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Volunteer Programs

Liberal Arts Student Council

  • Involved with the production of the Liberal Arts Professional Forum Job Fair
  • Ran fundraisers for the College of Liberal Arts
  • Participated in community service and volunteer work programs such as Relay for Life


  • Volunteer with North Central Indiana Spay & Neuter
  • Feed, provide fresh water, and clean up for the animals in the morning

Clear River Church (Bag Hunger)

  • Stock and take innovatory of food pantry
  • Deliver food to families in need


I have had the opportunity to be the sole event coordinator on a variety of projects. Events that I haveimplemented, organized and managed have been anywhere from five people to five hundred. The suc-cess of every event that I have coordinated derived from my exceptional interpersonal and communica-tion skills, strong attention to detail, and an unparalleled work ethic. Along with these skills, my design background has given me a unique experience and knowledge that most event planners do not have.  Throughout every event planning opportunity, I have expanded my knowledge and understanding, for not only organizing public events, but also learning how to be successful in doing so. 

This is who I am: Creative. Determined. Ambitious. A key asset in any company.

Work experience

May 2010Present

Operations Marketing Manager


+Planned, marketed and executed events, meetings, and

parties for Microsoft Directors and employees

+Launched a new employee incentive program to boost

employee morale

+Remodeled the interior design of Microsoft building

+Developed and implemented company newsletter

+Created new logo for internal Microsoft alerting software

Oct 2009Mar 2010

Student Clerical/Caller

Purdue University Telefund

+Connected with more than 120,000 alumni on behalf of


+Raised over $2,000 for Purdue University

Dec 2009Jan 2010

Graphic Designer

Funding Partners International

+Created all visual aspects of a $455-million dollar philanthropic

grant for humanitarian business in the US and West

Africa in association with the Bill Gates Foundation

+Created artwork & logos for grant while branding five


+Assembled the layout and design for the 160 page grant


Aug 2009Dec 2009

Outrun The Sun

+Managed a team of five members in the production of

creating a Grant Proposal and PR Campaign for a non-forprofit

melanoma awareness organization

+Produced and staged a two day event to campaign and

advertise Outrun the Sun



Aug 2007Present

BA in Communication

Purdue University

Design Examples

Writting Examples


Adobe Software
Microsoft Office