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Feb 2002Mar 2003

MBA - Business Administration

Master in Business Administration .


 As professional I have been working in Heavy Construction sector for more than 25 years and I have been assigned as Director working on administrative, commercial and technical areas with participation in Proposals, Business Development, Budgets, Contracts Negotiations, Strategic Planning in all companies I have worked for.

Huge experience in construction companies like Astaldi SpA, CAMARGO CORRÊA, HOCHTIEF AG, CBPO, ODEBRECHT and SERVIX ENGENHARIA as well.

Intenational experience I have worked abroad more than 10 years dealed with international executives and developed proposals for International Biddings, Consortium Agreements Negotiations, and Project Management in several countries ( Argentina, Angola, Canada, Chile, Venezuela, Peru and USA).

Responsible for the following  projects either in Brasil and abroad: Presa El Guapo (CAMARGO CORRÊA), Carrapatos HPP 22 MW (ENGECORPS), Irapé HPP 360 MW (HOCHTIEF), Campos Novos HPP 880 MW (HOCHTIEF), ITÁ 1,450 MW (CBPO - ODEBRECHT), ALUMYSA 470 MW (CBPO - ODEBRECHT), Pichi Picún Leufú 260 MW (CBPO - ODEBRECHT) and Rosana 400 MW (CBPO - ODEBRECHT).

Work experience

Jun 2014Jan 2015

Project Director


Project Director responsible for the contract for Civil works of Power Intake, Power house, Transitions Dams, Spillway and Service Bay of Muskrat Falls HPP - 834 MW - U$$ 980MM - Lower Churchil Project - Client NALCOR ENERGY S.A.

Main Results: Finishing of all site instalations like water (insulated) net, air compressed net, Carpenters building, Steel bars building, Batching Plant, Crushing plant and main site installations.

Poured 40.000 m³ of concrete during August till December 2014.

Major subcontractors mobilized and working at the site like supplier of embedded parts, Power House and Spillway steel structures, Integrated Coverage System, Spillway main bridge and construction bridge among many others.

Mar 2013May 2014

Project Director

ASTALDI SpA - Sucursal Peru

Project Director - Cerro del Aguila Hydro Power Plant - 510 MW - U$ 700MM EPC Contract - Client KALPA GENERATION S.A.

Main results: Conclusion of main acess to Power house and Dam sites, Definition and approval of the 10MW miny Hydro Power Station, Approval of the RCC Dam, River Diversion on November 2013, conclusion of the batching Plant and crushing Plant, excavation of Power House main cavern, transformer cavern and gate cavern , Power Tunnel and vertical Shaft, conclusion of the subcontract for hydro mechanical components with ATB-Riva Calzoni, IIA Italian Industry Associated and Andritz Hydro as well. Final approval of the EPC masterplan schedule with the Client, development and presentation of additional costs related to access roads and contractual time extension from 51 to 57 months schedule representing and additional Contract Value of U$ 60MM.

Nov 2011Jun 2012

Construction Director


Responsible for the Construction Contracts Sao Domingos HPP 48MW - Brasil - Client - ELETROSUL S.A., and Passos Maia, an small Hydro Power Plant -  25MW - Client Passos Maia Energética S.A..

Main results: Passos Maia final wet commissioning and final  synchronization and connection with national grid.

Negotiation and approval of Addenda nº 3 in São Domingos HPP representing and addtional Contract Value of approximately 15%.

Subcontracting of earthmoving subcontract to for Dam Construction.

Mar 2006Oct 2011

Project Superintendent

Construcoes e Comercio Camargo Correa S.A.

Construcoes e Comércio Camargo Correa S.A. is the second biggest construction Company in Latin America working on Heavy Construction for Infrastructure Projects like Airports,Hydro Power and Thermal Power Projects, Roads, Rail Roads, Metro´s, Energy Concessions, Road Concessions, Siderurgy, Textiles among others.

