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Jan Elm

Education & Internships

Feb 2016May 2016

Introduction to Judaism

Reform Judaism in St. Louis

Topics include Jewish holidays and life cycle events, theology and prayer, Israel, history and Hebrew.

Nov 2015Nov 2015

Glory Summit

Schenk Entertainment  in Eureka, St. Louis, USA

Training for Catholic Church Music

Oct 2015Present

Globalization and Identity

University of Stuttgart

Online class about the context of identity  regarding Politics, Economics, (Russian) Liturature

Sep 2015Present

Social Work (esp. Social diversity, Gun Violence), Psychology, Religion, Law, Economics, Architecture, Biology, Mathematics

Washington University of St. Louis

Taking around two public lectures the week (not enrolled)

Sep 2015Aug 2016

Intership in a Social Youth Circus

Circus Harmony (NGO) in St. Louis, USA

Teaching children - ages 4-14, adults the Art of Circus (juggling, pyramiedes, music, wire, clowning, plate spinning, globe, tumbling, stilts, rola bola, aerial, feder and stick balancing) & performing for Circus Harmony

Jul 2015Jul 2015

Political Intership for the Vice Chancellor

Brigitte Lösch, Vice Chancellor of the State                          Baden-Württemberg 2011-2016,                                                      Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Green Party) in Stuttgart

Guiding the Vice Chancellor to events (Counseling Center for Traumatized Refugees "Eva", means for Drug Rehabilitation "Tagwerk", school, police station, indoor swimming pool, LGBT events).

Insight in the State Press conference, Social Committee, NSU Right-winged Underground Movement, doing administration of mails and homepage, Research, Writing speaches for the Member of the Federal State Parliament Brigitte Lösch

May 2015May 2015

Problems with Gender

Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (NGO)                      in Berlin

Training in the field of Intercultural Learning, Political Education

May 2015May 2015

How to become Major

Friedrich Eberhart Stiftung in Stuttgart

Training about Local Politics, public relation work for politicians

May 2015May 2015

Model United Na­ti­ons Ba­den-Würt­tem­berg

Deut­sche Model United Na­ti­ons (NGO) in Stuttgart

Head of the Delegation Bangladesh, representing the interests of the nation of Bangladesh in the Economic and Social Council for the topics patents for essential medicines, rights of indigenous peoples, exploitation of the soil)

May 2015May 2015

"Dream Catchers" Training Course

Institut national de la jeunesse et de l’éducation populaire       (Sponsered by the EU)                                                                               in St. Germain au Mont d'or, Lyon, France

Learning methods to empower youngsters with fewer opportunities

Apr 2015Apr 2015

"Who wants to be an Entrepreneur?" (English-speaking)

NaturKultur (NGO) & Cyprus Youth Council                                       (Sponsered by the EU)  in Limassol, Cyprus

Developing of a business plan, team building, empowerment of young entrepreneurs through non-formal education (nfe)

Feb 2015Feb 2015

Group Focused Enmity

Arbeitstelle Rechtsextremismus (NGO) &                   Internationale Jugendfreiwilligendienste (NGO)                             in Alfeld (Leine), Hildesheim

Training about how to fight right-winged hospitality

Jan 2015Jan 2015

Erste Schritte (First Steps)

Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus in Stuttgart

Learning about psychoanalytic early prevention project with migrant women and their Infants to working together through their extreme experiences

Oct 2014Nov 2014

"Air Media"  (English-Speaking)

Institut national de la jeunesse et de l’éducation populaire & UrbanProd (NGO) (Sponsered by the EU) in Marseille, France 

Training regarding Prejudices, Stereotypes, Discrimination, Racism - shooting of a short film with socially disadvantaged young People about these topics

Sep 2014Sep 2014

Training Erasmus+ for Youth (English-speaking)

Asociación Gantalcalá (Sponsered by the EU)                                 in Seville, Spain 

Training for European youth workers on how to develop their own projects  

Jul 2014Aug 2014

Intership in Leading an International Workcamp & Gardening (English-speaking)

