: Handled a wide range of creative gaming services, collaborating with peers and vendors to produce marketing and other advertising communications, as well as online communications and video projects.
Agile Management - Platinum
We've used the basics principles of agile in my workplaces focusing on constant communication and remaining always adaptable to the environment.
Hardware Installation/ Troubleshooting - Diamond
I have experience in set up and installation of computer and audio equipment. Familiar with recabling and stripping wires. I can solve  most hardware troubleshooting issues.
Networking - Platinum
Experience setting up LAN's and imaging computers using Symantec Ghost.



Pennsylvania State University

Sep 2010 - May 2012

Psychology Major

The pursuit of engaging in social welfare! 'till I ran out of money. Degree coming soon...



Jonathan Gallo

CEO Save Point LLC /Business Partner
(717)480-0288 johnpgallo1@gmail.com

Richard Stokes

Social Worker, Co-Founder of Collaborative Social Work of Pennsylvania
(717)580-7364 rstokes10@aol.com

Sebastian Dalby

Events QA Analyst, Riot Games
(310) 806-3801 sdalby@riotgames.com