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I would like to involve more people in the design process and increase their personal engagement in the product. Having worked as a developer, product and project manager and a web designer, I can offer a deeper insight and understanding of different parts of the development process. This allows me to communicate effectively with the team.

I have a passion for constant improvement of existing products and processes. I believe vision is my greatest strength and it helps me to come up with new and creative ways to solve problems.

My current obsessions are design systems, product management and storytelling. I am starting to explore challenges of voice UI.


August 2017Present

Senior UX Designer

I am leading team responsible for building an internal design system. Our goal is to create consistent design language across our product portfolio and support our designers and developers in more efficient & fun ways of working.

July 2016July 2017

UX Designer

Livesport s.r.o

As part of an internal creative team, I am responsible mostly for research and collecting feedback from our users. Live score sites from our Livesport family have more than 60 million users and our mobile apps were downloaded more than 20 millions times. Our users are very loyal and because of that, we have to be very careful with every big change. Testing and collecting feedback is very helpful with the risk evaluation.

• A/B testing & split testing (experience with tools like VWO and Optimizely)
• Collecting and evaluating data from Google Analytics and internal analytics tools
• Creating and maintaining of respondents panel for surveys and usability testing
• Creating wireframes, prototypes and user flow to communicate design ideas (InVision, HTML/CSS)
• Methods for the primary research which I use most often are online surveys and in-depth interviews
• Creating concepts for mobile application redesign and responsive behavior of our core product
• Usability & conversion optimization of our core functions
• Design reviews & IA analysis of competitors mobile and web applications

Jan 2008Present

Designer & full-stack developer


At the moment, I prefer to work on long-term projects with my current clients and do not accept new development offers. I am open to new design opportunities.

- complete creation of complex websites and e-commerce (including design & development)
- customizing Wordpress templates
- creating newsletter templates for MailChimp
- focus on UX - secondary research and testing, creating proto-personas, analyzing data from Hotjar and Google Analytics, creating information architecture, animations, ...

I worked for clients such as E. S. Best s.r.o, Heaven4Skin s.r.o, ČASP, z.s., Finc. Internet Concepts B.V. Amsterdam, ecolroy, etc.

Aug 2012June 2016

UX & Design Lead / Product Manager


It has always been natural for me to take into account the users' point of view. I applied these principles first as a product manager and later moved to a specialized position as a UX designer. This is allowing me to bring the attention to user experience across the digital department.

• UX & Design Lead (from November 2015)

--- introducing UX strategy to the company and establishing a UX department
--- leading a team of up to 5 designers
--- bringing the concept of pattern libraries and atomic design
--- creating style guide and component libraries for the key projects in the company portfolio
--- running design workshops
--- secondary research (surveys, a/b testing, feedback forms, session recordings, ...)
--- organizing an internal conference for the digital department

• Product manager (until March 2016)

--- innovating and maintaining one of the largest sports news sites in the Czech Republic (close to 4 million visits a month)
--- building the most advanced football and hockey fantasy games on the market (,
--- cooperating with the mobile department - iOS and Android applications (,
--- creating wireframes, prototypes and information architecture for subprojects and microsites (Axure, Balsamiq, InVision, Photoshop)
--- connecting all departments involved in the project (development, content editors, marketing, advertising, external agencies)
--- agile software development - planning weekly sprints and daily stand-ups, tracking work progress, preparing the backlog
--- data analysis (Google Analytics, NetMonitor)
--- customer care (e-mail, social networks)

July 2007July 2013

Senior frontend developer

Ringier Axel Springer Media AG

I started out as a team of one and over the course of six years, we have built a front-end development team of about 10 developers.

My roles and responsibilies:
• leader of the front-end development team
--- improving the hiring process
--- management of up to 10 developers
--- enhancing the effectivity of the team by setting up a better system of work distribution
--- facilitating the personal development of the team members (e.g. in-house training)

• senior front-end developer & architect
--- transferring the complete website portfolio to the new internal CMS - developed together with the Slovak branch office
--- implementation of agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban)
--- modernizing the development process, searching for new and up-to-date solutions (e.g. SASS, automation)
--- optimizations of the template system for the internal CMS

responsibility for the development of the largest news sites in the Czech Republic (e.g.,,
daily communication with the editorial staff and other departments (marketing, advertising, distribution,...)

Selected projects
Fantasy Sports Games
Conference Powers of Emotions (non profit)

For more informations about what I did on my projects please check my LinkedIn profile.



User Experience Design


A one-year comprehensive UX Design training program covering User Research, IA, IXD, User Testing, Analytics and UX Management. Monthly workshop-based weekends, extensive month-on-month assignments and weekly mentoring by senior UX designers.



Gymnázium Pacov


Martin Kopta, UX Research & Product Designer

Jan ages like wine! He knows exactly what he wants, he can transform his dreams into a series of steps and is not afraid to put his shoulder to the wheel and getting things done step by step. During the year I mentored him, Jan took charge of Design Department in the Czech News Center: he accelerated web development by the introduction of design components, perfectly mastered the relaunch of, and now he is integrating new colleagues into his team. Collaboration with Jan was one of those where I know that for everything you've given, I've got a lot in return.

Berka BerkaUX, Freelancer at, Founder of UXWell

I was mentoring Honza in the first part of the one year UXWell Design course. Honza takes everything he does as a true professional. He has good structural thinking and can see the big picture, yet he always shows empathy. During the course, he made a big progress. He managed to move from product management to the position of a UX team leader. If I were looking for a new member into my team, I would not hesitate to ask Honza to join.

Erik Best, Publisher and owner, Fleet Sheet/E.S. Best s.r.o.

Projekt, na kterém jsme s Janem Tomanem spolupracovali, se zprvu jevil jako poměrně jednoduchý a nenáročný, avšak pravý opak se ukázal být pravdou. Pan Toman projekt přebral v momentě, kdy veškerá práce s projektem spojená začala stagnovat z důvodu nakupení se nečekaného množství komplikací. Jan Toman nám nejenom pomohl se z tohoto mrtvého bodu dostat a pro zdánlivě "neřešitelné" překážky najít řešení, ale zároveň sám přicházel s užitečnými doporučeními, díky kterým celý projekt k naší velké spokojenosti vyšel nad očekávání dobře. Spolupráci s Janem Tomanem mohu tudíž jedině doporučit.

Ivana Fabianová, HealthcareTalent Sourcer at GoodCall

I was working with Jan on a one year lasting project of the scientific conference. He created a web page for us and managed everything related to registration and perfect functioning of the web. Jan explained us the main principles of web settings so that we could organize some parts of the web by ourselves. I can say he made a programmers side of the web very user-friendly. One of the best experiences concerning the collaboration with Jan is the communication and will to answer any question for more than one time and explain and suggest us his best ideas. The conference had a huge success thanks to his punctual and creative work that was appreciated by participants as well as by organizing committee.