Landschaftspflegeverein Mittelbrandenburg (NGO) & Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (NGO)                      in Zülowniederung Berlin-Brandenburg, Rangsdorf

Leading 17 international young people from 10 countries to renaturalize a  park, while conveying Cultural Learning

Jan 2014Jun 2015

Development  and  Participation of the Project "Wahllotsen on Tour - Deine Zukunft mitgestalten! (Election Pilots on Tour - Shape your Future)"

Stadtjugendring Stuttgart (NGO) in Stuttgart

Teaching Political Education, Speaking on behalf of the project at a press conference to media,  sponsors,  the major of Stuttgart. The aim of the project was to teach teenagers peer to peer and interactive, how the local voting system works. Around 8000 students participated in this project. Finally, the participation in the election of the affected teenagers was significant higher than expected.

Dec 2013Jan 2014

International Group Leader Training (English-speaking)            

Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (NGO)                      in Halle (Saale)

The role of a group leader, organization,  methods of Intercultural Learning, Teamwork in an international team

Nov 2013Nov 2013

Internship in a charitable Screen Printing Factory for                   People with former Drug Addictions

7 Siebe in Stuttgart

Communicate with workers,  printing  textiles

Nov 2013Nov 2013

Sexual Education

Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (NGO)                      in Alfeld (Leine), Hildesheim

Training in the field of Intercultural Learning, Political Education

Nov 2013Dec 2013

"Which color has Skin Color?" Critical Whiteness and Racism   in Germany (English-speaking)

Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (NGO)                      in Alfeld (Leine), Hildesheim

Training in the field of Intercultural Learning, Political Education

Oct 2013Oct 2013

Intership in an Architectul and Engineer Office

S-ASS in Stuttgart

Model building, 3D drawings, controlling finance, supervising construction

Aug 2013Sep 2013

Ecomic Summer Camp

Ernst & Young, Stuttgarter Boerse,  Coworking, Junior, Jem      in Stuttgart

Training about shares, startup companies, Canvas business model

Oct 2012Oct 2012

Intership in a Waldorf Kindergarden (French-speaking)

Association "La Pédagogie WALDORF sur la Côte d'Azur"            in Mougins, Grasse, France 

Working with children, preparing meals

Jul 2012Aug 2012

Intership in a Youth Center (English-speaking)

Haus 11 - Kinder- und Jugendhaus Zuffenhausen in Stuttgart

Construction on the terrain of the Youth Center

Sep 2010Oct 2010

Agricultural Internship in Organic Gardening

Eulenhof in Dogern (Waldshut-Tiengen)

Gardening, selling the produce, feeding animals

Sep 2002Jun 2015

Abitur (Graduation from High School)

Michael Bauer Schule in Stuttgart

Advanced Courses: English, German, Mathematics, Art & Art History (Architecture, Ceramics, Painting)

Normal Courses: French, History, Chemistry, PE


Apr 2015Jul 2015

Student Representatives

Miachael Bauer Schule Stuttgart

Refounding and coaching of the school council, Representation of the students on conferences, organizing regnional Events for Waldorf Schools

Mar 2015Jul 2015

Companion of Child Refugees

Stadtjugendring Stuttgart (NGO)

Inclusion of minor refugees into associations and clubs

Jan 2015Dec 2015

Information Commissioner

Internationale Jugendgemeinschftsdiensten (NGO)

Public relation work, distributing posters, postcards and flyers

Dec 2014Jul 2015

Empowering Cultural Exchange

Jugendwerk der AWO in Stuttgart

Organizing cultural experiences and events

Nov 2014Present

Recipient of the "HelferHerzen Preis"  Help Heart Award for  Social  Engagement 2014 (incl. 1000€)

Awarded by the German Commission of UNESCO (NGO),  German Child Protection Association (NGO), Naturschutzbund (NGO), dm in Berlin

