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Work experience

Sep 2012Present

Registered Nurse


Neurological & Telemetry

California Licensed Registered Nurse for the past two years on a Telemetry Neurology Unit. Caring for stroke patients, implementing stroke and cardiac protocols. Certified by the National Institute of Health Stroke Scale.  Utilizing the nursing process, assessment, care planning, intervention and evaluation.  Collaborating with multidisciplinary team to provide coordination of quality care, facilitating physical, psychological and spiritual comfort.

Jan 2004Jun 2006

Director of Occupational Medicine


DIRECTOR OF OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE, DESERT, CA.— Marketing and managing medical services, developed and maintained client database with over 1500 employer groups. Directed aggressive case management protocols for work related injuries, created first aid pricing incentives and return to work policies. Instituted drug testing services, and coordinated training for doctors to obtain Medical Review Officer(MRO) responsibilities. Coordinated health fairs and educational seminars.

Nov 1999Jun 2006

Project Manager


PROJECT MANAGER, COORDINATOR, VALLE, COACHELLA, CA.— Coordinated collaborative effort within the community, school districts and“ The Flying Doctors” to host community based health fairs for under-privileged and under-insured families. Media spokesperson to publicize the event for maximum outreach. Managed and coordinated medical mobile clinic,“ Kids First” Worked with state funded programs and grants to provide services.

Jan 2002Jan 2003

Business Development Director


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR, GROUP, INC. INDIO, CA.— Developed strong network of industry contacts by cultivating excellent relationships with key decision makers at each facility in order to offer outsourcing services for any special needs of our clients. Evaluated clinic delivery systems to maintain or improve the level of patient care. Conducted sales calls, delivered marketing presentations, in-depth interviews of clients to ensure medical practice meets their expectations.


Sep 2007May 2011

Associates in Science Nursing


Obtained AS degree and Nursing program


Registered Nurse
A dream
To bring health care to those in need, to educate and make a difference in the lives of those I seek to serve.


Dec 2016Dec 2018

Advanced Cardiac Life Support

American Heart Association
Advanced Cardiac Respiratory Life Support
Dec 2016Dec 2018

National Institute of Health Stroke Scale

American Heart Association
Care of the Stroke patient


Dr. Dave Morgan / Corporate Medical Director

Volunteer organization "Flying Doctors" or "Los Medicos Voladores"

[email protected]

School of Nursing Graduate Program -Additional Questions

1. Please give a biographical account of yourself

My name is Jamie Robinson, RN, BSN received my Associates Degree in Hawaii and moved back to California to be closer to family. I’ve been a nurse for four years at Eisenhower Medical Center. Working on a neurological unit and knowledgeable of stroke symptoms, I was instrumental in advocating for a patient to ensure the patient received a CT scan and brain MRI to determine diagnosis of stroke. That experience was meaningful and pushed me to obtain higher education in order to do my part in saving lives. I am a past president of Rotary and I currently volunteer with The Flying Doctors Organization a volunteer based organization that provides free medical and dental services on an annual basis.  It was my work with the community that enlightened my heart and made me keenly aware I wanted more education to better benefit the people.

Over the last year I have found myself in a care giving role at home as a very close personal friend was in a severe motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury requiring complete care. I was able to coordinate services with outside agencies as well as provide daily nursing care, wound care and medication administration. I learned so much over the last year and decided to pursue more knowledge as I realized how families and patients fall through the cracks of our current medical system.

2. Please give a detailed statement of your academic interests

I love my role as a Nurse and health educator, my long term goal is to expand my scope of practice to Nurse Practitioner to better understand and take care of those people in need.  In May 2017, I graduated LLU's BS program and currently I am applying to the Doctoral Program.

3. What contribution do you expect to make to the nursing profession after earning your graduate degree?

Due to the amount of uninsured and under-insured families where I live in the Eastern Part of
the Coachella Valley, I plan to work and offer health services for those patients as a Nurse
Practitioner, while collaborating with other agencies in the area that can provide needed services as well, such as clothing, food, and other assistance.

4. If you’re applying for the PhD program, what are your desired outcomes from doctoral study, and how do you expect your work at LLUSN to contribute to your long-term goals?

I am interested in the DNP experience, I feel it will better prepare me for deciphering research based studies, applying evidence based knowledge and strengthening my skills through advanced nursing practice. I look forward to improving patient outcomes and augmenting the healthcare delivery system.