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Jan Taralczak

Senior Software Engineer / Software Architect


Java/J2EE engineer with skills in analysis, design, implementation and testing. Profound knowledge in IT  architecture, BPM, ECM, web-based applications (Websphere/IHS, Tomcat/Apache), UNIX, communication middleware (JMS/MQ), Web- Services, XML, REST, CORBA, resource pooling, load balancing, hi-throughput processing concurrency and Oracle databases. Team player with lots of creativity and innovation.

Professional History


Senior Software Engineer / Software Architect

UBS, Decentral Applications

Redesign the entire UBS credit system for new BPM, ECM and SOA based architecture using Enterprise Architect model with seamless integration into the existing core banking interfaces  take responsibility for  documenting all technical and application relevant topics of the  corresponding business case.

Design and implement central content management system for confidential documents, onboard and integrate first pilot applications using the new web-service. Present and educate about the new client confidentiality concepts for structured and non-structured data.

Analyse, design implement autonomous hi-throughput, 365x24 reliable, Oracle DB based data processing agents to feed the existing UBS trading systems capable of transforming heterogenous account and counter-party identification data into one unified partner model. Provide testing concept, perform tests and introduce all components in CH, AU, HK, SG, TW and JP.

Analyse,  design implement, test and introduce to production an innovative, secure caching system to shield core banking enterprise layer from transaction load generated by new algorithmic trading investment bank systems. Onboard investment bank applications on this new system.

Engineer automated transformation utility for J2EE Websphere applications to Tomcat and the automated Maven/Jenkins build, support junior and offshore developers in continuous integration topics, testing and productive integration.

Create and implement a convenient testing utility providing integration testing features for sampling, recording and simulating web-service service access to core banking services. This tool has been launched as own initiative and got very popular in use by offshore developers, contractors and employees working in home office.


Senior Software Engineer

UBS, Strategic Solution Program

Design, implement, test (performance, reliability) and introduce J2EE compliant connectivity for Websphere to access MQ based core banking systems out of web-applications. This comprised writing Websphere deployment and MQ administration scripts to assemble the component as package. Support in automated installations on several hundred of nodes and 3rd level support to all applications using the connectivity and the underlying XML core banking services.

Design, implement, test (performance, reliability) and introduce J2EE compliant connectivity for Websphere to access legacy CORBA based systems out of web-applications. This comprised implementing an own CORBA protocol mapper according to the OMG specification, scripting and packaging as mentioned above.

Design, implement, test (performance, reliability) and introduce J2EE compliant connectivity for Websphere to execute legacy UNISYS mainframe transactions with the required IPC communication. This included writing UNIX IPC agents in C to access single threaded legacy libraries out of multithreaded Java runtime.

Design, implement, test (performance, reliability) and introduce J2EE compliant connectivity for Websphere to HTTP/S based services auch as market data feeds for UBS Quotes. Help in integrating  further services such as e.g. ECM.

Design, implement, test (performance, reliability) and introduce central logging library for web-applications to reliably handle buffered audit events, operational errors and key performance figures relevant for capacity planning of all web-based applications.

Drive, co-ordinate and coach migration of around 100 application projects to the new SOA platform including analysis of the issues and fixing the Java code.

Resolve all connectivity, Websphere platform and security related issues in 3rd level support for all UBS applications accessing core banking services in CH. Provide comprehensive user manuals for developers and operators, transfer knowledge as presenter and instructor for best practice and patterns (J2EE / Unit Test). Run load tests using Load Runner and JMeter, analyze memory (GC) and UNIX resources. Detect and resolve concurrency issues using own written, specialized unit test driver.


Software Engineer

UBS Credit Front Systems

Initiate as team lead refactoring of the existing C++ applications for modularization and efficient RDBMS to OO mapping framework, document best practice design patterns, define standards for implementing CORBA services, coach new jointers in C++ development OOA/OOD, elaborate efficient life-cycle, source code management and component build methodology for around 20 server developers in the whole department. Organize educational events and interact with external partners providing tools and libraries. Support department head in financial affairs in regards to external contractors and licensed products.


Application Engineer

ZKB, Bestandesführung Konto

Implement reporting modules in C++ for ZKB savings accounts using development environment on AIX and introduce the components to the OS/390 target system with the access to the DB2 database.

Coordinate external vendor activities for the application system providing Nostro and Vostro operations. Collect functional and non-functional requirements for business representatives. Organize the required maintenance and second level support, provide the required facts and figures as requested by the IT architecture.


Software Engineer

Contraves Space, Intersatellite Communication Systems

Design and write code to control embedded systems of a space satellite in ADA. Manually run numerous test, build and demonstrate prototypes.



Various Upgrade Training Courses

2015 Java Script, AngularJS, UBS Zürich

2013 Spring Workshop, UBS Zürich

2012 Agile & SCRUM Workshop, UBS Zürich

2012 Process Excellence - 6-sigma Workshop, UBS Zürich

2011 CH Open Java Workshops and Insights MDI® Workshop, ETH Zürich

2010 Websphere 7 Application Server, Problem Determination, IBM, Zürich

2009 Websphere 6.1 Application Server – High Availability and Scalability, IBM, Zürich

2007 z/OS Sysplex Architecture, UBS, Zürich

2006 Struts Web Developer, UBS, Zürich

2004 Web Services, Digicomp, Zürich

2004 Advanced TCP/IP, Digicomp, Zürich

2000 Java Servlets, Sun Microsystems, Zürich


Design Patterns, Refactoring and Frameworks

UBS, Wolfsberg

Object Oriented Analysis and Design

Zühlke, Zürich

Master's degree in Computer Science

Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology (ETH Zürich)

Math.-Sc. Type C, Basel

MNG, Basel


Continuous Integration

Jenkins, Maven

Testing & QA

JUnit (TDD), Sonar, JMeter, Mercury Loadrunner, Mercury Winrunner, CA LISA, FindBugs, Jira

Monitoring, Tuning

VisualVM, VisualGC, Wily Introscope, Websphere Tivoli, Etheral, MAT (Heap Analysis)

Database IDE

SQLDeveloper, SQLNet, MS Access, Visual Studio

Source Code IDE

RAD, Eclipse, XML Spy, Netbeans, Xcode, Webstorm, EdorasOne (BPM)

Presentation, Documentation

Power Point, MS Word, Pages, Confluence, Share Point, Jive, Wiki

Architecture, Design

Enterprise Architect, Visio