As Camargo Correa Venezuela Country Manager I have been working on Business Development in Venezuela Market with concentration on Tocoma a 2.160 MW Hydro Power Plant - Caroni river - Venezuela - South America, as well as Project Manager in charge of Civils Works Contract for the Reabilitation of El Guapo Dam, a 345.000 m3 of RCC and 1.400.000 m3 impermeable clay nucleous and Sand Gravel dam reconstruction - U$ 120 MM - Ministerio del Poder Popular para el Ambiente - Venezuela Government.

Main Results: Final negotiation of Contractual Addendas numbers 3,4 and 5 representing and Additional contract value of U$ 60MM and invitation to bid for Cuira Project contract - Contract value U$ 450MM awarded to Camargo Corrêa in a direct negotiation in November 2008.

In Sepetember 2008 I have been assigned as Peru - Operations Manager being responsible for the following contracts: HUACHIPA WATER TREATMENT PLANT AND RAMAL LIMA NORTE  in Lima - U$ 304,5 MM - Client - SEDAPAL, INTERSUR CONCESIONES S.A., a 305,9 km road concesion - as Board Chairman - U$ 650 MM - Client - MTC, Pumahuasi - Puente Chino Road Contract, a 38,5 km road constructión - U$ 80 MM - Client - PROVIAS  Nacional - MTC, Presa Tronera Sur y Tunel transandino (13,3 km) - U$ 200 MM - Client - Gobierno Regional de Piura - Llama - Cochabamba Road Contract - a 60 km road constructión - U$ 98 MM - Client - PROVIAS Nacional - MTC.

Main results: Conclusion and deliver of HUACHIPA Project 2 months ahead of scheduled, INTEROCEANICA Road concluded in May 2011 with an additional contract value of U$ 350MM and conclusion of Pumahuasi Puente Chino road in February 2011 with an additional contract value of U$ 35MM, all 3 projects received the honor to have Mr. Alan Garcia, former Peru President, during the start up of them.

In February 2011 I have been assigned as Business Unit Director in Infraestructure Projects in Angola and Mozambique, subsaara Africa followings contracts: BOA VISTA  Avenue - Luanda - U$ 70MM, 5a., 6a. and 7a. avenues, Cazenga - Luanda - U$ 120MM, LUBANGO BENGUELA  Road - U$ 180 MM and Transmission line UIGE MAQUELA DO  ZOMBO - U$ 220MM.

Main results: Restarted all stopped projects due to 2008 and 2009 oil crisis, negotiation of delayed payments with Angolan Government and final conclusion of the transmission line UIGE MAQUELA DO  ZOMBO Project

Nov 2005Mar 2006

Project Manager

Schahin Engenharia S.A.

Schahin Engenharia is a Construction Group working with Infrastructure Projects, Real State Development, Energy Concessions, Oil and Gás among others. I was responsible for the Proposal development to HPP Salto (103MW) and HPP Verdinho (93MW) in an EPC Consortium ( SCHAHIN/EIT/POWER MACHINES) for BRASCAN - ENERGETICA S.A. - BRAZIL.

Nov 2003Oct 2004


Ausral Angola Ltda

Ausral Angola is a small Angolan Construction Company dedicated to Real State development in Angola market.

As General Director I was responsible for the overall company, developing the company Business Plan, budget, administrative and financial procedures etc for several Condominiums Projects in Luanda.

Mar 2001Nov 2003



A small Consultancy Company, self owned, created to provide expertise in developing Mega Engineering Projects in Brazilian heavy Construction Market.

During this period  I have been working with the following Projects:

·hired by ENGECORPS, as Project Manager, to organize the Consórcio Carrapatos – an EPC joint venture among ENGECORPS – VOITH SIEMENS Hydro Power and EIT – to build Carrapatos Hydro Power Plant - 22 MW– Pardo river – São Paulo – Brazil – Client AES Tietê;

·hired by HOCHTIEF DO BRASIL, as Project Manager, responsible for the proposal for Santa Isabel Hydro power plant – a 1,087 MW HPP in Araguaia river, Tocantins - Brazil – Client – TRACTEBEL;

·hired by HOCHTIEF DO BRASIL to work on the Construction Schedule for the EPC contract - Irapé Hydro power Plant – a 360 MW facility in Jequitinhonha river – Minas Gerais – Brazil.

