Jared Wheeler


I am a hardworking individual with a thirst to work long hours. I have a passion to work, and no matter how long you need me to work for, I will be there. I love fast paced work. I learn exceedingly fast, and I work well with others. I'm punctual, dependable, reliable and people friendly. I have a lot of motivation and I'm result driven. My organization skills thrive and I am a natural born leader.

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2015 - Present

Temporary Jobs

Express Employment Agency

Sullivan Tire- 6 weeks- Refurbishing Rims

New England Picture- 6 weeks- Frame/Matting Sports Memorabilia

Novak's Construction- 4 days- Tear down closed store.

Apr 2015 - Oct 2015


Party Vision LLC.

Set up, Take down and run inflatables at events around New England like Schools, Colleges, and Corporate Events

Sep 2014 - Apr 2015



Training, Opening, Closing, Deliveries, Orders, Complaints, Customer Service


Jan 2016 - Jan 2020


Ashford University

Started a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Looking for experience.

Aug 2011 - Jun 2015

High School

Pinkerton Academy

My grades were very good and I was always ahead of the class because they moved slow to me. I was usually a week ahead in as many classes as they would allow me to do.




I'm motivated to make a career for myself and be at the top of my game.

Customer Service

I'm great with people and get along with almost anyone.


I love to work and I'm very fast paced.


I will always tell the truth and be forward with you.


You can always count on me.


Susan Schweiger                      (603) 818-3280

Nancy Watson                            (603) 657-0577

Alisa Milewski                             (603) 498-9057