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  • IT and Telecommunications professional with more than 6 years of experience in Telecommunications and IT Services.
  • Excellent programming/scripting skills
  • Advance knowledge and hands-on experience in Virtualization and Cloud IaaS (Openstack)
  • Advance knowledge and experience in Linux Systems (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu)

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Openstack Cloud Infrastructure, Trainee

  • Deployment of Openstack using configuration management systems such as Puppet, Chef, and Cobbler.
  • Deployment of Openstack using Devstack, Mirantis in multi-node setup
  • Deployment of Openstack with HA Controller Cluster using HAProxy and Keepalived
  • Deployment of Openstack with HA Instances using Neutron with VRRP
  • Using HA Swift cluster as backend for Object Storage (Glance) and HA Ceph cluster as backend for Block Storage (Cinder)
  • Configuring libvirt and creating domains (virtual instances)
Mar 2013Present

Lab Support and Tools Development Engineer

  • Software upgrade, Configuration and Commissioning of all NSN BSS/RAN/LTE Network Elements I have advance knowledge and experience in Software Upgrades, Configuration and Commissioning of BSS/RAN/LTE Network elements. I have advance knowledge in setting up and configuration of different network solutions like RF Sharing and Auto-configuration for Self Organizing Networks (SON).
  • NE integration to OSS I have advance knowledge and experience in integration of Network Elements to OSS. I have advance knowledge in troubleshooting problems in OSS Applications like CM Upload, Alarm Upload, Topology Upload, Performance/Measurements/Observations Management, and CM Provisioning.
  • Non-functional NE restoration, NE parameter activation, NE license/feature activation, NE measurement activation and generation, NE re-hosting.
  • Develop and update automation scripts used in routine tasks. I develop scripts and macros using Linux and MML to be used in automation tasks.
  • Trace environment setup I build end-to-end trace environment from scratch. I have advance knowledge in setting up and configuring from BTS to RNC all the way to Core Network.
Oct 2013Mar 2014

Data Center Infrastructure Support

  • Virtual Infrastructure Monitoring and Maintenance

    I performed daily checking of health status of ESXi Hosts, Virtual Machines and Datastores using Vcenter. Virtual Machine creation is also part of the job.

  • Back-up and Restore

    It was my responsibility to back-up and/or restore files and system images of a development laboratory upon request from testing groups. The lab may be fully virtualized or only Tier2 servers are virtualized such as LinAs and GUIS servers. This was all in an R&D laboratory environment. Also part of this task is creating BU/Restore configuration files using Linux scripting.

Apr 2011Mar 2013

Senior NOC Engineer


DIGITEL MOBILE PHILIPPINES, INC -Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI),commercially known as Sun Cellular is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digitel, and is one of the Philippines' leading mobile telecommunications companies. Sun Cellular offers a wide range of service innovations for mobile telephony from voice, messaging and international roaming services, to wireless broadband and value-added services for consumers and businesses alike.

Job Responsibilities:

  • First line maintenance support for Ericsson 2G/3G Access Network and Transmission Network elements as well as Huawei 3G Access and Transmission Network elements on a 24/7 basis, ensuring network quality through fault and performance management.
  • First line troubleshooting and rectification of fault conditions achieving minimal downtime.
  • Issuance of trouble ticket to the respective support groups and keeping track of its progress.
  • Performs transmission mapping/routing and assists in transmission planning.
  • Performs BSC backup, loading and verification of data transcripts, and modification of cell parameters.
  • Supports network optimization efforts with network planning and configuration management teams.
  • Coordinates all network activities i.e. site integration, expansion and downgrade, software upgrade, site rehoming, and other work orders.
  • Data extraction and keeping i.e. equipment inventory, mux plan, site information, serial numbers, etc.


  • Developed a program/script to automatically perform routine BSC health check that lead to significant increase in work efficiency of all staff employees.
  • Created a database for transmission mapping of the entire 2G and 3G network to replace the previous incomplete and erroneous data which allowed for easier troubleshooting and implementation of future work orders i.e. rehoming, expansion, etc.
Apr 2008Feb 2011

BSS/RAN/LTE Engineer

Smart Communications, Inc.

SMART COMMUNICATIONS, INC. –Smart Communications, Inc. is the Philippines' leading wireless services provider with 47.8 million subscribers on its GSM network as of end-June 2011. 

Smart has built a reputation for innovation, having introduced world-first wireless data services, including mobile commerce services such as Smart Money, Smart Load, and Netphone. Smart also offers 3G and HSPA services. Its Smart Link service provides communications to the global maritime industry. Smart Broadband, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary, offers a wireless broadband service, Smart BRO, with about 1.5 million subscribers as of end-June 2011.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for 24/7 field operation support, as well as pre-diagnostics, isolation and escalation of fault.
  • Fault rectification and correction for 2G and 3G Access Network Elements i.e. BTS/RAN (Nokia, Huawei), BSC (Nokia).
  • Fault rectification and correction for Transmission Network Elements i.e. Ericsson Minilink, Fujitsu, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia, Tellabs, Siemens, Harris, and ECI.
  • Network Optimization activities and Configuration Management i.e. TRX expansion, BTS expansion, Equipment upgrades (software & hardware), BSC health check.
  • Quarterly Preventive Maintenance Routine done for each BTS/RAN and Transmission equipment.
  • Provides technical assistance to subscribers and customers.
  • Installation, integration, and commissioning of Nokia Ultrasite and Intratalk BTS (1800 and 900 band), Nokia Connectsite and Metrosite, Nokia FlexiEdge 1800
  • Testing and commissioning of Huawei Node B (BTS3900/DBS3900)


  • Awarded by the company as the Best Field O&M team for the year 2009 for having the least amount of network outage per area of responsibility and quick restoration of outages according to SLA.
  • Spearheaded and pushed for the permanent electrification project of sites in our area that have generator only as power source which greatly reduced the OPEX and translated to increased profit for the company.


VMWare, VCenter
Python Scripting
Bash Scripting
Network Operations, Maintenance, and Management
Fault Management, Configuration Management, Performance Management.
Transmission planning and routing
Highly skilled in transmission planning and mapping/routing.
Microwave Engineering & Multiplexing
Expert Level in handling SDH and PDH microwave radio equipment as well as dealing with Terminal and Add/Drop Multiplexers.
TCP/IP and Internetworking
Proficient in working with Cisco routers and switches.


Nathaniel Gorre

R&D Manager, Tieto


Richard Cadungog

Manager, Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc.


Leopoldo Mojal VI

Supervisor, Smart Communications, Inc.


Systems and Technology


BSCR7 (APG40-AGM017), Transcoder Controller (TRC), RBS (2206,2216), Minilink-E radio, Minilink-TN radio, Marconi Digital Radio System (MDRS), Marconi OMS, OSS-RC 7, Winfiol, SoA, SoM, SoEM (MV36)


Nokia BTS / WCDMA (900 series, 1800 series, 2100 series) / Nokia Talk, Site and Flexi Edge, DX-200 BSC and Transcoders


BSC6900, DBS3900, M2000, T2000, RTN600


Alcatel Lucent SDH radio, Fujitsu SDH radio, Siemens SRAL PDH radio, Tellabs SDH radio, Harris Stratex SPDH radio, BMC Remedy


Jun 2002Mar 2007

Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering