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Janakee Limbu

Office Administrator, Restaurant Manager, Customer Service, Cashier Social Media Networking


I'm looking forward to work in a very good Company which takes good care of their employees and where there is a chance for growth and rewards.   .  As, I am ready to dedicate and invest myself in permanent work and to utilize all my skills and knowledge to benefit the Company while keep learnig and growing together towards success.

Work experience

03/08/2018Part time now

Social media marketing (work from home)

Axis Technosoft

- working on FB business page, calling clients and following up, image editing, logo making, writing blogs 

05-26-2017Full time now

Manager Trainee

JSP management

- started from working as crew member, front back in the kitchen grill.

-  went to leadership training and earned leader badge.

10-16-2016Part time / seasonal now

Floating Manager Trainee

IRG Management

- fast food company franchise management, need to travel 10-12 different stores and help out anywhere they need sometimes as cook, manager, cashier or drive they...

- Pull drawers (taking out report), make plan and outlines for team duties and goals, train new employees, maintain hygiene and increase sales

2010 August2016 September

Restaurant Owner / Manager

Everest Restaurant/ Paruhang Corporation

Started up a small Family owned food  business,  did all the necessary tasks and management, and development for the business, like administrative, sales, marketing, accounting,  etc., keeping up with food and health inspection, shopping and deliveries, maintenance and paperwork.  Researching new ideas, invent new special menus, etc to grow, develop and maintain business.  More details :

• Managed restaurant operations in terms of staffing and scheduling functions   • Greeted guests and make arrangements to seat them   • Ensured provision of service in terms of order accuracy and time management   • Interviewed, hired and trained personnel to work in a restaurant environment   • Ensured smooth coordination between the back-end and front-end activities   • Managed inventory and stocks and supplies   • Managed customer complaints and queries   • Managed all areas of the operations during scheduled shifts   • Monitored procurement, storage, preparation, cooking, handling, and serving of food   • Planned and directed employee training programs   • Maintained cleaned and safe environment

Temporary jobs: 2009 at ATC logistics and electronics as QC Inspector for 6 months, 2010 summer for Census, government job, 2010 October to December at AT&T Uverse as Saleswoman of their new service




Delia Memorial (Broadway) Mei Foo

Hong Kong, China

Computer Skills

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), Peachtree, Quickbooks, CAT system, Adobe photoshop, illustrator, Wordpress 


Kind and friendly, honest and hardworking, self motivated and responsible, lover of nature and adventure, creative and carefree, willing to try new things and continue learning new skills

Immediately Available to start job

Salary Negotiable



English, Nepali, Hindi, Cantonese, French