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Mar 2005Present

Chung-Ang university

I graduate from Yu-Shin high school in 2001. As soon as i graduated from high school, I entered ChungJu university in 2001. My major was public administration. But I realized that this major is not sutable for me to improve my  career. So i tried to transfer to Chung Ang university to study business. I have been studying Courses include Trade, International Trade, Marketing,  Consumer Behavior, Market Research Methods, International Business Administration,Financeand Accounting, International Finance Market and Economics, etc. in this school.

Work experience

Jan 2005Present


Chun-An Logistics

Samsung Electronics at assembly line in 2004

Chun An Logistics in 2005

I worked in Samsung Electronics as a worker at computer monitor and washing machine assembly line.

All workers should concentrate on what they have to do in this job. If someone made mistake, this line could be discontinued in whole line. It means cooperation in this job is really important. I have learn it while i worked at this business.

After i quit this part time job, i changed job to logistics company. When i worked at this company, I learned process of warehousing and taking goods out of the warehouse. Futhermore i learned how to operate forklift. It made it easy to carry heavy matrials for me. This job was very interesting.


I have been studying English to be more competitive and get a job that I want .  


 A creative and positive attitude for a goal. Excellent ability to be adapted to new situations and people.  Enjoy challenging in new fields and ideas.  Responsible and diligent.

-good ability in speaking and writing English

-Able to work well both independently as well as in a team.-Available as needed as training, travel, and overtime.

-Strong knowledge in trade field and the development of  effective marketing plans through studying                the major.


I like to play sport as a team. Especially, I love to play baseball. Team could not be good if a member has strong personalism. I have a ability to make a team strong as a member.


I wnat to work in a trade company. To enter this industry, i should have a good language ability

and be good at negociation. Groblalization is getting more important issue for all companies. I think that a company want to make a profitable business, they should be competitive among domestic companies but companies all over the world. My goal in my life is that i have a super trade company that is very famous all over the world.



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