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Jackson State University

  • Jackson MS

Faculty & Staff Seminar 2015




Challenging Minds. Changing Lives.

Through the incorporation of technology into the curriculum, Jackson State University (JSU) is transforming its learning environment to empower innovative teaching while fostering student creativity. 

Institutional Awards


Institutional Partner, Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation

Jackson State University

 This partnership is to advance the understanding of the planning and activities required to achieve transformative and sustainable change that improves student success.


Apple Distinguished School

Jackson State University

The Apple Distinguished School designation is reserved for programs that meet criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence, and demonstrate Apple's vision of exemplary learning environments.


Campus Technology Innovators Award Recipient

Jackson State University

Jackson State University's cyberlearning project combines ubiquitous iPads for students with faculty training, a revamped curriculum and digital textbook development.


Digital Books


Abdur-Rashied, S., Bell, T., Cain, S., Chukwuma, H., Colonias, J., Didla, N., Ezeala-Harrision, F., Flippin-Winn, M., Jordan, R., Kersen, T., Luckett, R., Whitfield-McDaniels, P., Orey, B. D., Sly, K., Wafo-Soh, C., Washington, R., & Yoder, W. (2011). Foundations in global inquiry. Robert Blaine (Ed.). Jackson MS.

Digital Books


Aouina, M. (2012). Modern Geometry and its application. Jackson, MS.

Arnold, R. (2012). Counseling children. Jackson, MS.

Bingham, M. (2012). Foundations of Human Resource development. Jackson, MS.

Chang, L. A. (2012). The News on Web. Jackson, MS.

Channel, L. (2012). Cultivating K-3 readers. Jackson, MS.

Harrion, T. (2012). The written identity: Finding self-awareness & cultural consciousness through reading and composition. Jackson, MS.

Johnson, L. (2012). Introduction to counseling: A global perspective. Jackson, MS.

Kersen, T. (2012). Social Psychology. Jackson, MS.

McLin, D. (2012). Understanding psychology in a diverse society. Jackson, MS.

Neasman, E.(2012). Shakespeare’s tragedies: Global awareness through dramatic lenses. Jackson, MS.

Radford, N. (2012). Phonetics for speech language pathologists. Jackson, MS.

Windfield, G. (2012). Understanding disabilities: Modulations in social justice for individuals with disabilities. Jackson, MS.

Yoder, W. (2012). Social legislation. Jackson, MS.

Digital Books


Crump, H. J. (2013). Where our blood is born: A consideration of African diaspora in Black women’s (diaspora) fiction. Jackson, MS.

Ejiwale, J. A. (2013). Developing the future workforce. Jackson, MS.

Hawkins-Wilson, C. (2013). Writing for everyone. Jackson, MS.

McClinton, J. (2013). Dissertation by stages from student to scholar. Jackson, MS.

Ngwudike, B. (2013). Introduction to research: Proposal and dissertation writing. Jackson, MS.

Pizetta, C. (2013). Rereading American myths. Jackson, MS.

Scutelnicu, G. (2013). How to design public policy: Fundamentals, perspectives, and issues. Jackson, MS.

Shih, H. (2013). Engaging your classroom integrating multimedia technology into the curriculum to improve student learning. Jackson, MS.

Tuluri, F. (2013). Nuclear energy: Resource, technology, and utilization. Jackson, MS.

Yu, G. (2013). Flashcard + book of business finance. Jackson, MS.

Digital Books: General Education


Bernett, S. & Woodson, A. (2014). Intro Math 105. Jackson, MS.

Hawkins-Wilson, C. & Moore-Boyd, E. G. (2014). Intermediate reading: Introduction to English. Jackson, MS.

Jackson, J. (Eds.). (2014). Computer Science 115. Jackson, MS : Publishing info.

McDavitt, L. & Brown, C. (2014). Speech Arts. Jackson, MS.

Miller, G. (Eds.). (2014). Biology 111. Jackson, MS.

Pizetta, C. (Eds.). (2014). English 104. Jackson, MS.

Talley, J. & Jefferson, A. (2014). Math 111. Jackson, MS.

Wheeler, L. (2014). Intermediate writing: A guide to enhance English skills. Jackson, MS.

