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► Expert at Revenue Growth and Cost Savings
► Strategic Process Improvement
► Exceptional Operations Leadership

I have over 15 years of expertise in multiple facets of operations, earning respect as the “go-to” adviser to company owners, board members, clients, and third party personnel. I am a passionately committed, results-driven leader who strongly believes in the philosophy and ability to create “win-win” situations in very detailed contract negotiations. I have been highly involved throughout my career as vice president, chief counsel and executive director, human resources manager, and chief compliance officer, managing budgets up to $474M and serving over 200,000 customers. My unique tactics in refining and developing policies and procedures as well as training regimens provide powerful positioning for bottom line effectiveness which increased revenue for my last employer of 54%. In multiple instances, I have made and/or saved my current employer millions of dollars by proactively rectifying inefficiencies, engineering novel solutions, negotiating contracts and leading large-scale initiatives. If you are positioned for growth and need smart, strategic, profit-based Executive Leadership to take you to the next level, let’s have a conversation about what my talents can do for your bottom line.


● Risk and Project Management
● Legal Liaison
● Cost Containment
● Expert Negotiator
● Strategic Planning
● Open Communication
● P&L Process Development/Improvement

Key Skills:

◆ Strategic visionary focused on gaining efficiencies ◆ Masterful negotiator ◆ Strong executive presence ◆ Proven record with streamlining best practices ◆ Drives “out of the box” thinking ◆ Team focused ◆ Grasps technical matters quickly ◆ Analyzes complex situations quickly and provides clarifying solutions others overlook ◆ Thrives in a challenging environment

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

General Counsel and Vice President

Application Software, Inc.

■ By driving out of the box thinking, developed administrative service agreements resulting in revenue of $1.9M. Assessed, managed, trained and developed small and large groups in customer service, human resources, payroll administration, IT, legal, marketing and administrative services. 
■ Maximized customer participation in electronic claims processing systems from 65% to 96%, processing 15% more claims and improving turnaround time by 19% without increasing staff.
■ Assessed risk and negotiated all organizational contracts generating annual revenue of $3.8M.
■ Garnered 85 new clients from revitalizing the physical security systems protecting confidential customer data.
■ Upgraded $5.2M payroll processing from manual to electronic systems realizing over $100K annually from improvements in accuracy.
■ Implemented a state of the art automated call distribution system averting over $200K in performance guarantee penalties.
■ Satisfied existing and new customers by implementing an annual technology audit process yielding $1.2M of new business.


General Counsel (and Interim Executive Director)

Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan

■ Implemented internal audit processes recovering $500K in the first year. 
■ Represented and advised a 13-member Board of Trustees.
■ Saved the Plan $28M while acting as Interim Executive Director as well as Chief Counsel.
■ Discovered billing errors worth $350K by closely scrutinizing vendor results. 
■ Through bipartisan negotiations, built relationships among governmental leaders and organizational consultants preserving $46.3M in budgeted funding from the State of Missouri.
■ Saved $38M in annual expenses by identifying operational inefficiencies, shrewd contract negotiation and promoting organizational objectives.


Assistant Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General

■ Litigated various cases representing numerous governmental agencies. 
■ Provided legal advice to state boards involved in personnel administration, licensing and credentialing of select professional services.



Juris Doctor


Bachelor of Arts