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Telecommunications engineer with focused experience in the satellite communications industry.
My work as VSAT technical project manager gave me the opportunity to manage big / multi-national satellite projects.

Specialties:VSAT expert technical support , Project management , coordination between different organizational entities to ensure smooth process flow.

Telecom Senior Engineer with experience more than nine years in GSM, specialized in Transmission, Satellite communication and VSAT, Process and Quality Management.


  • International links design, projects follow up and optimization using DCMEs or directs links.


  • VSAT network for national and International links, design, projects control, Optimization & monitoring administration Using New point application   .


  • A well-motivated and energetic individual who possesses good skills and ability to handle effectively all assigned tasks and missions.


  • A hard-working and the ability to work well both independently and in a team.


  • M.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering


  • Cisco Certified CCNA & CCNP.

Work experience

Oct 2014Present

VSAT Manager

Asia Consultancy Group

•Provide expert level of operational support for end to end satellite solutions including services as IP and voice.

• Ability to deal with the different VSAT systems: SCPC , TDMA , partially and fully meshed topology for land and offshore sites.
• Give the go-ahead for intervention and provide full technical support to the field engineers on customer site.
• Deal with different 3rd party providers to ensure the Operational Support .
• Minimizing costly actions like Engineer Dispatch and Hardware replacement, through the remote troubleshooting and problem isolation .
• Engage when required with external Vendors for H/W testing and replacement.
• Interact with different internal teams : Service desks , VSAT factory various teams (capacity management , implementation ,....)
• Support high impact and major changes to the VSAT global network.
• Document all troubleshooting and change management actions in the ticketing system.

Mar 2008Sep 2014

VSAT Senior Engineer

MTN Group

•Lead VSAT Team To perform Installation for new Station around Sudan & MTN branches: Cyprus,Uganda •Responsible at MTN Sudan as project Manager: Memotech Optimizers over IP, installation &O&M, analyze Graphs; determine required bandwidth to reduce Opex.

•Responsible at MTN_Sudan from L3 DCME (Digital Circuit Multiplexing Equipment) to ensure connectivity with lower Opex, follow daily reports (Graphs) O&M. •Coordinator with Huawei Co. regarding LCLS (local call local switch) •Expert VSAT Engineer & Now my position as VSAT supervisor, I worked as transmission Surveyor Engineer for one year.

•Performing VSAT site survey in different regions inside Sudan to perform GSM over Satellite service. •Orienting the concrete block for mounting the antenna. •Installing of satellite antenna from 1.2 meter antenna to 7.3 meter including (LNA, LNB, Wave guide, BUC, feedhorn, power supply). •Perform satellite antenna alignment (Azimuth & Elevation) using spectrum analyzer.

•Installing and configuring Comtech CDM-600 ,CDM QX , CDM 570 & CDM 625 modems and connect it to GSM Cell site through an E1 interface or IP interface .

•Working with the transmission section to perform a line of sight site survey.

•Familiar with Bit error tester BER to Achieve Link test and good Knowledge with transmission alarms. •Frequency plan-calculation of guard band, occupied bandwidth

•Test for new transponders using spectrum analyzer,BER,power meter and line up with main earth stations •Site Planning, supervision, preparing documents & reports.

•Perform Cross- Polarization of satellite antenna with Satellite operator. •Responsible for testing, commissioning, acceptance & troubleshooting of the satellite network.

•Working with maintenance Team to solve site problems ,link ,temperature, power, BTS and BSC faults .

•Familiar with compression equipments DCME 12:1 or 16:1 (Mitsubishi ,Maxpro L3)

•Familiar with Optimizers which used with VSAT links(Memotec , LCF ericsson & LCF Huawei

Apr 2006Mar 2008

VSAT Engineer


*perform VSAT Survey From 4.5 m Antenna to 7.3 M antenna. *Install & commissioning VSAT Stations Around Sudan . *Maintenance Of VSAT Links SCPC& IP. *DCME & compression Equipments Installation O&M (L3_mitsubishi)

Feb 2006Apr 2007

Transmission Surveyor Engineer


Perform Transmission

Survey Around Sudan :-

* Microwave Height. *Tower height . *Site Acceptance.



Master of Science (MSc)

Sudan University of science & technology

Telecommunication Engineering


Bachelor of Science (BSc)

University Of Gezira

Electronic Engineering (Telecom & Control)


Mar 2013Mar 2016

Cisco Certified Network Associate, (CCNA) R&S

Cisco ID No : CSCO 12350848
Mar 2013Mar 2016

Cisco Certified Network Professional , (CCNP)

Cisco ID No : CSCO 12350848


•Advanced Technical Knowledge Satellite Communication, Transmission, VSAT, IP and Networking.
•Advanced Project Management skills, manage complex telecoms project.
•Creative and Achiever.
•Strong People Management Skills.
•Advanced understanding of the Telecommunications and ICT Industry.
•Strong leadership skills.
•Excellent solutions & products negotiator with pre-sales.


