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Work History

Nov 2013Present

Self employed Wholesaler/Reseller

Airsoft Deals

I created my own business in November 2013, which has became successful and has now triumphed through it's first year of trading, with a turnover of around £60,000. Selling primarily on the website I created and eBay, I created my business due to finding a gap in the market, I trailed a small quantity of £200 worth of products which sold well and created a substantial profit, which have reinvested again and again creating a business with around £60,000 turnover in it's first year. This business venture won me the Minerva prize for enterprise 2014.

The business has given me a wealth of experience such as:
  • Communicating with suppliers, often from foreign countries who speak different languages. For example I buy from Deng Weibing, a supplier of military equipment based in Liaoning Province, China.
  • Negotiating prices with suppliers as well as wholesale customers.
  • Paying Import Tax and Import VAT.
  • Keeping up to date accounts.
  • Using advertising to acquire potential buyers, such as Google adwords, Facebook, forums, advertisement banners and online reviews of products.
  • Self taught using Microsoft Excel to work out profit, profit percentage, retail price, price lists and ordering items.
  • Using website building software to build a unique website.
  • Running a Facebook page now with over 2600 likes and rising.
  • Keeping an inventory of all items, now over 1600 items.
  • Market research.
  • Creating and designing a brochure, containing all essential information with contact details, the return process, competitions, links and a coupon code.
  • Dealing with unhappy customers in a polite manner, with customer service in mind.
  • Assisting customers with returning a faulty/unwanted item.
  • Creating a wholesale presence, which now supplies over 28 wholesale businesses from Europe, North America and Brazil.
  • Creating a drop shipping presence, which now supplies over 14 businesses.
  • Communicating with buyers and providing excellent customer service.
  • Sourcing new products from all over the world and finding the best price.
  • Using invoice software to provide to wholesale customers.
  • Buying storage shelf's and boxes as well as packaging for items.
  • Packaging, labelling and sending over 3000 items in the first year.
  • Taking stock photos for the items on the website.
Although this business takes time out of my day, I have designed it to require minimal work, which has succeeded so well that I have now enough time to work full time with ease. 
Apr 2014Nov 2014

Trainee Chef

Glenisle Inn Bar and Restaurant 

Working full time as a commis chef I performed tasks such as preparing fresh meat and vegetables, deep frying, grilling, and plating as well as everyday cleaning and dish washing.

I learned from my work experience what a real job is like, that it requires hard work throughout the day and you have to try your best at all times to advance in your career. I learned to work as a team with co-workers and also found out the stress that a job can give you at times.

Feb 2014Apr 2014

Kitchen Porter

Urr Valley Country House Hotel

Working weekends and evenings during school, I found a work experience opportunity at a local Hotel.


  • I'm a quick learner, optimistic, and hard working.
  • My greatest strengths are my customer service skills due to my business which I respond to every customer regarding any question or problem.  I have the ability to resolve what could be a difficult situation and I can trouble shoot issues and come up with solutions in a timely manner.
  • I am very punctual, I hate being late on a task.
  • I am easy to get along with and enjoy meeting new people.
  • I can work with concentration and can devote my entire time and energy to the task assigned to me.
  • I have considerable patience in dealing with people.. 
  • I have an ability to stick to things to get them done. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I finish a task and it turns out just as I'd planned. 


  • I am very interested in how businesses work and I constantly think about how I could improve something. At the moment I am planning to set up another business, which too should take minimal work per day.
  • I enjoy driving having passed in November 2014, it is also very beneficial compared to getting the bus and I can be places on demand.
  •  I love food, from the taste to the presentation, this led to my first job as a trainee chef, as I believe in working for something I feel passionate about.


Castle Douglas Primary School

August 2002 - April 2009

Castle Douglas High School

August 2010 - May 2014

  • Intermediate 2 Hospitality (A)
  • Intermediate 2 English (B)
  • Intermediate 2 Selling Overseas Tourist Destinations (B)
  • Standard Grade Geography (1)
  • Standard Grade Physical Education (1)
  • Standard Grade Biology (3)
  • Standard Grade Craft and Design (3)
  • Standard Grade  Mathematics (3)
  • Standard Grade Physics (3)
  • Intermediate 1 German (A)


Victoria Baird

Owner and manager of the Glenisle Bar and Restaurant.  

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07972 915943

Email: [email protected]

Tony Budde

Previous Chef at the Glenisle Bar and Restaurant. SVQ assessor for cookery courses. Part time High School Hospitality teacher. Organiser and Head Chef for School Pop up restaurant. He was Head Chef at the opening of the Scottish Parliament. 

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07742 906414

Email: [email protected]

Advice for Contacting me

To contact me, simply email me at [email protected] If you would like to call me, phone my mobile at 07712 341115, if I was unable to accept the call at that time please leave a voicemail,text or email me requesting a callback and I should get back to you promptly.  Thank you!