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Work experience

Overnight Pet Technican

Petsmart Hotel


 Overnight pet tech cared for pets : Cleaned, feed and watered pets.Played with pets,

cleaned the whole kennel with floor scrubber and washed dishes and laundry.

Apr 2010Mar 2011


Dr.Robert.H.Flannery DPM.

Office Assistant,Fax,Copier,Phone Skills,Billing,Transcription,Appointments and Scheduling,money handling, credit card machine,Computer,Excel 2006,Word2007,Vista, Windows.

May 2008Dec 2008

Veterinary Technician/Anesthesioglist

Fox Run Equine Center


 On call 24/7 to do surgery.

Worked alone on afternoon shift.and saturday mornings.

Accuratley calculating drugs for surgery and medications administered.

Prepared animals for surgery, appiontments, cleaning, shaving, scrubbing and sterilizing surgical sites and instruments.

Receptionist skills, Phone skills, Fax, Computer,and Copier.

Proper x-ray processing and developing and filing.

Accurately doing inventory, and stocking, unpacking and packing shipments.

Stall care, Feeding, Monitoring patients, Cleaning Stalls.

Able to handle emergencies on call 24 hours a day 24/7 365 days a year,30 minutes away from office.

including holidays in- hospital and farm calls.

Oct 2007May 2008

Sales Associate

Macy's Midwest

Cashier, Inventory, Assisted Managers, Waited on helped costumers.Friendly, Greeted costumers.

Always made my record sales for the day.

Nov 2007Jan 2008


 Pet Bather / Groomer

Nails,Phone Skills, Making appiontments,grooming, and Bathing,Laundry and Cleaning.

Jul 2005Sep 2007

Surgical Veterinary Technician

Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic INC.


Vet technician for 2 years. Worked in Surgery, Preping for surgery,X-ray,Bloodraw and Cath. placement.

Dentals and monitoring of Surgial Patients. Receptionist and appointments, and Pharmacy.

Assisted in appointments and Puppy Class.

Sep 1999Jul 2005

Head Veterinary Technician

Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital

Head Technician for Mt.Pleasant Animal Hospital trained new employees and was left to run business alone while boss was out of town. Cared for pets and kennels, surgery,monitoring of surgial pets before and after surgery, bloodraw, Phone skills, appointment making, helped Doctor with office hours, X-ray and devloping, Pharmacy. 

Jan 1999Jul 1999

Veterinary Technician

Grace Vet Clinic

Veterinary Technician Internship  6 Months

Trained in variety of areas in the Hospital for Intership.Surgery, x-ray, Farm Calls, Appointments, Phone Skills, Pharmacy, Lab.


May 2005Present

Penn Foster

Business Classes

Mar 2009Sep 2009

Diploma,Medical Coding and Billing

Education and Technology Institute

Medical Terminology,Computer Applications(MS Word and Excel), Medical Keyboarding,CPT Medical Coding,ICD-9-CM Medical Coding,Insurance Documentation, Computerized Medical Billing I&II, Professional Development I&II.

Certified Medical Billing & Coding Specialist- NCCT 690945

May 2004May 2005


Penn Foster

Pet Grooming, Nails, Ear Cleaning,Brushing, Restraint,Scheduling Appiontments, Reminder Appiontments,Phone Skills, Computer Skills.

May 1993May 1995

Associate Degree

ICS School of Business

Bloodraw,IV Cath.Placement,Animal Health Care, Animal Terminology,Veterinary Anesthesia & Analgesia,Veterinary Dentistry,X-rays,Equine Veterinary Medicine, Smalll Animal MedicinePharmacy Skills,Drug Calculating,Receptionist Skills,Computer & Program Skills,Lab Analyzing,Mathamatics,Animal Science, Animal Restraint,Customer Service Skills.


Veterinary Technician/Surgery
Able to do dentals on cats and dogs.Able to pull blood on cats,dogs and horses. Able to calculate drug doses for surgery,and medications on  all animals.Assisted Doctors in surgery/scrubbed in. Able to apply IV cathathers.Able to do lab work and fill out forms.Do stool samples and identify parasites. Kennel care and cleaning and montioring and feeding.Pharmacy refilling of medications and calling into the pharmacits  for refills and filling of compound groomer and bather. Cleaning and preping for surgery of animals. X-ray taking and developing.Montior animals during and after surgery. Run bloodwork on Vet test machines,Vet lyte machine,send samples to various labs. Receptionist skills, Proper phone skills.Computer skills word 2007 and excel 2007.Worked with doctor with office hours.Cashier, Inventory and stocking.Horse care and cleaning of stalls.Scriugal cleaning and scrubbing of horse wounds, Tail wraps, Hoof cleaning and doing Phyicals on horses and taking x-rays on horses and devolping.


I'm looking for a postion that is a good fit for me. That is challanging and exciting and that, I'm able to use my education, talents and experience in a company that is right for me and the company.


Volunteering at Latrobe Hospital in various positions as an Assistant to the President,Dietary,Volunteer Office,Diabetic Center, Outpatient Surgery,Outpatient Registration, and Information Desk.


Oct 2009Feb 2012

Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist

NCCT/MMCI Certification Dept.


Lisa Tabacca

Instructor for CPT-4, ICD-9, coding,Medical Biling I & II, Insurance.

Carol Thomas

Keyboarding, Microsoft Word and Excel 2007,Professional Development, I & II , and Computer Applications

Dr.George Meerhoff

Worked with Dr.Meerhoff for 6 years at Mt.Pleasant Animal Hospital. He was the Boss and Owner for 35 years. He is Retired.

Adriana Useche

Worked with Dr.Useche at Fox Run Equine as a Vet Technician in Surgery, Office visits and farm calls.

Dr.Ronna Greenberg

Worked with Dr,Greenberg at Mt.Pleasant Animal Hospital for 5 years.

Bobbi Loveridge

Worked with Bobbi along side as Vet erinary Technician for 1 year at Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic INC.