Digital Books: General Education


Karim, R., & Shankar, V. J., (2015). Physics 201. Jackson, MS.

Miller, L. & Robinson, A., (2015). English 104 & 105, 205. Jackson, MS.

Napolion, B. & Khan, A. (2015). Science 201. Jackson, MS.

Offiah, G. (2015). CSC 115. Jackson, MS.

Reese-Smith, J. (2015). Psychology. Jackson, MS.

Saloni, J. & Davis, D. (2015). Chemistry 131/141. Jackson, MS.


Radford, N. (2010). Smooth Talking:  A Curriculum for School-age Children who Stutter(2nd Ed. 2010). San Diego, CA: Plural Publishing.

Smith, I. & Channell, L. (2013). University success. CA: Cognella, Inc.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Blaine, R., & McHenry, W. (2013). Leveling the Playing field if educational opportunity through the democratization of cyberlearning. The Researcher: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 26 (3), 131-137.

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Knowlden, A. P., Sharma, M., Cottrell, R. R., Wilson, B. R. A., & Johnson, M. (2015). Impact evaluation of the Enabling Mothers to Prevent pediatric Obesity through Web-Based Education and Reciprocal determinism (EMPOWER) randomized control trial. Health Education and Behavior, 42(2), 171-184. doi: 10.1177/1090198114547816

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Allison, J. R. (2015). Teachers in the cloud: Utilizing Google apps for teaching and learning. Presentation, Creating Futures Through Technology Conference: LA.

Blaine, R. (2014). Ten Papers or Ten Thousand Followers. Presentation, South By Southwest Conference.

Blaine, R. (2014). Reaching the connected learner through disruptive innovation. Presentation, Keynote at Online Learning Consortium—HBCU leadership summit for online learning.

Blaine, R. (2015). iPad, you pad, we all pad: Transforming teaching and learning. Joint Presentation at Educause, with Lynn University & University of California, Riverside:CA.

Blaine, R. (2015). Digital Ecosystem. Presentation for Apple Education Conference, Cupertino, CA.

Blaine, R. (2015). Digital Ecosystem: Building teaching and learning systems in the 21st century. Presentation for the California League of Community College Chancellors: CA.

Blaine, R. (2015). Digital Ecosystem. Presentation, Morgan State University: MD.

Blaine, R. (2015). Changing direction: A 21st century learning community. Presentation, UB Tech Conference: Orlando, FL.

Blaine, R. (2015).Digital Ecosystem. Presentation, HBCU Faculty Development Network Conference.

Blaine, R. (2015). Digital Ecosystem. Presentation, William Jewel College: MO.

Blaine, R. (2015). Tech Talks. Panel Presentation, Creating Futures through Technology Conference: MS.

Blaine, R. (2015). Blueprint for success: The architect. Presentation, The Cyberlearning Summit, Jackson, MS.

Bishop, C. (2015). The integration of technology in higher education classes. Presentation, Creating Futures Through Technology Conference: LA.

Bishop McLin, D. (2015). Transcending brick and mortar: Using mobile learning technologies in higher education. Presentation, Creating Futures Through Technology Conference: LA.

Brown, R., Walters, W., Azevedo, M., & Watkins, D. (2015). It takes a village: Creating the future developing your blueprint. Panel Presentation, The Cyberlearning Summit, Jackson, MS.

Curry, M. & Causey, D. (2015). Emerging technology’s role in the training of students with entrepreneurial aspirations. Presentation, Creating Futures Through Technology Conference: LA.

Dent, D. (2015). The Blueprint: CyberInfrastructure. Presentation, The Cyberlearning Summit, Jackson, MS.

Flippin, Wynn, M. (2015). StopTheMerger: Student response to a forced assimilation: Social media and student activism. A panel presentation at the College Language Association in Dallas, Texas.

Flippin, Wynn, M. (2015). Social media and technology in education: A pedagogical Nightmare or a student engagement bonanza? A Paper Presentation at the National Association of African American Studies Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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Non-Peer Reviewed Publications

Johnson-Seaton, J. & deGregory, C. A. (2015 June 2). The Online Revolution- Friend or Foe of HBCUs? (Commentary). Retrieved June 2

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