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Stress Tolerance

Attention to Detail


Jordan is a very strong willed person. She is highly motivated to show her enthusiasm for helping geriatric patients live a healthy life style. Jordan posses a strong desire to learn. She puts forth her best effort on every task that she is given and she always ensures to be completely engaged. Jordan is not only a student but she also is a member of the Army ROTC program where she has excelled as a cadet through strenuous training. Her physical fitness is impeccable and her desire to teach and share her knowledge with others is very high. Jordan is not only devoted to her education and her duty as a soldier but she also takes pride in helping youth students at Apollo Ridge School District as a cheerleading coach. She helps the girls to take pride in their skills and to learn to follow rules as well as to be professional. Jordan's overall work ethic is very high and she has a strong passion to help everyone and anyone to ensure they are working towards living a healthy life by eating healthy and working out. 

Professional Goals

I have four key professional goals that I plan to accomplish within the next two years.
  • Become a Dietetic Technician. 
  • Complete my Masters of Science degree in Exercise Science. 
  • Utilize my knowledge from my undergraduate and graduate degrees to help the geriatric population become more knowledgeable about healthy life styles with food decisions and exercise plans.
  • Be employed at a Nursing Home or Personal Care Home to help staff and personnel to develop and understanding to better assist geriatric patients.

My long term professional goals consist of:

  • Becoming a Registered Dietitian as completing a certified Internship.
  • Opening my own Personal Care Home. 
  • Establishing a physical fitness program for geriatric patients.

Work Philosophy

My work philosophy highly correlates to the Army values. There are seven Army values which are, loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. I believe that everyone should be loyal to their work to ensure that they contribute their highest efforts to not only themselves but to their employer. Honor and integrity are essential to having a strong work ethic due to the fact that you must be honest and honorable when developing a first impression. Finally I have five of my own key goals that I try to establish in a working environment. First and foremost, I believe that everyone can do anything if they have a positive attitude and give 100 and 10 percent to everything they are tasked out to do. I also believe that teamwork is essential to success as well as communication not only in a working environment but in all aspects of life. By setting high standards for myself I have utilized the Army values to become strong and motivated so that I can reach these standards. Finally my motivation has pushed me to develop a strong curiosity and passion to help others establish a healthy life style by combining healthy eating as well as structured exercise. 


Jordan Penatzer

159 Beaver Road                                                                           (724)840-6253 (Cell Phone)

Saltsburg, PA 15681                                                       Email: [email protected]


Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)                                                                 August 2009 – May 2014

Major:  Bachelor of Science in Nutrition-Dietetics Track

Minor: Military Science

Certificate: Gerontology


Army Reserve Officer

444th Postal Unit                                   Pittsburgh, PA                                  May 2014 – Present

·       Platoon Leader

·        Family Readiness Group Facilitator

·        Plan, resource, execute and assess training

·        Supervise 20-50 soldiers

·        Develop subordinates  

·        Plan and organize tactical operations, field training exercises and battle drills

Part-Time Hair Stylist/Receptionist

Hair Hub                                                   Indiana, PA                        August 2013 – January 2013

·       Maximize distribution of products and client care

·       Ensure stock is maintained and displayed correctly

·       Provide proper shelf placement, stocking and maintenance

Part-Time Bartender/Waitress                                                                  

Hap’s Bar and Grill                                 Delmont, PA                        May 2013 – December 2013

·       Exceeded sales goals for production sales

·       Provided exceptional customer service

·       Organized products

·       Served customers and treated with respect

·       Cleaned and maintained organization of work station

Sessional Secretary/Receptionist  

Sentry Mechanical                                 Pittsburgh, PA                             May 2007 - August 2011

·        Provided morning and evening care for residents

·       Welcomed visitors in person or on the telephone

·       Provided exceptional customer service

·       Maintained employee and department directories

·       Served customers and treated with respect

·       Contributed to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed

Nurses Aid/ Cook/ Dietary Aid

Ark Personal Care Home                       Delmont, PA                              May 2008 - August 2011

·         Provided morning and evening care for residents

·         Assisted with activities of daily living

·         Prepared all meals

·         Assisted feeding residents

·         Cleans and organized residents belongings


Cheerleading Coach                              Apollo Ridge High School                                   May 2010 – Present

·       Primary Elementary Competitive Coach                                   

·       Assistance Middle and High School Coach

·       Choreographer                                              

Reserve Officer Training Course                       IUP                                                          May 2009 – Present

·       Worked as Adjutant for 145 person Battalion

·       Developed organized social events

·       Maintained accountability of personnel

Rho Tau Chi Fraternity                                        IUP                                           Sister since December 2011

·        Service Hour Coordinator                              

·        Fundraising Committee

Salvation Army Volunteer              Bradford, PA Salvation Army                                 May 2014 – Present

·        Donations to facility                               

·        Worker for Elegance and Chocolate  

Fire Hall Volunteer                          New Alexandria, PA Fire Hall                                 May 2009 – Present

·        Worker for Gun Bashes                               

Volunteer Work