  • Channel Broadcasting DDTV & DTH Project - Kabul , Afghanistan

  • VSAT Network Back hauling Project , Kabul , Afghanistan

  • Migration to Abis over IP - MTN sudan project

Members:Ayman Sharaf, Omer Toum, Mohammed Ahmmed salman, Mohamed Osman Ahmed, Mohammed



Migration from Abis/TDM to Abis/IP for Western Region VSAT IP design, implementation and configuration.


  • Intereconnection Via L3 Compression equipments through satellite between Juba & Kampla for MTN Co. .

March 2010 to Present

Members:Ayman Sharaf, Abdalla El-Fadil Ali Fayet, Tamir Abdelgadir, Omar Shagar


Establish Connection Between Juba (MTN_Sudan ) & Kampala (MTN Uganda) ,

I traveled to both countries to complete technical tasks .& ensure live traffic between tow operator

..representing technical part from MTN sudan & consulting Engineer For MTN Uganda .


1.      VSAT Rollout Project With Capital Project Department (yearly Project ).

2.      MSC's Transmission Interconnection Via Compression equipment’s for International traffic "L3 DCME-

Memotech & Mitsubishi " (12:1) Through Satellite

For Uganda Kampala - Khartoum - Wadmadni - Juba- BICS -Belgium

3.      Implement VSAT Network   Management System (NMS) with Tag Company South Africa -2 years Project

4.      Design & Implement Solution for   All VSAT IP Clients (Abis - Monitoring Tools -etc.) based on cisco Solutions

5.      Huawei Optimization LCLS   project for VSAT Sites .

6.      Migration All TDM Abis VSAT Sites to IP Vendor Huawei & ZTE optimization .

7.      Switch Off VSAT sites .

8.      Rotation With Core Section NSS for three months.




Digital Terrestrial TV & Direct to Home TV Channel Broadcasting Project in Afghanistan
Project Management
PMP & Prince2
Satellite Communication & VSAT
Network Design
Compression Equipment L3 DCME Max Pro Slim
GSM , CDMA , Optimization techniques for  VSAT Links
Network Engineering
Team Management
Project Planning
Computer Network Operations
Memotech Optimization Equioment
Codan,  Mitech , Anasat, Vertex,Modumax, Comtech
L3 & Mitsubishi Compression Equipments
Andrew & Nwiee Antennas
Comtech & iDirect
Transmission Technologies
Data Compression
Audio Compression
Anasat ,Mitec & Modumax
Satellite Modems
Satellite Communications



Test scores

Honor Degree Semester 4

April 2003   Score:3.89


Honor Degree Semester 4


Honor Degree Semester 7

April 2004   Score:3.65


Honor Degree Semester 4Edit

Recommendation -Linkedin

Ayman Sharaf

VSAT Senior Engineer _MTN-Sudan


[email protected]


4 people have recommended Ayman


"Ayman a hard-working, experienced, loyal and trustworthy person with high standards on whatever project he works on. A great asset!"


— Ibrahim Said, Operations and Maintenance Engineer, Sudatel, was with another company when working with Ayman at MTN-Sudan


"Ayman one of the best among all people I have ever met. since I have known him as a close friend, is a pleasure to not only work with, but he has excellent capabilities can make an excellent professional, he

capable of working in group and has an excellent capabilities to lead a professional team learn from as mentor and tutor, and co-worker. Moreover he started to develop himself by self-learning activities and reading about new technologies and concepts. I will keep recommending him for future jobs."


— Abdallah Hassan, NOC Senior Engineer, MTN sudan, worked with Ayman at MTN-Sudan


"Although Ayman is not one of my direct reporters but I had the chance to work with him in different projects, what is an eye catchy in Ayman is his dedication to the work assigned and his cooperation even in additional tasks and initiatives for the sake of the project completion. His interest and passion for technology were his motivators to go for CCNA and then CCNP, I saw him several times with some of my direct reporters were he was working on acquiring new skills in the field of network which shows his passion for technology and new challenges. He is really a pleasant guy to work with and to have as part of your team."


— Asim A. Karim, Infrastructure Operations Senior Manager, MTN Sudan Telecommunication

Company, managed Ayman indirectly at MTN-Sudan


"Mr. Ayman used to be one of my colleague during my work in VSAT department in MTN Sudan. I was directly reported to him as a VSAT supervisor, we worked together for more than 4 years which he performed very well. Mr. Ayman has excellent capabilities and can make an excellent professional, he is capable of working in group and has an excellent capabilities to lead a professional team. Ayman is reliable and industrious person, he is extremely polite and acts in the most responsible manners . I strongly recommend

his professional role in the VSAT Section."

— Omer Toum, VSAT Network Engineer, MTN Sudan, reported to Ayman at MTN-Sudan



Certificates & Training


Ahmed Gandour - Operation Manager , MTN Sudan


Nadir Hussien Nasar -BSS Manager , MTN Sudan

professional mobile :+249922902025