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I am a qualified Software Engineer / Programmer with knowledge and proficiency in a large number of development topics, as well as a qualified Game Designer.

I am open-minded and like to refine my existing skills as well as learning new ones and am not afraid of touching any new technique that I have not yet experience with.

My pet peeves are probably optimization (of both software and workflows), working with audio/video encoding & streaming media and cross-platform development. But have a look at my skills yourself in the list below.

I am always looking for interesting opportunities in development (regardless of topic, anything might strike me as interesting), so should you be interested or have any questions, feel free to contact me!



C/C++ is one of the main programming language I am working with.

By now I have worked a great variety of projects using C++ on anything from library integration, backend & frontend development as well as game development.


Python is one of my favourite languages to work with.
Its enormous amount of functionality and libraries and easy of use make it the perfect tool to develop small to mid-sized tools or even whole applications.

I have been using Python to some extend almost everywhere I have worked so far, from exporter plugins for 3D software (Blender/Maya) to analyzing tools or small build scripts.


Java is a standard language which can be used in almost any environment, from backend development to development tools to even games, and I have been using it in quite a few situations for myself or at contracts.

Other Languages

To not expand this list unnecessarily, here is an assorted list of other languages I have worked with so far - some more often, some a bit less:

Lua, C#, SQL, PHP, JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript/Air, LOLCode, bash scripts, Objective C, GDScript, ...

Tools, Libraries & IDEs

Since I started programming, I have worked with so many tools, libraries and IDEs that it wouldn't make sense to add each as an own skill.  

Visual Studio 2008/10...Code etc., Qt Creator, MonoDevelop, Eclipse, FlashDevelop, NetBeans, Code::Blocks, Codelight, Light Table, Atom, Sublime Text, KDevelop, ...

Libraries & Engines:
FFmpeg, Qt, Ogre 3D, Godot Engine, Nebula, libnoise, Trinigy Vision, DirectX, OpenGL, OpenAL, Noesis GUI, CEGUI, recast/detour, Polyvox, MySQL, Joomla, CakePHP, libccd, ...

LibreOffice suite, Microsoft Office suite, PSPad, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, ...


In most projects I have been part of I usually lead or organized a smaller team of maybe a handful of people.
Discussing and setting workflows, setting up a task system the team is comfortable with, making sure to always have a  comprehensible implementation plan and of course making decisions some people shy away from.

But even when working alone, I prefer to be well organized and able to give realistic estimations whenever asked.


One of my pet peeves is the optimization of processes - as well as knowing when not to waste time trying to optimize something.

For one, this concerns deep issues within code that can be optimized by restructuring mostly (and sometimes, simply by using a different container), applying different patterns and analyzing performance using various tools.

But it also concerns processes within the workflow of a company. Sometimes, a small change can make work far more pleasant for everyone involved.

Work History

May 2016Aug 2019

C++ / Qt / Video Encoding / Generalist Developer

Working with C++, Qt and various other libraries and languages to develop and improve our user software and video capturing / encoding, integration of Mixer/Twitch/YouTube/Facebook streaming services, self-updater, automatic sending of crash dumps, and more.

In addition, various R&D tasks concering continuous integration, crash logging, etc.



Jan Drabner

Since 2013, I am working as a freelancer and have worked on a wide range of projects from backend & frontend development to cross-platform porting, video encoding and game engine integration.

Some of these were under a more strict NDA however, so you won't find them on my profile or CV. Sorry about that, but I hope that you will understand.

Aug 2015May 2016

Backend Developer

zipstrr GmbH

Developing and extending the server API & media encoding using:

  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • FFmpeg
  • MySQL
Apr 2013Feb 2016


School For Games

Giving lectures about:

  • Programming Basics (data types, OO-Model, class design, ...)
  • Flash / ActionScript 3
  • Haxe / OpenFL / Stencyl
  • Frontend Development
  • Terrain Generation
  • Ogre 3D
  • C++
Jul 2012Sep 2015

MinGW Maintainer

Ogre 3D, Open Source 3D Engine

Joining the fantastic Ogre 3D team in July 2012, I fulfill the role of the MinGW maintainer.

I am responsible for making sure that all recent version of Ogre3D can be compiled and used with the GCC compiler for Windows.

I also support the team with other minor tasks, offer support on the official forums and regularly expand the Ogre wiki.

Jun 2013Aug 2015


Games Academy

Giving lectures about:

  • Mobile Application Development
  • Algorithms & Data Structures
  • Haxe + Lime + OpenFL
  • Code Review
Jul 2011May 2013

Technical Director Flash & Engine

zoobe message entertainment

Using C/C++, a 3D Engine and the FFmpeg library, I created and maintain a server-side application that efficiently renders 3D scenes with animated backgrounds, intro and outro into a distributable video file.

Using Flash and ActionScript 3.0, I created:

  • A client application that users use to select characters, record their voice (or use text-to-speech) and of course view the video created by the server-side application
  • A video player
  • Several technology and feasability studies including RTMP, RTMFP, Adobe AIR, live voice pitching, live video creation, etc.
  • Mobile & Desktop applications with Adobe AIR
Oct 2010Jun 2011

Flash Developer

Zukunftsbau GmbH

Working with Flash/ActionScript and Java during civilian service to create a dynamic and flexible software framework. And using that framework, I created an interactive learning software according to specifications from Zukunftsbau.



This shouldn't be that much of a surprise, considering the Games Academy apprenticeship and the knowledge about 3D Engines. I started playing games when I was five years old, and haven't stopped since. I like to play all sorts of games from RPGs to trading card games and complex strategy games on the PC. Either alone or together with friends.

Besides working as a programmer, I sometimes like to code some random stuff as a hobby and to learn new techniques. It is not my main leisure activity, but from time to time it's definitely fun.

I listen to music when I travel, when I'm at home, sometimes when working, etc. Without a doubt, music is very important to me, although I possess absolutely no skills in creating it, unfortunately.

Digital Media:
Another hobby of mine is the consumption of digital media, from YouTube to Netflix or Amazon Prime. I'm no strange to losing some sleep of binge-watching a series that I enjoy ;)

Last but not least, I like to learn new languages. This is of course a huge and very time intensive task, but I am doing it very diligently.

So far, I managed to gain elementary skills in Finnish and am currently busy learning (Mandarin) Chinese - a task that is certain to last for a few years.