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About me

Technically oriented product manager with over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry. Professional roles include technical management,  systems management, product management, and marketing. Achievements in the area of product strategy, product life cycle management, vendor selection, customer engagement, prototyping, innovation and stakeholder management.  Area of expertise is Software Development, Telecom Management, O&M, Network Management and Network Technologies.

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Stakeholder Technical Analyst

  • Developed and maintain the technical outlook for network stakeholders in large development unit for OSS (PDU-OSS).  The stakeholders are product management and development teams for Packet Core,  IP Edge an RAN backhaul. 
  • Keep PDU-OSS leadership teams informed about new developments and potential escalations by publishing weekly technical outlook update and presentations to leadership team.
  • Identify major stakeholder features which will impact OSS, and create awareness with strategic product management.
  • Analysis of SDN and NFV for various network use cases and management impacts (Service Chaining, Cloud, and Transport ). 
  • Consult with development teams of new nodes for smooth introduction in OSS-RC/ENIQ. Resulted in deliveries to customer.
  • Investigations  in use and integration of opensource products such as OpenDayLight. Resulted in integration project to reduce time to market for new feature.
  • Investigations in assurance (events, big data) solutions. Resulted in migration strategy and development plan for  Stakeholders.
  • Investigations of management support for routing in backhaul. Which resulted in proposal for prototype development.
  • Support customer units with requests and questions about new features.
  • Product expert packet core, SDN, RAN backhaul and corresponding management solutions. Go to person in PDU-OSS for these areas.
  • Technical topical presentations internal PDU-OSS (audience > 150).
May 2011Dec 2012

Technical Product Manager

  • Technically represent PDU-OSS development in customer prototyping projects. Resulted in deliveries of prototype features to Chinese customer.  
  • Customer engagement activities to get feedback from users of the ENIQ Events features. Resulted in proposals for product improvements and additional sales through upgrade opportunities in Chinese market.
  • Technical pre-sales support for ENIQ Events. Respond to questions from customer units and RFI/RFQs.
  • Develop and give customer presentations in support of customer units.
  • Developed architecture and requirements for vendor selection project. Which enabled the project to make vendor selection sell the their product  into ericsson sales channels with plan to further integrate into the ericsson product portfolio. 
  • Deep understanding of network data sources, data correlation to enable big data features, analytics and customer requirements.
  • Product expert for XMATE, ENIQ, OSS-RC.

May 2009Apr 2011

Systems Manager

  • Leader of business unit level system studies for “service assurance and root cause analysis”
  • Work with experts and systems teams to ensure common view and understanding. 
  • Liaise with product and portfolio management to ensure that architecture and portfolio requirements are aligned.
  • Developed generic architecture specification for measuring customer experience.
  • Proposed solution for e2e management of UE/Subscriber level connectivity. Technical study output resulted in a number of published patents. 
  • The studies resulted in new main requirements to steer development organizations and roadmap
  • Prepared and presented results to BNET Systems and Technology council (audience >25) on a few occasions.
Nov 2002Dec 2007

Technical Product Manager

  • Estimate and provide annual budgetary input towards strategic product management on requirements and costs level.
  • Agree content to be delivered with a main requirement with strategic product management and the delivery project. 
  • Steer the product development roadmap to meet main requirements and budget constraints. Resulted in migration strategy to reduce future cost. 
  • Product manager for MN-OSS/OSS-RC products from the development organization towards the business unit and customer units.
  • Technical pre-sales support for sales team
  • Part of the OPM helpdesk team. Providing excellent service to our colleagues in sales and service channels.
  • Leading common interest activities for collaboration with Marconi OSS systems management. (Ericsson acquired Marconi the year before). Resulted in closer co-operation between system organisations.
  • Leading OSS gap analysis investigation requested by Wireline product management. Resulted in new requirements and development of prototype.
  • Commissioned prototype project to show concept of “link connectivity manager”. First to use messaging bus to connect element managers on the fly. The outcome was presented in Ericsson O&M board.
  • Product expert for XMATE and MN-OSS.
Jan 2002Oct 2002

