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Product wholesomeness is paramount. I have a working knowledge of HACCP, and poultry inspection pathologies such as(but not limited to) septicemia, airsacculitis, inflammatory process, and ascites, as well as salvage cut up, tag, and hang back birds. I am a team player. I maintain a professional attitude and work well with all personality types. 

Work experience


Chiller Operator

I am responsible for starting up the chillers and maintaining them. I turn on the PAA and PH and set the chiller speeds to Usda and tyson guidelines. I do hourly checks on the PAA and PH and put them into Tyson plant view. I make adjustments on the PAA and PH as needed so it stays at target numbers. I do hourly checks on bird temperatures and the air blower temperatures.  Along with being the chiller operator I am also the back up QA for Eviseration and preform the duties that come with the job such as HACCP checks. 


Floor person

As the floor person in Eviseration I was responsible for giving the USDA trimmers a breaks, working salvage, keeping the line running, hang backs and anything else assigned to me by a supervisor. Following USDA and tyson guidelines.



Russellville High School