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Dr. Janine Canan is a holistic psychiatrist and writer who currently resides in California’s Valley of the Moon. After graduating cum laude from Stanford University and earning a degree from the New York University School of Medicine, Dr. Canan went on to complete residencies at Mount Zion and Herrick Hospitals in the greater San Francisco area. Her psychiatric education included training with notable analysts such as Erik Erickson and Carl Jung protégé Joseph Henderson. Dr. Janine Canan began her medical career doing special research on schizophrenia. Over the years, she has served as a Staff Psychiatrist at Port Townsend’s Community Counseling Service, Gladman Hospitals, Eden Children Center, Sonoma’s Bayberry House, and the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. In addition to her psychiatric work, Dr. Janine Canan is also an accomplished author, poet, and essayist who has published more than 20 major literary works, including the prizewinning anthologies Messages from Amma and She Rises like the Sun: Invocations of the Goddess. Released by Littlefox Press in 2010, Dr. Canan’s latest book, Under the Azure, is a translation of the poems of Francis Jammes. Performing regular readings and lectures throughout California and the United States, Dr. Janine Canan has also appeared on numerous radio and television programs. She recently built upon her work in poetry and poetics by publishing Journeys with Justine, a collection of lyrical and revelatory short stories with illustrations by Cristina Biaggi.As both an author and a psychiatrist, Dr. Janine Canan is profoundly interested in women’s political issues. Outside of the office, she has defended equal rights as a member of organizations such as Physicians for Social Responsibility and the National Organization for Women.

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