Requirements Manager

  • Initial requirements management of OSS-RC platform requirements, migration of multiple platforms to one platform (3 to 1 strategy).
  • Part of team that setup the requirement management processes for OSS-RC (new PDU organization).
Jan 2001Dec 2001

Product Manager, Wireline Management

  • Part of the Wireline/AXE product and marketing management team
  • Liaise and co-ordinate with product development organization to ensure OSS product decisions are aligned with AXE nodes and market requirements for AXE management.
  • Liaise with marketing team on pricing structure, product features and customer value.
  • Support sales channels with technical competence, product planning and roadmap information
  • Liaise with other solutions that use AXE technology to ensure aligned management roadmap
  • Product expert for XMATE, XM, Synergizer, MN-OSS
Jan 2000Dec 2000

Product Manager, Telecom Management Program

  • Co-ordination of OSS portfolio of products and services. Promotion of portfolio towards global sales channels.
  • Prepared and presented portfolio roadmap to Ericsson sales channels. This enabled to sales channels to complete the network offering with complete OSS offering, thus increasing revenue.
  • Liaise with various product owners and product organisations to ensure roadmaps of portfolio are aligned.
  • Portfolio covers multitude of management products and services, element management, domain management, network management and service provisioning. Examples are XM, MMS, XMATE, MicroMuse Netcool etc.
May 1998Dec 1999

Product Marketing Manager, AXE Management

  • Marketing of network management products to Ericsson global sales channels and customers. 
  • Presented and promoted management products at global customer conferences.
  • Successfully introduced new product for AXE Management, including product configuration (HW/SW), documentation, organizing training, and support for first customer (FOA).
  • Development of business case for new AXE Management products
  • Liaise with development and systems management organizations ensure new market requirements are captured and analysed.
  • Manage product roadmap and life cycle.
Apr 1994May 1998

Network Architect

KPN Telecom
  • Network architect for Interconnection Services with other network operators.
  • Liaise with network operations architects and the teams for the implementing of interconnection services for the Wholesales Services portfolio.
  • Registration and management of C7 interconnect point codes on for customers behalf of regulator (including transfer of activities to regulator). All new operators in the market got their point codes from me.
  • Exchange of experiences with interconnect services between Telia and KPN (at Telia premises).
  • Analysis and documentation of  the technology and processes needed for the interconnection with other licensed operators. Result of my work was successfully used by sales and delivery channels.
  • Liaise with various stakeholders within the KPN Telecom (e.g network services) and in the project to align the delivery processes.
Feb 1988Apr 1994

Scientific staff member

KPN Research
  • Execution of study assignments from KPN Telecom Enterprise unit covering optical communications, high speed LAN’s and WAN’s. Technologies, architectures and management of EEI802.x, cabling, broadband (DQDB, ATM, FDDI), business communication networks and systems.
  • Project member in start-up phase of broadband demonstration project Research and Development in Advanced Communications in Europe. During the project an application for a patent was made and granted (see innovation).
  • Designed, developed and tested high speed optical transmission system (560 Mb/s), which was part of integrated services LAN prototyping and demonstration project. The system was demonstrated to the business unit and customers.
  • Project member of the integrated services LAN development (ISLAND) project.
Feb 1992Mar 1994


Kluwer Bedrijfsinformatica
  • Member of editorial team for Handbook of Network Management". (periodical)
  • Contribute content
  • Attract and engage new authors and agree content and delivery
  • Co-author of publication "Network Services in the Netherlands"
Aug 1989Jun 1993


HEO Rens & Rens

HEO Rens & Rens (3rd level private college for electronics and radio technology)

Hilversum, The Netherlands

  • Lecturer for Telecommunications course
  • Responsible for content and material, introduced Computer network and LAN and WAN networking as new topic to the course.
  • Preparation of exam questions, marking and grading.
  • Liaise with examination authority


Jan 2003Jun 2004

ACCA Professional

Griffith College Dublin

ACCA Professional (modules 1.1 - 2.2)

Aug 1981Jan 1988

MSc. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Delft University of Technology
Aug 1980Jun 1981

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

IHBO Eindhoven


Apr 2012

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Scrum Allianz


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