"A heart is going around the world" is a project, which I started in September 2013 and fights with Art (Origami, Photography, Street Art) against social inequality. For further Information please feel free to ask me (

Oct 2014Jul 2015

Engaging in youth work with refugees in the field of Intercultural communication among young people

Jugendwerk der AWO Stuttgart

Familiarizing refugee children - ages 10-14 with the German language and culture through activities

Feb 2014Aug 2014

German Teacher for Minor Refugees

Arbeiter Wohlfahrtsorganisation (AWO) Stuttgart (NGO)

Homework help, implementation and preparation of German lessons

Jun 2014Jun 2014

International Workcamp - Film Festival "Plein la Bobine"           (French-speaking)                                                         

Études et Chantiers (NGO) & INternationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (NGO)                                                   in La Bourboule, Clermont Ferrand, France 

Creating an origami art exhibition and helping with organization of the festival

Nov 2013Jul 2015

Commitment to Inclusion of young Refugees and                         People with Disabilities

Internationale Jugendgemeinschftsdiensten (NGO)

Supervision of the inclusion of young refugees and people with disabilities into the programs of IJGD

Sep 2013Jul 2013

Clarinet in the Young Symphonic Wind Band

Musikschule Stuttgart

Playing Contemporary and Klezmer Music, performing in Germany and Israel

Jul 2013Aug 2013

Internationales Workcamp -                                                                    Educational staff (English-speaking)

Stanley Youth Center Playscheme (NGO) & Internationale Jugendgemeinschaften (NGO)                                                               in Stanley, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Implementing a summer camp for children - ages 12-16

Jun 2013Sep 2014

Educational Staff of a Summer Camps                                               with handicapped Children

Evangelisches Waldheim Stuttgart-Vaihingen in Stuttgart

Planning and implementing two summer camp for children - ages 10-14 in 2013 and 2014, playing clarinet in the summer camp band

Oct 2011Present

Supervisor and Postal Ballot Board on the committee of Election

Stattistisches Amt der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart                       in Stuttgart

Supervising elections, referendums and counting votes for the Referendum Stuttgart21 2011, Parliamentary Elections 2013,  European, regional and local elections in 2014

Jul 2011Aug 2011

Internationales Workcamp - Environmentally friendly landscaping (English-speaking)

Weingut Alte Grafschaft &                                                    Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste (NGO)                      in Wertheim, Würzburg

Repairing dry stone walls to get a habitat for rare species of animals and protecting the nearly 1000 years old vineyards from slipping down

Dec 2010Aug 2012

Editor of the School Newspaper "BLITZ!" and Programming and management of the                                                                          online student portal

Michael Bauer Schule in Stuttgart

Writing newspaper articles for trade fairs and student newspapers, interviewing  Stuttgart's major about the role of young people in politics, programming and admistration of the online student portal,  Selling school newspapers, teaching  of Joomla, a open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content

Language Skills


Mother Tongue

English (DIscussions on a high level)

For 13 years in school (Second foreign Language)

French (Fluent Conversations, but low grammar skills)

For 13 year in school (Second foreign Language)

Chinese (Mandarin), Traditional Writing (Basic Coversations)

For 5 years in Chinese School Stuttgart (NGO)


Since January 2016


Nov 2013Present

Social, Intercultural, Political long-term Training

Internationale Jugendgemeinschaftsdienste NGO                        in Berlin &  Alfeld (Leine), Hildesheim

Training for over two year In the fields of Communication, Political Education, Organization, Intercultural Learning, Media and Methods at the International Youth Community Services

Sep 2012Present

Mediation Trainer

INTEResse (NGO) (Stuttgart)

One year training followed by practical experience

May 2007Present

First Aid

Deute Lebensrettungsgesellschaft (NGO) & Perfectio

Several First Aid Courses

Dec 2007Present

Lifeguard and Swimming Coach

Deutsche Lebensrettunggemeinschaft (NGO)

Teaching swimming to children - ages 4-6, supervision at the pool