Jul 1998Mar 2001

Project Manager

Hochtief International do Brasil

Hochtief A.G, is the giant German Construction Company working on Heavy Infrastructure Projects worldwide operating in Brasil as Hochtief International do Brasil. During this period I had worked on Business Development Market in Infrastructure Projects concentrated on Airports, Concessions, Roads, Hydro Power and Thermal Power Projects and Ports.

Main results: During this period we got a market share of 8% in Brazilian Hydro Power Projects with the following projects:

·Campos Novos a 880 MW facility in Canoas river – Santa Catarina - Brazil;

·Barra Grande, a 690 MW facility in Pelotas River – Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil;

·Irape Hydro Power Plant, a 360 MW facility in Jequitinhonha river – Minas Gerais - Brazil.

Jan 1983May 1998

Contract Director

Cia Brasileira de Projetos e Obras - CBPO

CBPO is an ODEBRECHT controlled subsidiary company working in Infrastructure Projects in Southern Region – Brasil, specially in Hydro Power Plants, Like Foz do Areia and Itaipu Dams. As Contract Director I have been responsible for the following Projects:

·Civil and Erection Works - CONSORCIO CONITA - ( CBPO – TENENGE - ODEBRECHT - ABB – ALSTOM – ANSALDO - BARDELLA - ENGEVIX - VOITH ) - responsible for the EPC turnkey contract to build IT Hydro Power Plant - 1.450 MW facility - Uruguai River - Southern Brazil Client ITASA - BRAZIL.

·Responsible for the Alumysa Hydro Power Plant, a 470 MW located at 11th region southern CHILE - Alumysa Consortium ( CBPO - Morrison Knudsen - SNC Lavalin and CEGELEC ) - Client - NORANDA INC CANADA.

·CONSORCIO PATAGONIA , a joint venture between CBPO and BRH ( Benito Roggio & Hijos ) responsible for civil works of Pichi Picun Leufu, a 261 MW Hydro Power Plant - Lymay river - Patagonia Region - Argentina - Client - HIDRONOR.

·CBPO Project Manager for Neuquen II Project Tender, in Consortium ( CBPO TENENGE CONFAB TECHINT ) a 630 Km multi product pipeline with a extraction Plant of 20 million m3 of natural gs, a fractioning Plant and a Harbour in Bahia Blanca for Panamax ships - Neuquen / Rio Negro States Argentina Client ENRON - ARGENTINA.

·Responsible for Construtora Xingo Ltda, a SPC created by the Joint Venture among CBPO, MENDES JUNIOR and CONSTRAN to build Xingo Hydro Power Plant - a 3.000 MW facility - So Francisco river - Northeast Brazil - Client - CHESF - BRAZIL.

·Commercial Manager for CBPO Civil Works in Rosana Hydro Power Plant - 400 MW - Paranapanema River - Cliente - CESP - BRAZIL.

Jun 1981Dec 1982

Civil Engineer

Servix Engenharia S.A.

Servix was a big Construction Company dedicated to Infrastructure Projects mainly Hydro Power Projects and roads as well.

As Civil Engineer I have been worked hiring Subcontractors, budgets and New Prices and Construction Claims for Rosana Hydro Power Project – Client – CESP – Sao Paulo – Brazil, Itaparica Power Project – Cliente Chesf – Pernambuco - Brazil and Trabalhadores State Express – Client DERSA – Sao Paulo – Brazil.


  Proficiency (Best=10 - Worst=1) Spanish - Spoken 10 - Writen 9 English - Spoken    9 - Writen 9 Portuguese - Native
Project Management
Business Development